Portal Packs - Token Essentials - Lycanthropes

by Mythic Portal Games

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Enter the Portal and step into the light of the moon. Lycanthropes is the Twenty Sixth entry in our ongoing & popular series of PC, NPC and Monster tokens. Bring the danger with thirty unique lycanthropes with tokens for each phase of their transformation. Whether you need imagery for savage werewolf, a stalwart werebear, or even a sneaky wererat, we have you covered. With four variant borders per token we know you'll find just the right aesthetic for your table. As always our tokens are fully compatible with any of our Building Essentials, Token Essentials, Encounter Essentials, and One Minute Maps series assets.

Included Assets (120)

Werebat Mortal V1Boss, Werebat, lycanthrope
Werebat Mortal V2Werebat, lycanthrope, Boss
Werebat Mortal V3Boss, Werebat, lycanthrope
Werebat Mortal V4Werebat, Boss, lycanthrope
Werebat Shifted V1Werebat, lycanthrope, Boss
Werebat Shifted V2Werebat, Boss, lycanthrope
Werebat Shifted V3Boss, Werebat, lycanthrope
Werebat Shifted V4Boss, Werebat, lycanthrope
Werebat Shifting V1lycanthrope, Werebat, Boss
Werebat Shifting V2Werebat, lycanthrope, Boss
Werebat Shifting V3Boss, lycanthrope, Werebat
Werebat Shifting V4lycanthrope, Boss, Werebat
Werebear Mortal V1Boss, lycanthrope, Werebear
Werebear Mortal V2Boss, lycanthrope, Werebear
Werebear Mortal V3Werebear, lycanthrope, Boss
Werebear Mortal V4Boss, Werebear, lycanthrope
Werebear Shifted V1Boss, lycanthrope, Werebear
Werebear Shifted V2Boss, Werebear, lycanthrope
Werebear Shifted V3lycanthrope, Werebear, Boss
Werebear Shifted V4Werebear, Boss, lycanthrope
Werebear Shifting V1Boss, lycanthrope, Werebear
Werebear Shifting V2Boss, Werebear, lycanthrope
Werebear Shifting V3lycanthrope, Boss, Werebear
Werebear Shifting V4Werebear, Boss, lycanthrope
Wereboar Mortal V1lycanthrope, Wereboar, Boss
Wereboar Mortal V2lycanthrope, Boss, Wereboar
Wereboar Mortal V3Boss, Wereboar, lycanthrope
Wereboar Mortal V4lycanthrope, Boss, Wereboar
Wereboar Shifted V1Wereboar, lycanthrope, Boss
Wereboar Shifted V2lycanthrope, Wereboar, Boss
Wereboar Shifted V3lycanthrope, Wereboar, Boss
Wereboar Shifted V4Boss, lycanthrope, Wereboar
Wereboar Shifting V1Boss, Wereboar, lycanthrope
Wereboar Shifting V2Wereboar, lycanthrope, Boss
Wereboar Shifting V3lycanthrope, Wereboar, Boss
Wereboar Shifting V4lycanthrope, Wereboar, Boss
Werecat Mortal V1Boss, Werecat, lycanthrope
Werecat Mortal V2Boss, Werecat, lycanthrope
Werecat Mortal V3Werecat, Boss, lycanthrope
Werecat Mortal V4lycanthrope, Boss, Werecat
Werecat Shifted V1Werecat, Boss, lycanthrope
Werecat Shifted V2lycanthrope, Boss, Werecat
Werecat Shifted V3lycanthrope, Werecat, Boss
Werecat Shifted V4lycanthrope, Boss, Werecat
Werecat Shifting V1Werecat, lycanthrope, Boss
Werecat Shifting V2lycanthrope, Boss, Werecat
Werecat Shifting V3Boss, Werecat, lycanthrope
Werecat Shifting V4Boss, Werecat, lycanthrope
Weregator Mortal V1Boss, Weregator, lycanthrope
Weregator Mortal V2lycanthrope, Weregator, Boss
Weregator Mortal V3Boss, Weregator, lycanthrope
Weregator Mortal V4Boss, lycanthrope, Weregator
Weregator Shifted V1Weregator, lycanthrope, Boss
