Portal Packs - One Minute Maps - Town of Vordheim

by Mythic Portal Games

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Far to the frigid north lies the mountain town of Vordheim. Here a noble tribe of barbarians has lived for uncounted centuries. Simple people quietly sequestered from the rest world. This, of course, is just the way they like it.

Yet not all is well on the mountain. Their shamans foretell of doom that rises from the peak of the mountain. When a foreboding winter wind starts to blow through Frost Wyrm pass will the people of Vordheim seek outside assistance?

The answer and the town's secrets are entirely up to you!

Town of Vordheim is a great pack for the GM who needs quick access to an iconic town and its surrounding area. As always this pack is fully compatible with all of our Building Essentials, One Minute Maps, and Token Essentials products

Included Assets (9)

Frost Wyrm CavernsLair, Cave, Map
Frost Wyrm LairMap, Lair, Cave
Frost Wyrm PassMap, Pass, Mountain
Frost Wyrm Pass AmbushMap, Pass, Mountain
Frost Wyrm Pass StartMap, Pass, Mountain
Vordheim LowerMap, Town, Mountain
Vordheim PathMap, Town, Path
Vordheim TempleMap, Temple, Mountain
Vordheim UpperMap, Town, Mountain