Portal Packs - Cartographers Guild - Fantasy Maps

by Mythic Portal Games

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Mythic Portal Games is proud to present the first entry in our Cartographers Guild product catalog. Fantasy Maps is a massive pack of assets to help you build out World Maps for your fantasy world, campaign, or adventure.

We've included base images for continents, islands, and other land masses and given you two hundred fantasy themed images to place on them. Quickly drop down cities, docks, forests, swamps, mountains, plains, and much more.

Additionally, we know aesthetics are important so we've made sure to include a full sepia set of the assets to capture that old school fantasy map feel.


Included Assets (458)

Color Bridge 1Crossing, Map, Bridge
Color Bridge 10Crossing, Bridge, Map
Color Bridge 11Bridge, Map, Crossing
Color Bridge 12Bridge, Crossing, Map
Color Bridge 2Bridge, Map, Crossing
Color Bridge 3Map, Bridge, Crossing
Color Bridge 4Map, Crossing, Bridge
Color Bridge 5Crossing, Bridge, Map
Color Bridge 6Map, Bridge, Crossing
Color Bridge 7Bridge, Map, Crossing
Color Bridge 8Crossing, Map, Bridge
Color Bridge 9Map, Bridge, Crossing
Color Castle 1Castle, Keep, Map
Color Castle 2Castle, Keep, Map
Color Castle 3Castle, Keep, Map
Color Castle 4Castle, Keep, Map
Color Castle 5Castle, Keep, Map
Color Cave 1Cave, Cavern, Map
Color Cave 2Cave, Cavern, Map
Color Cave 3Cave, Cavern, Map
Color Cave 4Cave, Cavern, Map
Color Cave 5Cave, Cavern, Map
Color City 1City, Town, Map
Color City 2City, Town, Map
Color City 3City, Town, Map
Color City 4City, Town, Map
Color City 5City, Town, Map
Color Compass Rose 1Compass, Cartographer, Map
Color Compass Rose 2Compass, Cartographer, Map
Color Compass Rose 3Compass, Cartographer, Map
Color Compass Rose 4Cartographer, Compass, Map
Color Compass Rose 5Compass, Cartographer, Map
Color Crystal 1Crystal, Gem, Map
Color Crystal 2Crystal, Gem, Map
Color Crystal 3Crystal, Gem, Map
Color Crystal 4Crystal, Gem, Map
Color Crystal 5Crystal, Gem, Map
Color Dune 1Dune, Desert, Map
Color Dune 2Dune, Desert, Map
Color Dune 3Dune, Desert, Map
Color Dune 4Dune, Desert, Map
Color Dune 5Dune, Desert, Map
Color Grassland 1Grassland, Plains, Map
Color Grassland 2Grassland, Plains, Map
Color Grassland 3Grassland, Plains, Map
Color Hill 1Hill, Knoll, Map
Color Hill 2Hill, Knoll, Map
Color Hill 3Hill, Knoll, Map
Color Hill 4Hill, Knoll, Map
Color Hill 5Hill, Knoll, Map
Color Island 1Island, Isle, Map
Color Island 10Isle, Map, Island
Color Island 11Map, Island, Isle
Color Island 12Island, Isle, Map
Color Island 13Map, Island, Isle
Color Island 14Island, Map, Isle
Color Island 15Isle, Map, Island
Color Island 2Map, Island, Isle
Color Island 3Map, Island, Isle
Color Island 4Island, Map, Isle
Color Island 5Island, Map, Isle
Color Island 6Island, Isle, Map
Color Island 7Map, Island, Isle
Color Island 8Map, Isle, Island
Color Island 9Isle, Island, Map
Color Jousting FieldCarnival, Tournament, Map
Color Lake 1Lake, Pond, Map
Color Lake 10Map, Pond, Lake
Color Lake 11Lake, Map, Pond
Color Lake 12Map, Pond, Lake
Color Lake 13Map, Lake, Pond
Color Lake 14Lake, Map, Pond
Color Lake 15Map, Pond, Lake
