Portal Packs - Building Essentials - The Old West

by Mythic Portal Games

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Mythic Portal is proud to present The Old West. The 31st entry in our ongoing and popular Building Essentials series.

This pack contains over 200+ premium assets to help you build out an adventure on the frontier. From shady saloons, dry badlands, frontier towns or even fencing to make your very own corral we've got you covered. We've also included assets for the most cutting edge form of transportation, the steam engine.

As always this pack is fully compatible and complementary with our other Building Essentials, One Minute Maps, Token Essentials, and Mighty Miniatures Products.


Included Assets (207)

Bull 1Bull, Cow, Cattle
Bull 2Bull, Cow, Cattle
Campfire Dry EarthFire, Campfire, Bonfire
Campfire LitFire, Campfire, Bonfire
Campfire RecentFire, Campfire, Bonfire
Campfire Sandy EarthFire, Campfire, Bonfire
Campfire UnlitFire, Campfire, Bonfire
Cattle 1Cow, Cattle, Animal
Cattle 2Cow, Cattle, Animal
Cattle 3Cow, Cattle, Animal
Cattle 4Cow, Cattle, Animal
Drink DuoDrinks, Alcohol, Booze
Dry Bones 1Bone, Remains, Ribs
Dry Bones 2Bone, Remains, Ribs
Dry Bones 3Bone, Remains, Skull
Dry Bones 4Bone, Remains, Skull
Dry Bush 1Bush, Shrub, Flora
Dry Bush 2Bush, Shrub, Flora
Dry Earth 1Earth, Mud, Soil
Dry Earth 2Earth, Mud, Soil
Dry Earth 3Earth, Mud, Soil
Dry Earth 4Earth, Mud, Soil
Dry Earth 5Earth, Mud, Soil
Dry Earth 6Earth, Mud, Soil
Dry Earth 7Earth, Mud, Soil
Dry Earth TileEarth, Mud, Tile
Dry Flora 1Bush, Shrub, Flora
Dry Flora 2Bush, Shrub, Flora
Dry Flora 3Bush, Shrub, Flora
Dry Flora 4Bush, Shrub, Flora
Dry Flora 5Bush, Shrub, Flora
Dry Flora 6Bush, Shrub, Flora
Empty BagBag, Sack, Pack
Empty Rails 1Train, Railroad, Rails
Empty Rails 2Train, Railroad, Rails
Empty Rails 3Train, Railroad, Rails
Gold BagBag, Sack, Pack
Hay Bale 1Hay, Bale, Haystack
Hay Bale 2Hay, Bale, Haystack
Hay Bale 3Hay, Bale, Haystack
Hay Bale 4Hay, Bale, Haystack
Hay Bale 5Hay, Bale, Haystack
Hay Bale 6Hay, Bale, Haystack
Hay Bale 7Hay, Bale, Haystack
Hay Bale 8Hay, Bale, Haystack
Hay Bed 1Hay, Bed, Bunk
Hay Bed 2Hay, Bed, Bunk
Hitching PostPost, Stable, Hitching
Hitching Post With HorsesPost, Stable, Hitching
Horse 1Horse, Stallion, Animal
Horse 2Horse, Stallion, Animal
Horse 3Horse, Stallion, Animal
Horse With Saddle 1Horse, Stallion, Animal
Horse With Saddle 2Horse, Stallion, Animal
Leather Stand 1Leather, Hide, Stand
Leather Stand 2Leather, Hide, Stand
Leather Stand 3Leather, Hide, Stand
Leather Stand 4Leather, Hide, Stand
Lush Flora 1Bush, Shrub, Flora
Lush Flora 2Bush, Shrub, Flora
Lush Flora 3Bush, Shrub, Flora
Lush Flora 4Bush, Shrub, Flora
Lush Flora 5Bush, Shrub, Flora
Lush Flora 6Bush, Shrub, Flora
Money BagBag, Sack, Pack
Old West BankBank, Building, Western
Old West Chair 1Chair, Furniture, Decor
Old West Chair 2Chair, Furniture, Decor
Old West Chair GroupChair, Furniture, Decor
Old West Corral 1Corral, Fence, Pen
Old West Corral 2Corral, Fence, Pen
Old West Corral 3Corral, Fence, Pen
Old West Corral 4Corral, Fence, Pen
Old West Corral 5Corral, Fence, Pen
Old West Corral 6Corral, Fence, Pen
Old West Corral Gate 1Corral, Fence, Gate
Old West Corral Gate 2Corral, Fence, Gate
Old West Corral Gate 3Corral, Fence, Gate
Old West Door 1Door, Furniture, Decor
Old West Door 2Door, Furniture, Decor
Old West House 1House, Building, Western
Old West House 2House, Building, Western
Old West House 3House, Building, Western
Old West House 4House, Building, Western
Old West Interior 1Wood, Floor, Tile
Old West Interior 10Wood, Floor, Tileset
Old West Interior 11Wood, Floor, Tileset
Old West Interior 12Wood, Floor, Tileset
Old West Interior 13Wood, Floor, Tileset
Old West Interior 14Wood, Floor, Tileset
Old West Interior 2Wood, Floor, Tileset
Old West Interior 3Wood, Floor, Tileset
Old West Interior 4Wood, Floor, Tileset
Old West Interior 5Wood, Floor, Tileset
Old West Interior 6Wood, Floor, Tileset
