Portal Packs - Cartographers Guild - Halfling Country

by Mythic Portal Games

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Mythic Portal Games is proud to present the Eighth entry in our Cartographers Guild product catalog. Halfling Country contains 90+ assets to help you build out World Maps for your world, campaign, or adventure.

We're continuing our focus on unique fantasy civilizations and delivering additional stylized assets to help you build out regional areas which need a specific cultural flare. Zoom in on the places where of your world map where the small folks live a life of fun, food, and relaxation. We've included dozens of beautiful assets for Halfling buildings, structures, town centers, ruins etc. It's the perfect pack to immerse your players in the beautiful countryside of the small folk.

This pack is fully compatible (and complementary) with our other Cartographers Guild Assets.


Included Assets (92)

Color Land 1Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 10Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 11Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 12Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 13Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 14Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 15Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 16Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 17Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 18Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 19Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 2Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 20Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 3Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 4Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 5Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 6Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 7Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 8Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 9Land, Continent, Map
Halfling BarnBarn, Farm, Building
Halfling BarrelBarrel, Keg, Brew
Halfling BarrelsBarrel, Keg, Brew
Halfling BenchBench, Seat, Park
Halfling BridgeBridge, Crossing, Path
Halfling BurrowHouse, Home, Burrow
Halfling Bush 1Bush, Flora, Shrub
Halfling Bush 2Bush, Flora, Shrub
Halfling Chicken PensCoop, Pen, Corral
Halfling CrateCrate, Box, Storage
Halfling Crate BoundCrate, Box, Storage
Halfling CratesCrate, Box, Storage
Halfling Crops 1Crop, Farm, Field
Halfling Crops 2Crop, Farm, Field
Halfling Crops 3Crop, Farm, Field
Halfling Dock 1Dock, Pier, Ferry
Halfling Dock 2Dock, Pier, Ferry
Halfling Fence 1Fence, Pen, Corral
Halfling Fence 2Fence, Pen, Corral
Halfling Fence 3Fence, Pen, Corral
Halfling Fence 4Fence, Pen, Corral
Halfling FerriesFerry, Boat, Skiff
Halfling FerryFerry, Boat, Skiff
Halfling HoleHouse, Home, Burrow
Halfling HouseHouse, Home, Building
Halfling HutHouse, Home, Hut
Halfling LampostLamp, Post, Light
Halfling Market Empty 1Market, Stall, Stand
Halfling Market Empty 2Market, Stall, Stand
Halfling Market Empty 3Market, Stall, Stand
Halfling Market Empty 4Market, Stall, Stand
Halfling Market Empty 5Market, Stall, Stand
Halfling Market Full 1Market, Stall, Stand
Halfling Market Full 2Market, Stall, Stand
Halfling Market Full 3Market, Stall, Stand
Halfling Market Full 4Market, Stall, Stand
Halfling Market Full 5Market, Stall, Stand
Halfling MillMill, Building, Waterwheel
Halfling ParkPark, Recreation, Outdoors
Halfling Party BannerBanner, Celebration, Party
Halfling Party Banner FlagsBanner, Celebration, Party
Halfling Party TentTent, Tarp, Party
Halfling Sheep PenFlock, Pen, Corral
Halfling SignsSign, Directions, Crossroads
Halfling SiloSilo, Storehouse, Granary
Halfling StablesStable, Pen, Corral
Halfling StageStage, Platform, Theatre
Halfling Statue 1Statue, Statuary, Monument
Halfling Statue 2Statue, Statuary, Monument
Halfling Statue 3Statue, Statuary, Monument
Halfling Stone Wall 1Stone, Wall, Fence
Halfling Stone Wall 2Stone, Wall, Fence
Halfling StoreStore, Shop, Business
Halfling StorehouseWarehouse, Storage, Building
Halfling StumpStump, Flora, Tree
Halfling TavernInn, Tavern, Bar
Halfling Town 1Town, Village, Hamelt
Halfling Town 2Town, Village, Hamelt
Halfling Town 3Town, Village, Hamelt
Halfling Town HallHall, Town, Building
Halfling Tree 1Tree, Flora, Forest
Halfling Tree 2Tree, Flora, Forest
Halfling Trees 1Tree, Flora, Forest
Halfling Trees 2Tree, Flora, Forest
Halfling Wagon EmptyWagon, Carriage, Caravan
Halfling Wagon HorseWagon, Carriage, Caravan
Halfling WindmillWindmill, Vane, Building
Hay LooseHay, Grass, Chaff
HaystacksHay, Grass, Chaff
Standing StoneStone, Marker, Monument
Standing Stone MarkerStone, Marker, Monument
Standing StonesStone, Marker, Monument