Portal Packs - Cartographers Guild - Sci-Fi Maps

by Mythic Portal Games

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Mythic Portal Games is proud to present the second entry in our Cartographers Guild product catalog. Sci-Fi Maps is a large pack of assets designed to help you build out World Maps for your Sci-Fi, campaign, world, or adventure.

We've included base images for continents and given you over one hundred Sci-Fi themed images to place on them. Quickly drop down cities, docks, jungles, deserts, mountains, plains, and much more.

Additionally, we know aesthetics are important so we've made sure the cities, towns, ships, etc have been designed with three different styles of architecture allowing you to easily represent multiple cultures within your world.

As always this pack is fully compatible with our other Cartographers Guild products.


Included Assets (157)

Alien Tree 1Tree, Forest, Map
Alien Tree 2Tree, Forest, Map
Alien Tree 3Tree, Forest, Map
Color Land 1Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 10Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 11Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 12Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 13Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 14Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 15Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 16Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 17Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 18Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 19Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 2Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 20Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 3Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 4Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 5Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 6Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 7Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 8Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 9Land, Continent, Map
Compass Rose 1Compass, Navigation, Map
Compass Rose 2Compass, Navigation, Map
Compass Rose 3Compass, Navigation, Map
Crater 1Crater, Hole, Map
Crater 2Crater, Hole, Map
Creature 1Monster, Creature, Map
Creature 2Monster, Creature, Map
Creature 3Monster, Creature, Map
Crevice 1Crevice, Fissure, Map
Crevice 2Crevice, Fissure, Map
Crevice 3Crevice, Fissure, Map
Crevice Formation 1Crystal, Gems, Map
Crevice Formation 2Crystal, Gems, Map
Crevice Formation 3Crystal, Gems, Map
Crevice Formation 4Crystal, Gems, Map
Crevice Formation 5Crystal, Gems, Map
Crevice Formation 6Crystal, Gems, Map
Danger Symbol 1Danger, Icon, Map
Danger Symbol 2Danger, Icon, Map
Desert 1Desert, Dune, Map
Desert 2Desert, Dune, Map
Desert 3Desert, Dune, Map
Desert 4Desert, Dune, Map
Fallout Symbol 1Radioactive, Icon, Map
Fallout Symbol 2Radioactive, Icon, Map
Fallout Symbol 3Radioactive, Icon, Map
Heavy Artillery 1Artillery, Cannon, Map
Heavy Artillery 2Artillery, Cannon, Map
Jungle 1Jungle, Rainforest, Map
Jungle 2Jungle, Rainforest, Map
Jungle 3Jungle, Rainforest, Map
Metropolis 1City, Metropolis, Map
Metropolis 2City, Metropolis, Map
Metropolis 3City, Metropolis, Map
Metropolis Burning 1City, Metropolis, Map
Metropolis Burning 2City, Metropolis, Map
Metropolis Burning 3City, Metropolis, Map
Military Base 1Military, Base, Map
Military Base 2Military, Base, Map
Military Base 3Military, Base, Map
Mining Operation 1Mine, Dig, Map
Mining Operation 2Mine, Dig, Map
Mining Operation 3Mine, Dig, Map
Missile Launcher 1Missile, Rocket, Map
Missile Launcher 2Missile, Rocket, Map
Missile Launcher 3Missile, Rocket, Map
Monorail 1Monorail, Train, Map
Monorail 2Monorail, Train, Map
Monorail 3Monorail, Train, Map
Monorail 4Monorail, Train, Map
Monorail 5Monorail, Train, Map
Monorail 6Monorail, Train, Map
Monorail 7Monorail, Train, Map
Monorail 8Monorail, Train, Map
Mountains 1Mountain, Peak, Map
Mountains 2Mountain, Peak, Map
Plains 1Plains, Heartland, Map
Plains 2Plains, Heartland, Map
Plains 3Plains, Heartland, Map
Plains 4Plains, Heartland, Map
Plateau 1Plateau, Mesa, Map
Plateau 2Plateau, Mesa, Map
Plateau 3Plateau, Mesa, Map
Power Plant 1Power Plant, Nuclear, Map
Power Plant 2Power Plant, Solar, Map
Rail Lines 1Rail, Tracks, Map
Rail Lines 2Rail, Tracks, Map
Rail Lines 3Rail, Tracks, Map
Rail Lines 4Rail, Tracks, Map
Rail Lines 5Rail, Tracks, Map
Research Center 1Lab, Science, Map
Research Center 2Lab, Science, Map
River 1River, Stream, Map
River 10River, Stream, Map
River 2River, Stream, Map
River 3River, Stream, Map
River 4River, Stream, Map
River 5River, Stream, Map
River 6River, Stream, Map
River 7River, Stream, Map
River 8River, Stream, Map
River 9River, Stream, Map
Satellite 1Satellite, Array, Map
Satellite 2Satellite, Array, Map
Sci Fi Bridge 1Bridge, Crossing, Map
Sci Fi Bridge 2Bridge, Crossing, Map
Sci Fi Bridge 3Bridge, Crossing, Map
Sci Fi Bridge 4Bridge, Crossing, Map
Sci Fi Bridge 5Bridge, Crossing, Map
Sci Fi Bridge 6Bridge, Crossing, Map
Sci Fi City 1City, Town, Map
Sci Fi City 2City, Town, Map
Sci Fi City 3City, Town, Map
Sci Fi City Burning 1City, Burning, Map
Sci Fi City Burning 2City, Burning, Map
Sci Fi City Burning 3City, Burning, Map
Seaport 1Seaport, Dock, Map
Seaport 2Seaport, Dock, Map
Seaport 3Seaport, Dock, Map
Shield Generator 1Shield, Generator, Map
Shield Generator 2Shield, Generator, Map
Ship 1Ship, Boat, Map
Ship 2Ship, Boat, Map
Ship 3Ship, Boat, Map
Ship Small 1Ship, Boat, Map
Ship Small 2Ship, Boat, Map
Ship Small 3Ship, Boat, Map
Spaceport 1Spaceport, Space Station, Map
Spaceport 2Spaceport, Space Station, Map
Spaceport 3Spaceport, Space Station, Map
Spaceship Large 1Spaceship, Armada, Map
Spaceship Large 2Spaceship, Armada, Map
Spaceship Large 3Spaceship, Armada, Map
Spaceship Small 1Spaceship, Fighter, Map
Spaceship Small 2Spaceship, Fighter, Map
Spaceship Small 3Spaceship, Fighter, Map
SuppliesSupplies, Barrels, Map
SuppliesSupplies, Crates, Map
Target Lock 1Target, Icon, Map
Target Lock 2Target, Icon, Map
Target Lock 3Target, Icon, Map
Town 1Town, City, Map
Town 2Town, City, Map
Town 3Town, City, Map
Town Burning 1Town, City, Map
Town Burning 2Town, City, Map
Town Burning 3Town, City, Map
Transport Vehicle 1Transport, Rover, Map
Transport Vehicle 2Transport, Rover, Map
Transport Vehicle 3Transport, Rover, Map
Waves 1Wave, Ocean, Map
Waves 2Wave, Ocean, Map
Waves 3Wave, Ocean, Map
Waves 4Wave, Ocean, Map