Old West Interior 7Wood, Floor, Tileset
Old West Interior 8Wood, Floor, Tileset
Old West Interior 9Wood, Floor, Tileset
Old West Piano 1Piano, Furniture, Decor
Old West Piano 2Piano, Furniture, Decor
Old West PistolPistol, Gun, Weapon
Old West SaloonSaloon, Building, Western
Old West SignBoard, Sign, Decor
Old West Sign BackBoard, Sign, Decor
Old West Sign EmptyBoard, Sign, Decor
Old West Table 1Table, Furniture, Decor
Old West Table 2Table, Furniture, Decor
Old West Table 3Table, Furniture, Decor
Old West Table 4Table, Furniture, Decor
Old West Table 5Table, Furniture, Decor
Old West Table 6Table, Furniture, Decor
Old West Work BoardBoard, Sign, Decor
One More DrinkDrinks, Alcohol, Booze
Pitchfork 1Pitchfork, Tools, Stable
Pitchfork 2Pitchfork, Tools, Stable
Playing Cards 1Cards, Poker, Decor
Playing Cards 2Cards, Poker, Decor
Prairie Rock 1Rock, Stone, Boulder
Prairie Rock 2Rock, Stone, Boulder
Prairie Rock 3Rock, Stone, Boulder
Prairie Rock 4Rock, Stone, Boulder
Prairie Rock 5Rock, Stone, Boulder
Prairie Rock 6Rock, Stone, Boulder
Prairie Rock 7Rock, Stone, Boulder
Prairie Rock 8Rock, Stone, Boulder
Prairie Rocks 1Rock, Stone, Pebbles
Prairie Rocks 2Rock, Stone, Pebbles
Prairie Rocks 3Rock, Stone, Pebbles
Railroad 1Train, Railroad, Rails
Railroad 2Train, Railroad, Rails
Railroad 3Train, Railroad, Rails
Railroad 4Train, Railroad, Rails
Railroad Broken 1Train, Railroad, Rails
Railroad Broken 2Train, Railroad, Rails
Railroad Broken 3Train, Railroad, Rails
Railroad Broken 4Train, Railroad, Rails
Railroad Broken 5Train, Railroad, Rails
Railroad CartTrain, Railroad, Cart
Railroad Cart BrokenTrain, Railroad, Cart
Railroad SwitchTrain, Railroad, Switch
Railroad Switch BrokenTrain, Railroad, Switch
Railroad Switch Dry EarthTrain, Railroad, Switch
Railroad Switch Sandy EarthTrain, Railroad, Switch
River Water 1River, Water, Stream
River Water 10River, Water, Stream
River Water 11River, Water, Stream
River Water 12River, Water, Stream
River Water 13River, Water, Stream
River Water 14River, Water, Stream
River Water 15River, Water, Stream
River Water 16River, Water, Stream
River Water 17River, Water, Stream
River Water 2River, Water, Stream
River Water 3River, Water, Stream
River Water 4River, Water, Stream
River Water 5River, Water, Stream
River Water 6River, Water, Stream
River Water 7River, Water, Stream
River Water 8River, Water, Stream
River Water 9River, Water, Stream
Saddle 1Saddle, Horse, Stable
Saddle 2Saddle, Horse, Stable
Sandy Earth 1Dirt, Sand, Tile
Sandy Earth 10Dirt, Sand, Soil
Sandy Earth 2Dirt, Sand, Tile
Sandy Earth 3Dirt, Sand, Tile
Sandy Earth 4Dirt, Sand, Soil
Sandy Earth 5Dirt, Sand, Soil
Sandy Earth 6Dirt, Sand, Soil
Sandy Earth 7Dirt, Sand, Soil
Sandy Earth 8Dirt, Sand, Soil
Sandy Earth 9Dirt, Sand, Soil
Simple Bow 1Longbow, Shortbow, Weapon
Simple Bow 2Longbow, Shortbow, Weapon
Simple Spear 1Javelin, Spear, Weapon
Simple Spear 2Javelin, Spear, Weapon
Simple Spear 3Javelin, Spear, Weapon
Sinkhole Dry EarthHole, Pit, Fall
Sinkhole Sandy EarthHole, Pit, Fall
Small PondPond, Pool, Water
Tent Fur 1Tent, Camp, Hut
Tent Fur 2Tent, Camp, Hut
Tent Simple 1Tent, Camp, Hut
Tent Simple 2Tent, Camp, Hut
Tent Simple 3Tent, Camp, Hut
Tent Simple 4Tent, Camp, Hut
Tent Simple 5Tent, Camp, Hut
Too Many DrinksDrinks, Alcohol, Booze
Train 1Train, Railroad, Transporation
Train 10Train, Railroad, Transporation
Train 2Train, Railroad, Transporation
Train 3Train, Railroad, Transporation
Train 4Train, Railroad, Transporation
Train 5Train, Railroad, Transporation
Train 6Train, Railroad, Transporation
Train 7Train, Railroad, Transporation
Train 8Train, Railroad, Transporation
Train 9Train, Railroad, Transporation
Trough HayTrough, Hay, Stable
Trough Ornate EmptyTrough, Water, Stable
Trough Ornate FullTrough, Water, Stable
Trough Ornate RuinedTrough, Water, Stable
Trough Simple EmptyTrough, Water, Stable
Trough Simple FullTrough, Water, Stable
Weapon Rack 1Weapons, Rack, Stand
Weapon Rack 2Weapons, Rack, Stand
Weapon Rack 3Weapons, Rack, Stand