Weregator Shifted V2lycanthrope, Boss, Weregator
Weregator Shifted V3lycanthrope, Weregator, Boss
Weregator Shifted V4lycanthrope, Weregator, Boss
Weregator Shifting V1Weregator, Boss, lycanthrope
Weregator Shifting V2Boss, Weregator, lycanthrope
Weregator Shifting V3lycanthrope, Boss, Weregator
Weregator Shifting V4Boss, lycanthrope, Weregator
Wererat Mortal V1lycanthrope, Boss, Wererat
Wererat Mortal V2lycanthrope, Boss, Wererat
Wererat Mortal V3Boss, Wererat, lycanthrope
Wererat Mortal V4Boss, lycanthrope, Wererat
Wererat Shifted V1Boss, lycanthrope, Wererat
Wererat Shifted V2lycanthrope, Boss, Wererat
Wererat Shifted V3lycanthrope, Wererat, Boss
Wererat Shifted V4Wererat, lycanthrope, Boss
Wererat Shifting V1Wererat, Boss, lycanthrope
Wererat Shifting V2Wererat, Boss, lycanthrope
Wererat Shifting V3lycanthrope, Wererat, Boss
Wererat Shifting V4Boss, lycanthrope, Wererat
Wereraven Mortal V1Wereraven, Boss, lycanthrope
Wereraven Mortal V2Boss, lycanthrope, Wereraven
Wereraven Mortal V3lycanthrope, Wereraven, Boss
Wereraven Mortal V4Boss, lycanthrope, Wereraven
Wereraven Shifted V1lycanthrope, Boss, Wereraven
Wereraven Shifted V2Boss, Wereraven, lycanthrope
Wereraven Shifted V3Boss, lycanthrope, Wereraven
Wereraven Shifted V4Wereraven, lycanthrope, Boss
Wereraven Shifting V1Wereraven, Boss, lycanthrope
Wereraven Shifting V2Boss, Wereraven, lycanthrope
Wereraven Shifting V3Wereraven, Boss, lycanthrope
Wereraven Shifting V4Wereraven, Boss, lycanthrope
Wereshark Mortal V1Boss, lycanthrope, Wereshark
Wereshark Mortal V2Wereshark, lycanthrope, Boss
Wereshark Mortal V3Wereshark, lycanthrope, Boss
Wereshark Mortal V4Wereshark, lycanthrope, Boss
Wereshark Shifted V1lycanthrope, Boss, Wereshark
Wereshark Shifted V2Boss, lycanthrope, Wereshark
Wereshark Shifted V3Boss, lycanthrope, Wereshark
Wereshark Shifted V4lycanthrope, Wereshark, Boss
Wereshark Shifting V1Boss, Wereshark, lycanthrope
Wereshark Shifting V2Wereshark, lycanthrope, Boss
Wereshark Shifting V3Wereshark, Boss, lycanthrope
Wereshark Shifting V4lycanthrope, Boss, Wereshark
Weretiger Mortal V1lycanthrope, Boss, Weretiger
Weretiger Mortal V2Weretiger, lycanthrope, Boss
Weretiger Mortal V3Boss, Weretiger, lycanthrope
Weretiger Mortal V4lycanthrope, Boss, Weretiger
Weretiger Shifted V1lycanthrope, Weretiger, Boss
Weretiger Shifted V2Boss, lycanthrope, Weretiger
Weretiger Shifted V3lycanthrope, Weretiger, Boss
Weretiger Shifted V4Boss, lycanthrope, Weretiger
Weretiger Shifting V1Boss, Weretiger, lycanthrope
Weretiger Shifting V2lycanthrope, Boss, Weretiger
Weretiger Shifting V3lycanthrope, Boss, Weretiger
Weretiger Shifting V4Boss, lycanthrope, Weretiger
Werewolf Mortal V1Boss, lycanthrope, Werewolf
Werewolf Mortal V2Boss, lycanthrope, Werewolf
Werewolf Mortal V3lycanthrope, Werewolf, Boss
Werewolf Mortal V4Werewolf, lycanthrope, Boss
Werewolf Shifted V1Boss, lycanthrope, Werewolf
Werewolf Shifted V2lycanthrope, Boss, Werewolf
Werewolf Shifted V3Boss, Werewolf, lycanthrope
Werewolf Shifted V4Boss, lycanthrope, Werewolf
Werewolf Shifting V1Werewolf, lycanthrope, Boss
Werewolf Shifting V2lycanthrope, Boss, Werewolf
Werewolf Shifting V3lycanthrope, Werewolf, Boss
Werewolf Shifting V4lycanthrope, Boss, Werewolf