Portal Packs - Interstellar Essentials - Deep Space

by Mythic Portal Games

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Mythic Portal is proud to present Deep Space.

Take your Sci-Fi epic to the deepest reaches of the galaxy. This pack contains 36 beautifully drawn planets, moons, suns, asteroids and more! Use these assets to build out instantly recognizable planetary systems that your players will want to come back to again and again.

As always this pack is fully compatible and complementary with our other Building Essentials, One Minute Maps, Token Essentials, and Mighty Miniatures Products.


Included Assets (36)

Asteroid Field 1Asteroid, Space, Sci-Fi
Asteroid Field 2Sci-Fi, Space, Asteroid
Comet 1Sci-Fi, Space, Comet
Comet 2Sci-Fi, Space, Comet
Galaxy BlueSci-Fi, Galaxy, Space
Galaxy RedSci-Fi, Space, Galaxy
Gas GiantSci-Fi, Planet, Space
Gas Giant LargeSci-Fi, Space, Planet
Gas Giant MoonsSci-Fi, Space, Planet
Interstellar Tileset 1Interstellar, Stars, Space
Interstellar Tileset 2Stars, Space, Interstellar
Moon 1Sci-Fi, Space, Moon
Moon 2Sci-Fi, Space, Moon
Moon 3Space, Sci-Fi, Moon
Moon 4Moon, Space, Sci-Fi
Nebula 1Sci-Fi, Nebula, Space
Nebula 2Space, Sci-Fi, Nebula
Planet 1Planet, Sci-Fi, Space
Planet 10Space, Planet, Sci-Fi
Planet 11Sci-Fi, Planet, Space
Planet 12Sci-Fi, Planet, Space
Planet 13Planet, Space, Sci-Fi
Planet 14Sci-Fi, Space, Planet
Planet 15Planet, Space, Sci-Fi
Planet 16Planet, Space, Sci-Fi
Planet 17Planet, Sci-Fi, Space
Planet 18Planet, Space, Sci-Fi
Planet 2Space, Sci-Fi, Planet
Planet 3Sci-Fi, Space, Planet
Planet 4Sci-Fi, Space, Planet
Planet 5Planet, Sci-Fi, Space
Planet 6Planet, Space, Sci-Fi
Planet 7Planet, Space, Sci-Fi
Planet 8Sci-Fi, Space, Planet
Planet 9Sci-Fi, Space, Planet
SunSci-Fi, Space, Sun