Portal Packs - Token Essentials - The Warband

by Mythic Portal Games

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Enter the Portal and join the Warband!

The Warband is the Thirteenth entry in our ongoing & popular series of PC, NPC and Monster tokens.

Assemble a tribal army with 24 beautifully drawn tokens. Whether you need imagery for Goblins, Gnolls, Lizardmen or even some Kobolds, we've got you covered. Additionally, each token has four color variants so you can find just the right style for your campaign.

As always our tokens are fully compatible with any of our Building Essentials, Token Essentials, Encounter Essentials, and One Minute Maps series assets.


Included Assets (96)

Gnoll Archer V1Gnoll, Monster, Archer
Gnoll Archer V2Gnoll, Monster, Archer
Gnoll Archer V3Gnoll, Monster, Archer
Gnoll Archer V4Gnoll, Monster, Archer
Gnoll Berserker V1Gnoll, Monster, Berserker
Gnoll Berserker V2Gnoll, Monster, Berserker
Gnoll Berserker V3Gnoll, Monster, Berserker
Gnoll Berserker V4Gnoll, Monster, Berserker
Gnoll Chieftan V1Gnoll, Monster, Chieftan
Gnoll Chieftan V2Gnoll, Monster, Chieftan
Gnoll Chieftan V3Gnoll, Monster, Chieftan
Gnoll Chieftan V4Gnoll, Monster, Chieftan
Gnoll Rogue V1Gnoll, Monster, Rogue
Gnoll Rogue V2Gnoll, Monster, Rogue
Gnoll Rogue V3Gnoll, Monster, Rogue
Gnoll Rogue V4Gnoll, Monster, Rogue
Gnoll Savage V1Gnoll, Monster, Scrapper
Gnoll Savage V2Gnoll, Monster, Scrapper
Gnoll Savage V3Gnoll, Monster, Scrapper
Gnoll Savage V4Gnoll, Monster, Scrapper
Gnoll Shaman V1Gnoll, Monster, Shaman
Gnoll Shaman V2Gnoll, Monster, Shaman
Gnoll Shaman V3Gnoll, Monster, Shaman
Gnoll Shaman V4Gnoll, Monster, Shaman
Goblin Crossbow V1Goblin, Monster, Crossbow
Goblin Crossbow V2Goblin, Monster, Crossbow
Goblin Crossbow V3Goblin, Monster, Crossbow
Goblin Crossbow V4Goblin, Monster, Crossbow
Goblin Fighter V1Goblin, Monster, Fighter
Goblin Fighter V2Goblin, Monster, Fighter
Goblin Fighter V3Goblin, Monster, Fighter
Goblin Fighter V4Goblin, Monster, Fighter
Goblin King V1Goblin, Monster, King
Goblin King V2Goblin, Monster, King
Goblin King V3Goblin, Monster, King
Goblin King V4Goblin, Monster, King
Goblin Mother V1Goblin, Monster, Mother
Goblin Mother V2Goblin, Monster, Mother
Goblin Mother V3Goblin, Monster, Mother
Goblin Mother V4Goblin, Monster, Mother
Goblin Shaman V1Goblin, Monster, Shaman
Goblin Shaman V2Goblin, Monster, Shaman
Goblin Shaman V3Goblin, Monster, Shaman
Goblin Shaman V4Goblin, Monster, Shaman
Goblin Warrior V1Goblin, Monster, Warrior
Goblin Warrior V2Goblin, Monster, Warrior
Goblin Warrior V3Goblin, Monster, Warrior
Goblin Warrior V4Goblin, Monster, Warrior
Kobold Bowman V1Kobold, Monster, Archer
Kobold Bowman V2Kobold, Monster, Archer
Kobold Bowman V3Kobold, Monster, Archer
Kobold Bowman V4Kobold, Monster, Archer
Kobold Mother V1Kobold, Monster, Mother
Kobold Mother V2Kobold, Monster, Mother
Kobold Mother V3Kobold, Monster, Mother
Kobold Mother V4Kobold, Monster, Mother
Kobold Shaman V1Kobold, Monster, Shaman
Kobold Shaman V2Kobold, Monster, Shaman
Kobold Shaman V3Kobold, Monster, Shaman
Kobold Shaman V4Kobold, Monster, Shaman
Kobold Spearman V1Kobold, Monster, creature
Kobold Spearman V2Kobold, Monster, creature
Kobold Spearman V3Kobold, Monster, creature
Kobold Spearman V4Kobold, Monster, creature
Kobold Swordsman V1Kobold, Monster, Swordsman
Kobold Swordsman V2Kobold, Monster, Swordsman
Kobold Swordsman V3Kobold, Monster, Swordsman
Kobold Swordsman V4Kobold, Monster, Swordsman
Kobold Warrior V1Kobold, Monster, Warrior
Kobold Warrior V2Kobold, Monster, Warrior
Kobold Warrior V3Kobold, Monster, Warrior
Kobold Warrior V4Kobold, Monster, Warrior
Lizardman Archer V1Lizardman, Monster, Archer
Lizardman Archer V2Lizardman, Monster, Archer
Lizardman Archer V3Lizardman, Monster, Archer
Lizardman Archer V4Lizardman, Monster, Archer
Lizardman Chieftan V1Lizardman, Monster, Chieftan
Lizardman Chieftan V2Lizardman, Monster, Chieftan
Lizardman Chieftan V3Lizardman, Monster, Chieftan
Lizardman Chieftan V4Lizardman, Monster, Chieftan
Lizardman Fighter V1Lizardman, Monster, Warrior
Lizardman Fighter V2Lizardman, Monster, Warrior
Lizardman Fighter V3Lizardman, Monster, Warrior
Lizardman Fighter V4Lizardman, Monster, Warrior
Lizardman Mother V1Lizardman, Monster, Monster
Lizardman Mother V2Lizardman, Monster, Monster
Lizardman Mother V3Lizardman, Monster, Monster
Lizardman Mother V4Lizardman, Monster, Monster
Lizardman Shaman V1Lizardman, Monster, Shaman
Lizardman Shaman V2Lizardman, Monster, Shaman
Lizardman Shaman V3Lizardman, Monster, Shaman
Lizardman Shaman V4Lizardman, Monster, Shaman
Lizardman Warrior V1Lizardman, Monster, Soldier
Lizardman Warrior V2Lizardman, Monster, Soldier
Lizardman Warrior V3Lizardman, Monster, Soldier
Lizardman Warrior V4Lizardman, Monster, Soldier