Portal Packs - One Minute Maps - Town of Whitekeep

by Mythic Portal Games

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On the road to the city of Lockland sits the quiet Town of Whitekeep. It's a simple small trading post, servicing the caravans and travelers passing through on their way the city, or is it? What secrets do the shopkeepers of Whitekeep hold, and what are the implications for future of the kingdom? The details and the adventure is up to you. Town of Whitekeep contains ten different maps (Furnished & Unfurnished) highlighting a variety of locales and shops for a small town. Perfect for any GM looking to build a small community for their players to interact with. As always this product is fully compatible and complementary with our Building Essentials series assets. Enjoy!

Included Assets (20)

Alchemist Shop 1st Floor FurnishedMap, Marketplace, Shop
Alchemist Shop 1st Floor UnfurnishedMarketplace, Map, Shop
Alchemist Shop 2nd Floor FurnishedMarketplace, Shop, Map
Alchemist Shop 2nd Floor UnfurnishedMarketplace, Shop, Map
Armor Shop FurnishedShop, Map, Marketplace
Armor Shop UnfurnishedMap, Marketplace, Shop
Barracks FurnishedMap, Barracks, Guard House
Barracks UnfurnishedBarracks, Guard House, Map
Blacksmith FurnishedMarketplace, Shop, Map
Blacksmith UnfurnishedMarketplace, Map, Shop
General Store FurnishedMap, Shop, Marketplace
General Store UnfurnishedMarketplace, Map, Shop
Prison FurnishedPrison, Jail, Map
Prison UnfurnishedPrison, Map, Jail
Tavern 1st Floor FurnishedInn, Map, Tavern
Tavern 1st Floor UnfurnishedMap, Tavern, Inn
Tavern 2nd Floor FurnishedTavern, Map, Inn
Tavern 2nd Floor UnfurnishedTavern, Map, Inn
Weapon Shop FurnishedMap, Shop, Marketplace
Weapon Shop UnfurnishedMarketplace, Map, Shop