Color Lake 2Lake, Pond, Map
Color Lake 3Lake, Pond, Map
Color Lake 4Map, Pond, Lake
Color Lake 5Pond, Lake, Map
Color Lake 6Map, Pond, Lake
Color Lake 7Lake, Map, Pond
Color Lake 8Map, Pond, Lake
Color Lake 9Map, Pond, Lake
Color Land 1Continent, Land, Map
Color Land 10Continent, Land, Map
Color Land 11Land, Map, Continent
Color Land 12Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 13Map, Continent, Land
Color Land 14Land, Map, Continent
Color Land 15Map, Continent, Land
Color Land 16Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 17Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 18Continent, Land, Map
Color Land 19Map, Land, Continent
Color Land 2Land, Map, Continent
Color Land 20Map, Continent, Land
Color Land 3Continent, Map, Land
Color Land 4Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 5Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 6Land, Continent, Map
Color Land 7Continent, Map, Land
Color Land 8Continent, Land, Map
Color Land 9Land, Continent, Map
Color Metropolis 1City, Metropolis, Map
Color Metropolis 2Metropolis, Map, City
Color Metropolis 3City, Metropolis, Map
Color Metropolis 4Metropolis, City, Map
Color Metropolis 5Metropolis, City, Map
Color Mine 1Mine, Quarry, Map
Color Mine 2Mine, Quarry, Map
Color Mine 3Mine, Quarry, Map
Color Mine 4Mine, Map, Quarry
Color Mine 5Quarry, Mine, Map
Color Mountain 1Mountain, Map, Peak
Color Mountain 10Map, Peak, Mountain
Color Mountain 2Mountain, Peak, Map
Color Mountain 3Mountain, Peak, Map
Color Mountain 4Mountain, Peak, Map
Color Mountain 5Mountain, Peak, Map
Color Mountain 6Map, Peak, Mountain
Color Mountain 7Mountain, Peak, Map
Color Mountain 8Mountain, Peak, Map
Color Mountain 9Map, Peak, Mountain
Color Plains 1Plains, Fields, Map
Color Plains 2Plains, Fields, Map
Color Port 1Port, Harbor, Map
Color Port 2Port, Harbor, Map
Color Port 3Port, Harbor, Map
Color Port 4Port, Harbor, Map
Color Port 5Port, Harbor, Map
Color Pyramid 1Pyramid, Monument, Map
Color Pyramid 2Pyramid, Monument, Map
Color Pyramid 3Pyramid, Monument, Map
Color Reef 1Reef, Coral, Map
Color Reef 10Coral, Map, Reef
Color Reef 2Map, Coral, Reef
Color Reef 3Reef, Coral, Map
Color Reef 4Reef, Coral, Map
Color Reef 5Reef, Coral, Map
Color Reef 6Map, Coral, Reef
Color Reef 7Reef, Coral, Map
Color Reef 8Coral, Reef, Map
Color Reef 9Map, Coral, Reef
Color Rock 1Rock, Stone, Map
Color Rock 2Rock, Stone, Map
Color Rock 3Rock, Stone, Map
Color Rock 4Rock, Stone, Map
Color Rock 5Rock, Stone, Map
Color Ruin 1Ruin, Wreck, Map
Color Ruin 2Ruin, Wreck, Map
Color Ruin 3Ruin, Wreck, Map
Color Ruin 4Ruin, Wreck, Map
Color Ruin 5Ruin, Wreck, Map
Color Sea Monster 1Sea Monster, Kraken, Map
Color Sea Monster 2Sea Monster, Sea Serpent, Map
Color Sea Monster 3Sea Monster, Kraken, Map
Color Ship 1Ship, Boat, Map
Color Ship 2Ship, Boat, Map
Color Ship 3Ship, Boat, Map
Color Ship 4Ship, Boat, Map
Color Ship 5Ship, Boat, Map
Color Standing Stone 1Henge, Marker, Map
Color Standing Stone 2Henge, Marker, Map
Color Standing Stone 3Henge, Marker, Map
Color Standing Stone 4Henge, Marker, Map
Color Standing Stone 5Henge, Marker, Map
Color Swamp 1Swamp, Bog, Map
Color Swamp 2Swamp, Bog, Map
