Fighters - Isometric Heroes Pack 02

by Two Brave Puffins Art

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Six finely crafted, isometric fighter heroes. Each unique hero comes in six different colour variations, including a range of skin tones and hair colours. Each variation also comes either with or without weapons, so you can use the hero that suits your character best.

Barbarian - Raine with her axe

Fighter - Livia with her glaive

Monk - Cress with her quarterstaff

Paladin - Elodie with her sword and shield

Ranger - Roote with her bow

Rogue - Jack with her dagger and poison vial

Included Assets (72)

Cress Mauvecress-mauve
Cress Mauve Quarterstaffcress-mauve-quarterstaff
Cress Mosscress-moss
Cress Moss Quarterstaffcress-moss-quarterstaff
Cress Mustardcress-mustard
Cress Mustard Quarterstaffcress-mustard-quarterstaff
Cress Rustcress-rust
Cress Rust Quarterstaffcress-rust-quarterstaff
Cress Strawberrycress-strawberry
Cress Strawberry Quarterstaffcress-strawberry-quarterstaff
Cress Tealcress-teal
Cress Teal Quarterstaffcress-teal-quarterstaff
Elodie Goldelodie-gold
Elodie Gold Swordandshieldelodie-gold-swordandshield
Elodie Jadeelodie-jade
Elodie Jade Swordandshieldelodie-jade-swordandshield
Elodie Lilacelodie-lilac
Elodie Lilac Swordandshieldelodie-lilac-swordandshield
Elodie Peachelodie-peach
Elodie Peach Swordandshieldelodie-peach-swordandshield
Elodie Seaelodie-sea
Elodie Sea Swordandshieldelodie-sea-swordandshield
Elodie Spiceelodie-spice
Elodie Spice Swordandshieldelodie-spice-swordandshield
Jack Charcoaljack-charcoal
Jack Charcoal Daggerjack-charcoal-dagger
Jack Forestjack-forest
Jack Forest Daggerjack-forest-dagger
Jack Mustardjack-mustard
Jack Mustard Daggerjack-mustard-dagger
Jack Petroljack-petrol
Jack Petrol Daggerjack-petrol-dagger
Jack Rubyjack-ruby
Jack Ruby Daggerjack-ruby-dagger
Jack Smokejack-smoke
Jack Smoke Daggerjack-smoke-dagger
Livia Amethystlivia-amethyst
Livia Amethyst Glaivelivia-amethyst-glaive
Livia Garnetlivia-garnet
Livia Garnet Glaivelivia-garnet-glaive
Livia Goldlivia-gold
Livia Gold Glaivelivia-gold-glaive
Livia Mustardlivia-mustard
Livia Mustard Glaivelivia-mustard-glaive
Livia Porcelainlivia-porcelain
Livia Porcelain Glaivelivia-porcelain-glaive
Livia Steellivia-steel
Livia Steel Glaivelivia-steel-glaive
Raine Berryraine-berry
Raine Berry Axeraine-berry-axe
Raine Cobaltraine-cobalt
Raine Cobalt Axeraine-cobalt-axe
Raine Plumraine-plum
Raine Plum Axeraine-plum-axe
Raine Rustraine-rust
Raine Rust Axeraine-rust-axe
Raine Sageraine-sage
Raine Sage Axeraine-sage-axe
Raine Shadowraine-shadow
Raine Shadow Axeraine-shadow-axe
Roote Hazelnutroote-hazelnut
Roote Hazelnut Bowroote-hazelnut-bow
Roote Lilacroote-lilac
Roote Lilac Bowroote-lilac-bow
Roote Mossroote-moss
Roote Moss Bowroote-moss-bow
Roote Mustardroote-mustard
Roote Mustard Bowroote-mustard-bow
Roote Oceanroote-ocean
Roote Ocean Bowroote-ocean-bow
Roote Spruceroote-spruce
Roote Spruce Bowroote-spruce-bow