Portal Packs - Monstrous Miniatures - Rustic Townsfolk

by Mythic Portal Games

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Mythic Portal Games is proud to present Rustic Townsfolk. The seventh entry in our series of top-down tokens. Join us for a trip into a sleepy village on the edge of civilization. Rustic Townsfolk contains 24 tokens for various characters you're likely to find around town. All the likely suspects are present including innkeepers, merchants, and craftsman of all varieties. Each token handcrafted by our in house artist Jay Piscopo.

As always this pack is fully compatible with our Token Essentials, Building Essentials, Mighty Miniatures, and One Minute Maps products.

Included Assets (24)

AlchemistAlchemist, Wizard, Townsfolk
Blacksmith 1Blacksmith, Smith, Townsfolk
Blacksmith 2Blacksmith, Smith, Townsfolk
BoyUrchin, Child, Townsfolk
BrewerBrewer, Vinter, Townsfolk
CookCook, Baker, Townsfolk
Farmer 1Farmer, Farmhand, Townsfolk
Farmer 2Farmer, Farmhand, Townsfolk
Farmer 3Farmer, Farmhand, Townsfolk
Farmer 4Farmer, Farmhand, Townsfolk
FletcherFletcher, Craftsman, Townsfolk
GirlUrchin, Child, Townsfolk
Guard 1Guard, Soldier, Townsfolk
Guard 2Guard, Soldier, Townsfolk
Guard 3Guard, Soldier, Townsfolk
Guard 4Guard, Soldier, Townsfolk
InnkeeperInnkeeper, Bartender, Townsfolk
Merchant 1Merchant, Trader, Townsfolk
Merchant 2Merchant, Trader, Townsfolk
SeamstressSeamstress, Tailor, Townsfolk
Stablehand 1Stablehand, Stableboy, Townsfolk
Waitress 1Waitress, Wench, Townsfolk
Waitress 2Waitress, Wench, Townsfolk
WeaverWeaver, Tailor, Townsfolk