Color Swamp 3Swamp, Bog, Map
Color Swamp 4Bog, Map, Swamp
Color Swamp 5Swamp, Bog, Map
Color Temple 1Temple, Chruch, Map
Color Temple 2Temple, Chruch, Map
Color Temple 3Temple, Chruch, Map
Color Temple 4Temple, Chruch, Map
Color Temple 5Temple, Chruch, Map
Color Tent 1Tent, Camp, Map
Color Tent 2Tent, Camp, Map
Color Tent 3Tent, Camp, Map
Color Tent 4Tent, Camp, Map
Color Tent 5Tent, Camp, Map
Color Tent 6Tent, Camp, Map
Color Tent 7Tent, Camp, Map
Color Tower 1Tower, Keep, Map
Color Tower 2Tower, Keep, Map
Color Tower 3Tower, Keep, Map
Color Tower 4Tower, Keep, Map
Color Tower 5Tower, Keep, Map
Color Tree 1Tree, Forest, Map
Color Tree 10Map, Tree, Forest
Color Tree 11Tree, Forest, Map
Color Tree 12Map, Tree, Forest
Color Tree 13Forest, Map, Tree
Color Tree 14Tree, Forest, Map
Color Tree 15Map, Tree, Forest
Color Tree 2Forest, Tree, Map
Color Tree 3Map, Forest, Tree
Color Tree 4Tree, Map, Forest
Color Tree 5Map, Forest, Tree
Color Tree 6Map, Forest, Tree
Color Tree 7Map, Forest, Tree
Color Tree 8Map, Forest, Tree
Color Tree 9Forest, Tree, Map
Color Village 1Village, Town, Map
Color Village 2Village, Town, Map
Color Village 3Village, Town, Map
Color Village 4Village, Town, Map
Color Village 5Village, Town, Map
Color Village 6Village, Town, Map
Color Volcano 1Erupt, Volcano, Map
Color Volcano 2Volcano, Erupt, Map
Color Water Current 1Current, Water, Map
Color Water Current 2Current, Water, Map
Color Water Current 3Current, Water, Map
Color Water Current 4Current, Water, Map
Color Water Current 5Current, Water, Map
Color Wave 1Wave, Ocean, Map
Color Wave 2Wave, Ocean, Map
Color Wave 3Wave, Ocean, Map
Color Wave 4Wave, Ocean, Map
Color Wave 5Wave, Ocean, Map
Land Outline 1Land, Continent, Map
Land Outline 10Land, Map, Continent
Land Outline 11Land, Continent, Map
Land Outline 12Map, Continent, Land
Land Outline 13Land, Map, Continent
Land Outline 14Map, Continent, Land
Land Outline 15Land, Continent, Map
Land Outline 16Map, Continent, Land
Land Outline 17Map, Continent, Land
Land Outline 18Continent, Map, Land
Land Outline 19Land, Map, Continent
Land Outline 2Land, Continent, Map
Land Outline 20Map, Land, Continent
Land Outline 3Land, Continent, Map
Land Outline 4Continent, Land, Map
Land Outline 5Map, Continent, Land
Land Outline 6Land, Map, Continent
Land Outline 7Map, Continent, Land
Land Outline 8Map, Continent, Land
Land Outline 9Map, Continent, Land
Sepia Bridge 1Bridge, Crossing, Map
Sepia Bridge 10Crossing, Map, Bridge
Sepia Bridge 11Bridge, Map, Crossing
Sepia Bridge 12Map, Bridge, Crossing
Sepia Bridge 2Crossing, Bridge, Map
Sepia Bridge 3Crossing, Map, Bridge
Sepia Bridge 4Map, Bridge, Crossing
Sepia Bridge 5Bridge, Crossing, Map
Sepia Bridge 6Map, Bridge, Crossing
Sepia Bridge 7Map, Crossing, Bridge
Sepia Bridge 8Map, Crossing, Bridge
Sepia Bridge 9Bridge, Map, Crossing
Sepia Castle 1Keep, Castle, Map
Sepia Castle 2Castle, Keep, Map
Sepia Castle 3Castle, Keep, Map
Sepia Castle 4Castle, Keep, Map
Sepia Castle 5Castle, Keep, Map
Sepia Cave 1Cave, Cavern, Map
Sepia Cave 2Cave, Cavern, Map
Sepia Cave 3Cave, Cavern, Map
Sepia Cave 4Cave, Cavern, Map
Sepia Cave 5Cave, Cavern, Map
Sepia City 1City, Town, Map
Sepia City 2City, Town, Map
