Portal Packs - Adorable Adventurers - Minions of Mischief

by Mythic Portal Games

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Mythic Portal Games is proud to present Minions of Mischief, the second entry in our series of adorable adventuring tokens. Join us a we form a war party comprised of the cutest monsters this side of your fantasy universe. Twenty four tokens in total include Goblins, Orcs, Gnolls, Kobolds, Lizardman and more. Enjoy!

As always these tokens are fully compatible with our full suite of products.

Included Assets (24)

Amphibian ShamanAmphibian, Monster, Token
Amphibian SlaverAmphibian, Monster, Token
Amphibian SpearmanAmphibian, Monster, Token
Amphibian WarriorMonster, Token, Amphibian
Gnoll ArcherToken, Monster, Gnoll
Gnoll ShamanToken, Gnoll, Monster
Gnoll WarchiefGnoll, Monster, Token
Gnoll WarriorMonster, Gnoll, Token
Goblin ArcherMonster, Token, Goblin
Goblin RogueMonster, Token, Goblin
Goblin ShamanGoblin, Token, Monster
Goblin WarriorToken, Goblin, Monster
Kobold ArcherToken, Kobold, Monster
Kobold AssassinKobold, Monster, Token
Kobold ShamanKobold, Monster, Token
Kobold WarriorKobold, Monster, Token
Lizardman ShamanToken, Monster, Lizardman
Lizardman SorcererToken, Monster, Lizardman
Lizardman SpearmanMonster, Lizardman, Token
Lizardman SwordsmanMonster, Lizardman, Token
Orc ArcherToken, Monster, Orc
Orc BarbarianOrc, Monster, Token
Orc PriestToken, Monster, Orc
Orc ProtectorOrc, Monster, Token