Portal Packs -Building Essentials - The Viking North

by Mythic Portal Games

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Mythic Portal is proud to present The Viking North. The 29th entry in our ongoing and popular Building Essentials series.

This pack contains 204 premium assets to help you build out an adventure in a frigid northern environment. From snowswept cliffs, icy northern water, Viking longboats or authentic feeling decor we've got you covered.

As always this pack is fully compatible and complementary with our other Building Essentials, One Minute Maps, Token Essentials, and Mighty Miniatures Products.


Included Assets (204)

BattleaxeTool, Axe, Weapon
BellowsForge, Blacksmith, Smith
Broken AxeTool, Weapon, Axe
Cracks In The Ice 1Ice, Fracture, Crack
Cracks In The Ice 2Ice, Fracture, Crack
Cracks In The Ice 3Crack, Fracture, Ice
Cracks In The Ice 4 Fracture, Crack, Ice
Cracks In The Ice 5 Fracture, Ice, Crack
Fire PitFire Pit, Campfire, Bonfire
Fire Pit LitBonfire, Campfire, Fire Pit
Fire Pit SnowBonfire, Campfire, Fire Pit
Fisherman Shelter 1Fisherman, Stand, Shelter
Fisherman Shelter 2Fisherman, Shelter, Stand
Fisherman Shelter 3Stand, Fisherman, Shelter
Fisherman Shelter 4Shelter, Stand, Fisherman
Fisherman Shelter 5Stand, Fisherman, Shelter
Floating Ice 1Freeze, Sea, Ice
Floating Ice 2Ice, Freeze, Sea
Floating Ice 3Ice, Freeze, Sea
ForgeSmith, Forge, Blacksmith
Fortress Walls 1Corner, Frozen, Wall
Fortress Walls 2Walls, Frozen, Wall
Fortress Walls 3Frozen, Wall, Walls
Fortress Walls 4Frozen, Walls, Wall
Frozen RockRock, Tile, Frozen
Frozen Rock 1Frozen, Tile, Rock
Frozen Rock 10Tile, Rock, Frozen
Frozen Rock 2Frozen, Rock, Tile
Frozen Rock 3Rock, Frozen, Tile
Frozen Rock 4Frozen, Rock, Tile
Frozen Rock 5Rock, Frozen, Tile
Frozen Rock 6Rock, Frozen, Tile
Frozen Rock 7Rock, Tile, Frozen
Frozen Rock 8Frozen, Tile, Rock
Frozen Rock 9Rock, Tile, Frozen
Frozen Rock StairFrozen, Tile, Rock
Hand AxeTool, Weapon, Axe
Helmet HornedArmor, Helmet, Helm
Helmet SimpleArmor, Helm, Helmet
Home Fire LitPit, Fireplace, Fire
Home Fire SnowPit, Fire, Fireplace
Home Fire UnlitPit, Fire, Fireplace
Ice FortressTile, Frozen, Rock
Ice Fortress 1Frozen, Rock, Tile
Ice Fortress 10Frozen, Tile, Rock
Ice Fortress 2Tile, Rock, Frozen
Ice Fortress 3Rock, Tile, Frozen
Ice Fortress 4Tile, Frozen, Rock
Ice Fortress 5Tile, Rock, Frozen
Ice Fortress 6Tile, Frozen, Rock
Ice Fortress 7Rock, Tile, Frozen
Ice Fortress 8Rock, Frozen, Tile
Ice Fortress 9Tile, Rock, Frozen
Ice Fortress Arch 1Frozen, Arch, Archway
Ice Fortress Arch 2Archway, Frozen, Arch
Ice Fortress Arch 3Archway, Arch, Frozen
Ice Fortress StairFrozen, Tile, Rock
Icy Cliff 1Cliff, Ledge, Ice
Icy Cliff 10Ice, Ledge, Cliff
Icy Cliff 2Cliff, Ice, Ledge
Icy Cliff 3Ledge, Cliff, Ice
Icy Cliff 4Cliff, Ledge, Ice
Icy Cliff 5Ledge, Ice, Cliff
Icy Cliff 6Cliff, Ledge, Ice
Icy Cliff 7Ledge, Cliff, Ice
Icy Cliff 8Cliff, Ledge, Ice
Icy Cliff 9Cliff, Ice, Ledge
Icy Lake 1Lake, Water, Pond
Icy Lake 2Water, Lake, Pond
Nordic BedWood, Bed, Decor
Nordic Bench 1Decor, Wood, Bench
Nordic Bench 2Wood, Bench, Decor
Nordic Bench 3Bench, Wood, Decor
Nordic Boat 1Boat, Ship, Vessel
Nordic Boat 2Vessel, Ship, Boat
Nordic Boat 3Boat, Ship, Vessel
Nordic Boat 4Ship, Boat, Vessel
Nordic Boat 5Boat, Ship, Vessel
Nordic Boat 6Boat, Vessel, Ship
Nordic Boat 7Vessel, Ship, Boat
Nordic Carpet 1Decor, Rug, Carpet
Nordic Carpet 2Decor, Carpet, Rug
Nordic Carpet 3Decor, Rug, Carpet
Nordic ChairDecor, Wood, Chair
Nordic ChairsChair, Wood, Decor
Nordic Dock 1Wood, Dock, Pier
Nordic Dock 2Dock, Wood, Pier
Nordic Dock 3Pier, Dock, Wood
Nordic Dock 4Pier, Wood, Dock
Nordic Dock 5Pier, Wood, Dock
Nordic Dock Snow 1Wood, Dock, Pier
Nordic Dock Snow 2Dock, Pier, Wood
Nordic Dock Snow 3Dock, Pier, Wood
Nordic Dock Snow 4Pier, Wood, Dock