Sepia City 3City, Town, Map
Sepia City 4City, Town, Map
Sepia City 5City, Town, Map
Sepia Compass Rose 1Compass, Cartographer, Map
Sepia Compass Rose 2Compass, Cartographer, Map
Sepia Compass Rose 3Compass, Cartographer, Map
Sepia Compass Rose 4Compass, Cartographer, Map
Sepia Compass Rose 5Compass, Cartographer, Map
Sepia Crystal 1Crystal, Gem, Map
Sepia Crystal 2Crystal, Gem, Map
Sepia Crystal 3Crystal, Gem, Map
Sepia Crystal 4Crystal, Gem, Map
Sepia Crystal 5Crystal, Gem, Map
Sepia Dune 1Dune, Desert, Map
Sepia Dune 2Dune, Desert, Map
Sepia Dune 3Dune, Desert, Map
Sepia Dune 4Dune, Desert, Map
Sepia Dune 5Dune, Desert, Map
Sepia Grassland 1Grassland, Plains, Map
Sepia Grassland 2Plains, Grassland, Map
Sepia Grassland 3Grassland, Plains, Map
Sepia Hill 1Hill, Knoll, Map
Sepia Hill 2Hill, Knoll, Map
Sepia Hill 3Hill, Knoll, Map
Sepia Hill 4Hill, Knoll, Map
Sepia Hill 5Hill, Knoll, Map
Sepia Island 1Isle, Map, Island
Sepia Island 10Island, Isle, Map
Sepia Island 11Island, Map, Isle
Sepia Island 12Island, Isle, Map
Sepia Island 13Map, Island, Isle
Sepia Island 14Isle, Map, Island
Sepia Island 15Island, Isle, Map
Sepia Island 2Island, Isle, Map
Sepia Island 3Map, Isle, Island
Sepia Island 4Map, Island, Isle
Sepia Island 5Island, Isle, Map
Sepia Island 6Map, Island, Isle
Sepia Island 7Isle, Map, Island
Sepia Island 8Island, Isle, Map
Sepia Island 9Isle, Island, Map
Sepia Jousting FieldTournament, Carnival, Map
Sepia Lake 1Pond, Lake, Map
Sepia Lake 10Pond, Lake, Map
Sepia Lake 11Lake, Map, Pond
Sepia Lake 12Map, Pond, Lake
Sepia Lake 13Pond, Map, Lake
Sepia Lake 14Lake, Pond, Map
Sepia Lake 19Map, Lake, Pond
Sepia Lake 2Lake, Map, Pond
Sepia Lake 3Lake, Map, Pond
Sepia Lake 4Lake, Map, Pond
Sepia Lake 5Map, Pond, Lake
Sepia Lake 6Map, Pond, Lake
Sepia Lake 7Lake, Map, Pond
Sepia Lake 8Map, Lake, Pond
Sepia Lake 9Pond, Map, Lake
Sepia Land 1Land, Continent, Map
Sepia Land 10Continent, Land, Map
Sepia Land 11Land, Map, Continent
Sepia Land 12Map, Continent, Land
Sepia Land 13Continent, Map, Land
Sepia Land 14Land, Continent, Map
Sepia Land 15Land, Map, Continent
Sepia Land 16Land, Map, Continent
Sepia Land 17Map, Continent, Land
Sepia Land 18Land, Map, Continent
Sepia Land 19Continent, Map, Land
Sepia Land 2Land, Map, Continent
Sepia Land 20Map, Land, Continent
Sepia Land 3Land, Map, Continent
Sepia Land 4Continent, Land, Map
Sepia Land 5Land, Continent, Map
Sepia Land 6Map, Land, Continent
Sepia Land 7Land, Map, Continent
Sepia Land 8Map, Continent, Land
Sepia Land 9Continent, Map, Land
Sepia Metropolis 1Metropolis, City, Map
Sepia Metropolis 2Map, Metropolis, City
Sepia Metropolis 3Metropolis, City, Map
Sepia Metropolis 4Metropolis, City, Map
Sepia Metropolis 5Metropolis, City, Map
Sepia Mine 1Mine, Quarry, Map
Sepia Mine 2Mine, Quarry, Map
Sepia Mine 3Mine, Quarry, Map
Sepia Mine 4Quarry, Mine, Map
Sepia Mine 5Mine, Quarry, Map
Sepia Mountain 1Mountain, Peak, Map
Sepia Mountain 10Peak, Map, Mountain
Sepia Mountain 2Map, Peak, Mountain
Sepia Mountain 3Mountain, Peak, Map
Sepia Mountain 4Map, Peak, Mountain
Sepia Mountain 5Mountain, Peak, Map
Sepia Mountain 6Peak, Mountain, Map
Sepia Mountain 7Mountain, Peak, Map
Sepia Mountain 8Peak, Mountain, Map
