Portal Packs - Cartographers Guild - Orc Lands

by Mythic Portal Games

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Mythic Portal Games is proud to present the Seventh entry in our Cartographers Guild product catalog. Orc Lands contains 90+ assets to help you build out World Maps for your world, campaign, or adventure.

We're continuing our focus on unique fantasy civilizations and delivering additional stylized assets to help you build out regional areas which need a specific cultural flare. Zoom in on the places where of your world map where Orcs and other Goblinkin gather in great numbers. We've included dozens of beautiful assets for Orc buildings, structures, town centers, ruins, etc. It's the perfect pack to immerse your players in the dangers of wildlands untamed by civilized people.

This pack is fully compatible (and complementary) with our other Cartographers Guild Assets.


Included Assets (96)

Color Land 1Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 10Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 11Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 12Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 13Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 14Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 15Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 16Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 17Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 18Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 19Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 2Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 20Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 3Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 4Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 5Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 6Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 7Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 8Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 9Land, Continent, Map
Orcish Altar 1Altar, Sacrifice, Gods
Orcish Altar 2Altar, Sacrifice, Gods
Orcish Altar 3Altar, Sacrifice, Gods
Orcish Altar 4Altar, Sacrifice, Gods
Orcish Building 1Building, Hut, House
Orcish Building 2Building, Hut, House
Orcish Building 3Building, Hut, House
Orcish Building 4Building, Hut, House
Orcish Building 5Building, Hut, House
Orcish Campfire LitFire, Camp, Bonfire
Orcish Campfire UnlitFire, Camp, Bonfire
Orcish Cart 1Cart, Mining, Wagon
Orcish Cart 2Cart, Mining, Wagon
Orcish Cart 3Cart, Mining, Wagon
Orcish Cart 4Cart, Mining, Wagon
Orcish Cart 5Cart, Mining, Wagon
Orcish Cart 6Cart, Mining, Wagon
Orcish Chief TentTent, Chieftan, Camp
Orcish Crops 1Field, Crops, Harvest
Orcish Crops 2Field, Crops, Harvest
Orcish Crops 3Field, Crops, Harvest
Orcish Fort 1Fort, Building, Keep
Orcish Fort 2Fort, Building, Keep
Orcish House 1Tent, Hut, House
Orcish House 2Tent, Hut, House
Orcish House 3Tent, Hut, House
Orcish Mining SymbolMining, Mine, Orcs
Orcish Ruins 1Ruins, Orcish, Ruin
Orcish Ruins 2Ruins, Orcish, Ruin
Orcish Ruins 3Ruins, Orcish, Ruin
Orcish Ruins 4Ruins, Orcish, Ruin
Orcish Ruins 5Ruins, Orcish, Ruin
Orcish Settlement 1Settlement, Town, City
Orcish Settlement 2Settlement, Town, City
Orcish Settlement 3Settlement, Town, City
Orcish Ship 1Ship, Boat, Skiff
Orcish Ship 2Ship, Boat, Skiff
Orcish Skull Pile 1Skull, Bones, Totem
Orcish Skull Pile 2Skull, Bones, Totem
Orcish Skull Pile 3Skull, Bones, Totem
Orcish Skull Pile 4Skull, Bones, Totem
Orcish Skull Pile 5Skull, Bones, Totem
Orcish Skull Totem 1Skull, Bones, Totem
Orcish Skull Totem 2Skull, Bones, Totem
Orcish Statue 1Statue, Statuary, Monument
Orcish Statue 2Statue, Statuary, Monument
Orcish Statue 3Statue, Statuary, Monument
Orcish Statue 4Statue, Statuary, Monument
Orcish Statue 5Statue, Statuary, Monument
Orcish Statue 6Statue, Statuary, Monument
Orcish Statue 7Statue, Statuary, Monument
Orcish Statue 8Statue, Statuary, Monument
Orcish TempleTent, Temple, Church
Orcish Tent 1Tent, Hut, Camp
Orcish Tent 2Tent, Hut, Camp
Orcish Tent 3Tent, Hut, Camp
Orcish Tent 4Tent, Hut, Camp
Orcish Tent 5Tent, Hut, Camp
Orcish Tent 6Tent, Hut, Camp
Orcish Totem 1Post, Marker, Totem
Orcish Totem 2Post, Marker, Totem
Orcish Tower 1Tower, Watchtower, Outpost
Orcish Tower 2Tower, Watchtower, Outpost
Orcish Tower 3Tower, Watchtower, Outpost
Orcish Tower 4Tower, Watchtower, Outpost
Orcish Tower 5Tower, Watchtower, Outpost
Orcish Tower 6Tower, Watchtower, Outpost
Ore 1Ore, Metal, Mining
Ore 2Ore, Metal, Mining
Ore 3Ore, Metal, Mining
Ore 4Ore, Metal, Mining
Ore 5Ore, Metal, Mining
Ore 6Ore, Metal, Mining
Ore 7Ore, Metal, Mining
Ore 8Ore, Metal, Mining
Ore 9Ore, Metal, Mining