Portal Packs - Monstrous Miniatures - Pulp Heroes

by Mythic Portal Games

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Mythic Portal Games is proud to present Pulp Heroes. The sixth entry in our series of top-down tokens. We're taking another dive into the pages of pulp fiction. Pulp Heroes contains 24 tokens for various superheroic figures you might find in a pulp fiction publication. Fill your heroic world with some heroic flare. Each token handcrafted by our in house artist Jay Piscopo.

As always this pack is fully compatible with our Token Essentials, Building Essentials, Mighty Miniatures, and One Minute Maps products.

Included Assets (24)

Alien HeroBoss, Token, Hero
Amazon HeroBoss, Hero, Token
Archer HeroHero, Boss, Token
Beetle HeroHero, Token, Boss
Cosmic HeroToken, Hero, Boss
Defender HeroHero, Token, Boss
Genius HeroBoss, Token, Hero
Meteor HeroHero, Boss, Token
Myst HeroHero, Boss, Token
Mystic HeroHero, Boss, Token
Night HeroBoss, Token, Hero
Ninja HeroHero, Token, Boss
Patriot HeroToken, Boss, Hero
Psychic HeroBoss, Token, Hero
Raygun HeroHero, Boss, Token
Rubber HeroHero, Boss, Token
Shrinking HeroHero, Token, Boss
Speed HeroHero, Token, Boss
Speedster HeroBoss, Token, Hero
Stormcaller HeroBoss, Token, Hero
Suncat HeroBoss, Hero, Token
Tech HeroBoss, Token, Hero
Whale HeroToken, Boss, Hero
Wind HeroHero, Boss, Token