Steampunk RPG Music

by Sonor Village

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10 Steampunk tracks in different musical styles (electronic, rock, orchestral, ambient...) to use as introduction or main theme or to listen to as background in all the scenes of your game session. The tracks cover different possible atmospheres (adventure, fight, exploration, mysterious discoveries, etc..) and will give the game session even more emotional impact, making the experience more fun.

Format All files are in: MP3 - Stereo  44.1 Khz, 16bit, 320 Kbps

Authors Sonor Village : A. Affrunti, D. Siscaro, G. Di Girolamo

For professional audio services, custom music, sound design, sound engineering or any other game audio services, please send a mail to: [email protected]

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Included Assets (10)

01 Endless Age01:5301 - Endless Age
02 Oppressive Masquerade02:4902 - Oppressive Masquerade
03 Red Bandana Evans' Theme02:3003 - Red Bandana - Evans' Theme
04 Puzzle Glasses Hyril's Theme01:5504 - Puzzle Glasses - Hyril's Theme
05 The Hidden Enigma02:2205 - The Hidden Enigma
06 The Keeper Of Secret Pterohenix's Theme02:4606 - The Keeper of secret - Pterohenix's Theme
07 The Ancient Lighter Chrono Gear's Theme01:2607 - The Ancient Lighter - Chrono Gear's Theme
08 A Buried Tear01:3808 - A Buried Tear
09 The Eyes Of Truth03:0109 - The Eyes of Truth
10 Light Up The Discovery02:2610 - Light up the Discovery