Portal Packs - Token Essentials - Tome of Golemancy

by Mythic Portal Games

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Enter the Portal and travel to a Workshop of Wonders!

Tome of Golemancy is the Sixteenth entry in our ongoing & popular series of PC, NPC and Monster tokens.

Build magical defenders for your campaign with 24 beautifully drawn tokens. When you need imagery for powerful constructs be they iron, stone, clay, or flesh we've got you covered. As always our tokens are fully compatible with any of our Building Essentials, Token Essentials, Encounter Essentials, and One Minute Maps series assets.


Included Assets (24)

Bone GolemGolem, Bone, Construct
Bone SentinelGolem, Bone, Construct
Clay GolemConstruct, Clay, Golem
Clay SentinelGolem, Clay, Construct
Clockstar GolemGolem, Clockwork, Construct
Clockwork GolemConstruct, Clockwork, Golem
Crystaline GolemGolem, Construct, Crystal
Crystalstar GolemConstruct, Crystal, Golem
Flesh GolemFlesh, Construct, Golem
Flesh SentinelGolem, Flesh, Construct
Gemstone GolemGolem, Gem, Construct
Gemstone SentinelGolem, Gem, Construct
Ice GolemGolem, Ice, Construct
Icy GolemIce, Golem, Construct
Iron GolemGolem, Construct, Iron
Iron SentinelGolem, Iron, Construct
ScarecrowGolem, Scarecrow, Construct
Scarecrow DefenderConstruct, Scarecrow, Golem
Stone GolemConstruct, Stone, Golem
Stone SentinelStone, Golem, Construct
Void GolemConstruct, Golem, Crystal
Voidstar GolemVoid, Construct, Golem
Wooden DefenderGolem, Construct, Wood
Wood GolemWood, Construct, Golem