Nordic Dock Snow 5Wood, Pier, Dock
Nordic Door 1Passage, Door, Gate
Nordic Door 2Door, Passage, Gate
Nordic Door 3Gate, Door, Passage
Nordic InteriorWood, Tile, Floor
Nordic Interior 1Wood, Floor, Tile
Nordic Interior 10Wood, Floor, Tile
Nordic Interior 11Wood, Tile, Floor
Nordic Interior 12Wood, Floor, Tile
Nordic Interior 13Tile, Floor, Wood
Nordic Interior 14Floor, Wood, Tile
Nordic Interior 15Floor, Tile, Wood
Nordic Interior 3Wood, Tile, Floor
Nordic Interior 4Tile, Wood, Floor
Nordic Interior 5Wood, Tile, Floor
Nordic Interior 6Tile, Wood, Floor
Nordic Interior 7Wood, Floor, Tile
Nordic Interior 8Wood, Floor, Tile
Nordic Interior 9Floor, Wood, Tile
Nordic Room SampleRoom, Home, Wood
Nordic Rune Active 1Rune, Symbol, Magic
Nordic Rune Active 2Magic, Symbol, Rune
Nordic Rune Active 3Rune, Magic, Symbol
Nordic Rune Active 4Magic, Rune, Symbol
Nordic Rune Active 5Magic, Rune, Symbol
Nordic Rune Active 6Rune, Magic, Symbol
Nordic Rune Inactive 1Rune, Symbol, Magic
Nordic Rune Inactive 2Rune, Magic, Symbol
Nordic Rune Inactive 3Symbol, Rune, Magic
Nordic Rune Inactive 4Magic, Rune, Symbol
Nordic Rune Inactive 5Rune, Magic, Symbol
Nordic Rune Inactive 6Magic, Symbol, Rune
Nordic Runes ActivatingRune, Symbol, Magic
Nordic Runes ActiveRune, Symbol, Magic
Nordic Runes InactiveMagic, Rune, Symbol
Nordic Table 1Table, Wood, Decor
Nordic Table 2Wood, Decor, Table
Nordic Table 3Wood, Decor, Table
Nordic Table 4Decor, Table, Wood
Nordic Wall 1Decor, Wood, Wall
Nordic Wall 2Decor, Wood, Wall
Nordic Wall 3Wood, Wall, Decor
Nordic Wall 4Wood, Wall, Decor
Nordic Wall 5Decor, Wall, Wood
Northern Ice 1Sea, Ice, Tile
Northern Ice 2Tile, Ice, Sea
Northern Ice 3Ice, Tile, Sea
Northern OceanSea, Water, Tile
Northern OceanIcyWater, Tile, Ice
Northern SnowTundra, Tile, Snow
Northern Stone 1Rock, Pebble, Stone
Northern Stone 2Rock, Stone, Pebble
Northern Stone 3Pebble, Rock, Stone
Northern Stone 4Stone, Rock, Pebble
Northern Stone 5Stone, Rock, Pebble
Northern Stone 6Pebble, Rock, Stone
Northern Stone Iced 1Rock, Pebble, Stone
Northern Stone Iced 2Pebble, Stone, Rock
Northern Stone Iced 3Stone, Pebble, Rock
Northern Stone Iced 4Pebble, Rock, Stone
Rock PathRock, Stones, Path
Rock Path IcyRock, Stones, Path
Runestone 1Stone, Rock, Runestone
Runestone 2Runestone, Rock, Stone
Runestone 3Stone, Runestone, Rock
Seafood 1Fish, Seafood, Stand
Seafood 2Stand, Fish, Seafood
Seafood 3Fish, Stand, Seafood
Seafood 4Seafood, Fish, Stand
Shield GreenBuckler, Armor, Shield
Shield MetalShield, Armor, Buckler
Shield RedBuckler, Armor, Shield
Shield ReinforcedBuckler, Armor, Shield
Shield SimpleBuckler, Shield, Armor
SmithyForge, Smith, Blacksmith
Snow Patch 1Snow, Drift, Tundra
Snow Patch 2Snow, Tundra, Drift
Snow Patch 3Snow, Tundra, Drift
Snow Patch 4Tundra, Drift, Snow
Snowy Coast 1Snow, Shore, Coast
Snowy Coast 10Coast, Shore, Snow
Snowy Coast 11Coast, Shore, Snow
Snowy Coast 12Shore, Coast, Snow
Snowy Coast 13Snow, Coast, Shore
Snowy Coast 14Snow, Coast, Shore
Snowy Coast 15Shore, Snow, Coast
Snowy Coast 16Snow, Shore, Coast
Snowy Coast 17Snow, Coast, Shore
Snowy Coast 18Shore, Coast, Snow
Snowy Coast 2Coast, Shore, Snow
Snowy Coast 3Coast, Snow, Shore
Snowy Coast 4Snow, Coast, Shore
Snowy Coast 5Shore, Coast, Snow
Snowy Coast 6Snow, Shore, Coast
Snowy Coast 7Shore, Snow, Coast
Snowy Coast 8Shore, Snow, Coast
Snowy Coast 9Coast, Snow, Shore
SwordSword, Blade, Weapon
Sword BrokenSword, Blade, Weapon
TorchLight, Torchlight, Torch
Torch Lit Torchlight, Torch, Light
Torch SnowTorch, Torchlight, Light
Treasure Chest 1 Box, Treasure, Chest
Treasure Chest 2 Box, Chest, Treasure
Water Channel 1Channel, River, Water
Water Channel 2Channel, Water, River
Water Channel 3Water, River, Channel
Whale 1Whale, Marine Life, Fish
Whale 2Fish, Whale, Marine Life
Whale 3Fish, Marine Life, Whale