Portal Packs - Token Essentials - On the Frontier

by Mythic Portal Games

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Enter the Portal and step into the Wild West! On the Frontier is the Twenty Third entry in our ongoing & popular series of PC, NPC and Monster tokens. Populate your adventures with twenty four beautiful tokens depicting the dangerous world of the frontier. Whether you need imagery for a stalwart lawman, dangerous outlaws, or even a lone ranger we've got you covered. As always our tokens are fully compatible with any of our Building Essentials, Token Essentials, Encounter Essentials, and One Minute Maps series assets.

Included Assets (96)

Bandit V1Outlaw, Bandit, Thief
Bandit V2Outlaw, Bandit, Thief
Bandit V3Outlaw, Bandit, Thief
Bandit V4Outlaw, Bandit, Thief
Child V1Child, Children, Kid
Child V2Child, Children, Kid
Child V3Child, Children, Kid
Child V4Child, Children, Kid
Cowboy V1Cowboy, Gunslinger, Bronco
Cowboy V2Cowboy, Gunslinger, Bronco
Cowboy V3Cowboy, Gunslinger, Bronco
Cowboy V4Cowboy, Gunslinger, Bronco
Doctor V1Doctor, Healer, physician
Doctor V2Doctor, Healer, physician
Doctor V3Doctor, Healer, physician
Doctor V4Doctor, Healer, physician
Farmahnd V1Farmer, Farmhand, Laborer
Farmahnd V2Farmer, Farmhand, Laborer
Farmahnd V3Farmer, Farmhand, Laborer
Farmahnd V4Farmer, Farmhand, Laborer
Farmer V1Farmer, Laborer, Farmhand
Farmer V2Farmer, Laborer, Farmhand
Farmer V3Farmer, Laborer, Farmhand
Farmer V4Farmer, Laborer, Farmhand
Gang Leader V1Bandit, Thief, Gang Leader
Gang Leader V2Bandit, Thief, Gang Leader
Gang Leader V3Bandit, Thief, Gang Leader
Gang Leader V4Bandit, Thief, Gang Leader
Hunter V1Hunter, Tracker, Trapper
Hunter V2Hunter, Tracker, Trapper
Hunter V3Hunter, Tracker, Trapper
Hunter V4Hunter, Tracker, Trapper
Lady About Town V1Lady, Wife, Townsfolk
Lady About Town V2Lady, Wife, Townsfolk
Lady About Town V3Lady, Wife, Townsfolk
Lady About Town V4Lady, Wife, Townsfolk
Lumberjack V1Lumberjack, Logger, Woodsman
Lumberjack V2Lumberjack, Logger, Woodsman
Lumberjack V3Lumberjack, Logger, Woodsman
Lumberjack V4Lumberjack, Logger, Clearcutter
Mechanic V1Smith, Mechanic, Laborer
Mechanic V2Smith, Mechanic, Laborer
Mechanic V3Smith, Mechanic, Laborer
Mechanic V4Smith, Mechanic, Laborer
Merchant V1Merchant, Trader, Shopkeeper
Merchant V2Merchant, Trader, Shopkeeper
Merchant V3Merchant, Trader, Shopkeeper
Merchant V4Merchant, Trader, Shopkeeper
Native American Chief V1Chief, Shaman, Medicine Man
Native American Chief V2Chief, Shaman, Medicine Man
Native American Chief V3Chief, Shaman, Medicine Man
Native American Chief V4Chief, Shaman, Medicine Man
Officer V1Soldier, Army, Officer
Officer V2Soldier, Army, Officer
Officer V3Soldier, Army, Officer
Officer V4Soldier, Army, Officer
Outlaw V1Outlaw, Bandit, Thief
Outlaw V2Outlaw, Bandit, Thief
Outlaw V3Outlaw, Bandit, Thief
Outlaw V4Outlaw, Bandit, Thief
Pinkerton V1Detective, Investigator, Gentleman
Pinkerton V2Detective, Investigator, Gentleman
Pinkerton V3Detective, Investigator, Gentleman
Pinkerton V4Detective, Investigator, Gentleman
Prospector V1Prospector, Miner, Excavator
Prospector V2Prospector, Miner, Excavator
Prospector V3Prospector, Miner, Excavator
Prospector V4Prospector, Miner, Excavator
Railword Worker V1Worker, Laborer, Railroad
Railword Worker V2Worker, Laborer, Railroad
Railword Worker V3Worker, Laborer, Railroad
Railword Worker V4Worker, Laborer, Railroad
Rancher V1Rancher, Stablehand, Herder
Rancher V2Rancher, Stablehand, Herder
Rancher V3Rancher, Stablehand, Herder
Rancher V4Rancher, Stablehand, Herder
Saloon Girl V1Barmaid, Singer, Bartender
Saloon Girl V2Barmaid, Singer, Bartender
Saloon Girl V3Barmaid, Singer, Bartender
Saloon Girl V4Barmaid, Singer, Bartender
Sheriff V1Sheriff, Lawman, Marshal
Sheriff V2Sheriff, Lawman, Marshal
Sheriff V3Sheriff, Lawman, Marshal
Sheriff V4Sheriff, Lawman, Marshal
Soldier V1Soldier, Army, Recruit
Soldier V2Soldier, Army, Recruit
Soldier V3Soldier, Army, Recruit
Soldier V4Soldier, Army, Recruit
Trapper V1Trapper, Huntsman, Skinner
Trapper V2Trapper, Huntsman, Skinner
Trapper V3Trapper, Huntsman, Skinner
Trapper V4Trapper, Huntsman, Skinner
Waiter V1Waiter, Butler, Steward
Waiter V2Waiter, Butler, Steward
Waiter V3Waiter, Butler, Steward
Waiter V4Waiter, Butler, Steward