Sepia Mountain 9Map, Peak, Mountain
Sepia Plains 1Plains, Fields, Map
Sepia Plains 2Plains, Fields, Map
Sepia Port 1Port, Harbor, Map
Sepia Port 2Harbor, Port, Map
Sepia Port 3Port, Harbor, Map
Sepia Port 4Port, Harbor, Map
Sepia Port 5Port, Harbor, Map
Sepia Pyramid 1Pyramid, Monument, Map
Sepia Pyramid 2Pyramid, Monument, Map
Sepia Pyramid 3Pyramid, Monument, Map
Sepia Reef 1Reef, Coral, Map
Sepia Reef 10Map, Coral, Reef
Sepia Reef 2Map, Coral, Reef
Sepia Reef 3Map, Coral, Reef
Sepia Reef 4Reef, Coral, Map
Sepia Reef 5Map, Coral, Reef
Sepia Reef 6Reef, Coral, Map
Sepia Reef 7Coral, Reef, Map
Sepia Reef 8Map, Coral, Reef
Sepia Reef 9Coral, Reef, Map
Sepia Rock 1Rock, Stone, Map
Sepia Rock 2Stone, Rock, Map
Sepia Rock 3Rock, Stone, Map
Sepia Rock 4Rock, Stone, Map
Sepia Rock 5Rock, Stone, Map
Sepia Ruin 1Ruin, Wreck, Map
Sepia Ruin 2Ruin, Wreck, Map
Sepia Ruin 3Ruin, Wreck, Map
Sepia Ruin 4Ruin, Wreck, Map
Sepia Ruin 5Ruin, Wreck, Map
Sepia Sea Monster 1Sea Monster, Kraken, Map
Sepia Sea Monster 2Sea Monster, Sea Serpent, Map
Sepia Sea Monster 3Sea Monster, Kraken, Map
Sepia Ship 1Ship, Boat, Map
Sepia Ship 2Ship, Boat, Map
Sepia Ship 3Ship, Boat, Map
Sepia Ship 4Ship, Boat, Map
Sepia Ship 5Ship, Boat, Map
Sepia Standing Stone 1Henge, Marker, Map
Sepia Standing Stone 2Marker, Henge, Map
Sepia Standing Stone 3Henge, Marker, Map
Sepia Standing Stone 4Henge, Marker, Map
Sepia Standing Stone 5Henge, Marker, Map
Sepia Swamp 1Swamp, Bog, Map
Sepia Swamp 2Swamp, Bog, Map
Sepia Swamp 3Swamp, Bog, Map
Sepia Swamp 4Swamp, Bog, Map
Sepia Swamp 5Swamp, Bog, Map
Sepia Temple 1Temple, Chruch, Map
Sepia Temple 2Temple, Chruch, Map
Sepia Temple 3Temple, Chruch, Map
Sepia Temple 4Temple, Chruch, Map
Sepia Temple 5Temple, Chruch, Map
Sepia Tent 1Tent, Camp, Map
Sepia Tent 2Tent, Camp, Map
Sepia Tent 3Camp, Tent, Map
Sepia Tent 4Tent, Camp, Map
Sepia Tent 5Tent, Camp, Map
Sepia Tent 6Tent, Camp, Map
Sepia Tent 7Tent, Camp, Map
Sepia Tower 1Tower, Keep, Map
Sepia Tower 2Keep, Tower, Map
Sepia Tower 3Tower, Keep, Map
Sepia Tower 4Tower, Keep, Map
Sepia Tower 5Tower, Keep, Map
Sepia Tree 1Tree, Forest, Map
Sepia Tree 10Tree, Map, Forest
Sepia Tree 11Map, Forest, Tree
Sepia Tree 12Tree, Forest, Map
Sepia Tree 13Map, Tree, Forest
Sepia Tree 14Map, Tree, Forest
Sepia Tree 15Map, Forest, Tree
Sepia Tree 2Forest, Map, Tree
Sepia Tree 3Tree, Map, Forest
Sepia Tree 4Forest, Map, Tree
Sepia Tree 5Map, Forest, Tree
Sepia Tree 6Map, Tree, Forest
Sepia Tree 7Tree, Map, Forest
Sepia Tree 8Forest, Map, Tree
Sepia Tree 9Map, Tree, Forest
Sepia Village 1Village, Town, Map
Sepia Village 2Village, Town, Map
Sepia Village 3Village, Town, Map
Sepia Village 4Town, Village, Map
Sepia Village 5Village, Town, Map
Sepia Village 6Village, Town, Map
Sepia Volcano 1Volcano, Erupt, Map
Sepia Volcano 2Volcano, Erupt, Map
Sepia Water Current 1Current, Water, Map
Sepia Water Current 2Current, Water, Map
Sepia Water Current 3Current, Water, Map
Sepia Water Current 4Current, Water, Map
Sepia Water Current 5Current, Water, Map
Sepia Wave 1Wave, Ocean, Map
Sepia Wave 2Wave, Ocean, Map
Sepia Wave 3Wave, Ocean, Map
Sepia Wave 4Wave, Ocean, Map
Sepia Wave 5Wave, Ocean, Map