Portal Packs - Adorable Adventurers - Cozy Townsfolk

by Mythic Portal Games

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Mythic Portal Games is proud to present Cozy Townsfolk, the third entry in our series of adorable adventuring tokens. Join us a we make our way to the most comfortable, cozy, town in all the realms. Twenty four tokens in total, including Innkeepers, Barmaids, Artisans, Merchants, Guards and more. Enjoy!

As always these tokens are fully compatible with our full suite of products.

Included Assets (24)

AlchemistAlchemist, Villager, Scientist
BarkeepBarmaid, Bartender, Innkeeper
BarmaidServer, Wench, Barmaid
BlacksmithMetalworker, Blacksmith, Smith
Blacksmiths AssistantMetalworker, Blacksmith, Smith
ChildChild, Boy, Kid
CookCook, Chef, Villager
Crazy Cat LadyPeasant, Villager, Townsfolk
Farmer 1Farmer, Farmhand, Peasant
Farmer 2Farmer, Peasant, Farmhand
Farmer 3Farmer, Farmhand, Peasant
Farmer 4Peasant, Farmhand, Farmer
FletcherCraftsman, Fletcher, Artisan
Guard 1Sentinel, Guard, Soldier
Guard 2Soldier, Sentinel, Guard
Guard 3Guard, Soldier, Sentinel
Guard 4Soldier, Sentinel, Guard
MerchantVillagerl, Merchant, Salesman
MessengerMessenger, Emissary, Courier
SeamstressArtisan, Seamstress, Tailor
TailorTailor, Artisan, Seamstress
TownsfolkVillager, Townsfolk, Farmer
VinterArtisan, Brewer, Vinter
WenchServer, Wench, Barmaid