Portal Packs - Mighty Miniatures - Savage Foes

by Mythic Portal Games

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Mythic Portal Games is proud to present Savage Foes. The second entry in a new series of fantasy top down tokens.

Savage Foes contains 24 tokens for common low level opponents including Orcs, Hobgoblins, Troglodytes. and others. This pack is most appropriate for GM's running games for players 1-3 (occasionally higher.)

As always this pack is fully compatible with our Token Essentials, Building Essentials, and One Minute Maps products.

Included Assets (24)

Fishfolk ChieftanWarrior, Fighter, Monster
Fishfolk DruidDruid, Shaman, Monster
Fishfolk ShamanShaman, Sorcerer, Monster
Fishfolk SlaverWarrior, Slavemaster, Monster
Fishfolk SpearmanWarrior, Fighter, Monster
Fishfolk SwordsmanWarrior, Fighter, Monster
Hobgoblin BowmanBowman, Archer, Monster
Hobgoblin ChampionWarrior, Fighter, Monster
Hobgoblin SlaverSlavemaster, Warrior, Monster
Hobgoblin SorcererWizard, Sorcerer, Monster
Hobgoblin SpearwomanSpearman, Warrior, Monster
Hobgoblin WarriorWarrior, Fighter, Monster
Orc BarbarianBarbarian, Warrior, Monster
Orc BowmanBowman, Archer, Monster
Orc ChieftanChieftan, Warrior, Monster
Orc MotherMother, Warrior, Monster
Orc ShamanShaman, Sorcerer, Monster
Orc WarriorWarrior, Fighter, Monster
Troglodyte BeastmasterDruid, Beastmaster, Monster
Troglodyte HunterHunter, Gatherer, Monster
Troglodyte MotherMother, Warrior, Monster
Troglodyte RangerHunter, Ranger, Monster
Troglodyte ShamanShaman, Sorcerer, Monster
Troglodyte WarriorWarrior, Fighter, Monster