Portal Packs - Audio Essentials - Interstellar Horror

by Mythic Portal Games

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Interstellar Horror contains 5 excellent tracks for GM's looking to find music that brings atmosphere and tension to the dangers of space. From audio that captures the tension of an alien creature stalking you, the inevitable conflict in tight corridors of your ship or even a desperate escape, we've got you covered. Every track is crafted with care by our composer Richard DeCosta. Check out more of his great tracks at http://www.richarddecosta.com/

Included Assets (5)

Combat02:06Scifi, Horror, Music
Escape B02:55Scifi, Horror, Music
Harbinger03:43Scifi, Horror, Music
Rebreather03:12Scifi, Horror, Music
Stalking M03:22Scifi, Horror, Music