Portal Packs - Token Essentials - Beyond The Portal

by Mythic Portal Games

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Enter the Portal and into rare company.

Beyond the Portal is the Twenty Second entry in our ongoing & popular series of PC, NPC and Monster tokens.

Populate your fantasy adventures with twenty four beautiful tokens depicting many of the races found detailed among the adventures of a famous scholar. Whether you need imagery for deadly Tabaxi, sneaky Kenku, or even noble Tritons we've got you covered. As always our tokens are fully compatible with any of our Building Essentials, Token Essentials, Encounter Essentials, and One Minute Maps series assets.

Included Assets (96)

Aasimar F1 V1Aasimar, Paladin, Token
Aasimar F1 V2Aasimar, Paladin, Token
Aasimar F1 V3Aasimar, Paladin, Token
Aasimar F1 V4Aasimar, Paladin, Token
Aasimar F2 V1Aasimar, Ranger, Token
Aasimar F2 V2Aasimar, Ranger, Token
Aasimar F2 V3Aasimar, Ranger, Token
Aasimar F2 V4Aasimar, Ranger, Token
Bugbear F V1Bugbear, Shaman, Token
Bugbear F V2Bugbear, Shaman, Token
Bugbear F V3Bugbear, Shaman, Token
Bugbear F V4Bugbear, Shaman, Token
Bugbear M1 V1Bugbear, Barbarian, Token
Bugbear M1 V2Bugbear, Barbarian, Token
Bugbear M1 V3Bugbear, Barbarian, Token
Bugbear M1 V4Bugbear, Barbarian, Token
Bugbear M2 V1Bugbear, Rogue, Token
Bugbear M2 V2Bugbear, Rogue, Token
Bugbear M2 V3Bugbear, Rogue, Token
Bugbear M2 V4Bugbear, Rogue, Token
Firbolg F V1Firbolg, Ranger, Token
Firbolg F V2Firbolg, Ranger, Token
Firbolg F V3Firbolg, Ranger, Token
Firbolg F V4Firbolg, Ranger, Token
Firbolg M1 V1Firbolg, Druid, Token
Firbolg M1 V2Firbolg, Druid, Token
Firbolg M1 V3Firbolg, Druid, Token
Firbolg M1 V4Firbolg, Druid, Token
Firbolg M2 V1Firbolg, Wizard, Token
Firbolg M2 V2Firbolg, Wizard, Token
Firbolg M2 V3Firbolg, Wizard, Token
Firbolg M2 V4Firbolg, Wizard, Token
Goliath F V1Goliath, Fighter, Token
Goliath F V2Goliath, Fighter, Token
Goliath F V3Goliath, Fighter, Token
Goliath F V4Goliath, Fighter, Token
Goliath M V1Goliath, Barbarian, Token
Goliath M V2Goliath, Barbarian, Token
Goliath M V3Goliath, Barbarian, Token
Goliath M V4Goliath, Barbarian, Token
Kenku M1 V1Kenku, Ranger, Token
Kenku M1 V2Kenku, Ranger, Token
Kenku M1 V3Kenku, Ranger, Token
Kenku M1 V4Kenku, Ranger, Token
Kenku M2 V1Kenku, Rogue, Token
Kenku M2 V2Kenku, Rogue, Token
Kenku M2 V3Kenku, Rogue, Token
Kenku M2 V4Kenku, Rogue, Token
Kenku M3 V1Kenku, Wizard, Token
Kenku M3 V2Kenku, Wizard, Token
Kenku M3 V3Kenku, Wizard, Token
Kenku M3 V4Kenku, Wizard, Token
Lizardman M1 V1Lizardman, Cleric, Token
Lizardman M1 V2Lizardman, Cleric, Token
Lizardman M1 V3Lizardman, Cleric, Token
Lizardman M1 V4Lizardman, Cleric, Token
Lizardman M2 V1Lizardman, Fighter, Token
Lizardman M2 V2Lizardman, Fighter, Token
Lizardman M2 V3Lizardman, Fighter, Token
Lizardman M2 V4Lizardman, Fighter, Token
Lizardman M3 V1Lizardman, Warlock, Token
Lizardman M3 V2Lizardman, Warlock, Token
Lizardman M3 V3Lizardman, Warlock, Token
Lizardman M3 V4Lizardman, Warlock, Token
Tabaxi M1 V1Tabaxi, Fighter, Token
Tabaxi M1 V2Tabaxi, Fighter, Token
Tabaxi M1 V3Tabaxi, Fighter, Token
Tabaxi M1 V4Tabaxi, Fighter, Token
Tabaxi M2 V1Tabaxi, Rogue, Token
Tabaxi M2 V2Tabaxi, Rogue, Token
Tabaxi M2 V3Tabaxi, Rogue, Token
Tabaxi M2 V4Tabaxi, Rogue, Token
Tabaxi M3 V1Tabaxi, Sorcerer, Token
Tabaxi M3 V2Tabaxi, Sorcerer, Token
Tabaxi M3 V3Tabaxi, Sorcerer, Token
Tabaxi M3 V4Tabaxi, Sorcerer, Token
Triton F V1Triton, Fighter, Token
Triton F V2Triton, Fighter, Token
Triton F V3Triton, Fighter, Token
Triton F V4Triton, Fighter, Token
Triton M V1Triton, Sorcerer, Token
Triton M V2Triton, Sorcerer, Token
Triton M V3Triton, Sorcerer, Token
Triton M V4Triton, Sorcerer, Token
Yuan Ti M1 V1Yuan-Ti, Abomination, Token
Yuan Ti M1 V2Yuan-Ti, Abomination, Token
Yuan Ti M1 V3Yuan-Ti, Abomination, Token
Yuan Ti M1 V4Yuan-Ti, Abomination, Token
Yuan Ti M2 V1Yuan-Ti, Fighter, Token
Yuan Ti M2 V2Yuan-Ti, Fighter, Token
Yuan Ti M2 V3Yuan-Ti, Fighter, Token
Yuan Ti M2 V4Yuan-Ti, Fighter, Token
Yuan Ti M3 V1Yuan-Ti, Sorcerer, Token
Yuan Ti M3 V2Yuan-Ti, Sorcerer, Token
Yuan Ti M3 V3Yuan-Ti, Sorcerer, Token
Yuan Ti M3 V4Yuan-Ti, Sorcerer, Token