Portal Packs - Token Essentials - Undead and Loving It

by Mythic Portal Games

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Mythic Portal is proud to bring you Undead & Loving It the ninth offering in our ongoing & popular series of PC, NPC and Monster tokens. Show your players in gorgeous detail the finality of the grave by filling your next adventure with Banshee, Ghasts, Liches, Vampires, and more. Included are a host of 26 deadly opponents returned from beyond the mortal coil. Additionally, each token has been presented in several thematically appropriate border variants. As always our tokens are fully compatible with any of our Building Essentials, Token Essentials, Encounter Essentials, and One Minute Maps series assets. Enjoy!

Included Assets (104)

Banshee V1Undead, Ghost, Banshee
Banshee V2Undead, Ghost, Banshee
Banshee V3Undead, Ghost, Banshee
Banshee V4Undead, Ghost, Banshee
Burning Dead 2 V1Undead, Skeleton, Monster
Burning Dead 2 V2Undead, Skeleton, Monster
Burning Dead 2 V3Undead, Skeleton, Monster
Burning Dead 2 V4Undead, Skeleton, Monster
Burning Dead V1Undead, Skeleton, Monster
Burning Dead V2Undead, Skeleton, Monster
Burning Dead V3Undead, Skeleton, Monster
Burning Dead V4Undead, Skeleton, Monster
Death Knight 2 V1Undead, Death Knight, Wight
Death Knight 2 V2Undead, Death Knight, Wight
Death Knight 2 V3Undead, Death Knight, Wight
Death Knight 2 V4Undead, Death Knight, Wight
Death Knight V1Undead, Death Knight, Wight
Death Knight V2Undead, Death Knight, Wight
Death Knight V3Undead, Death Knight, Wight
Death Knight V4Undead, Death Knight, Wight
Ghast 2 V1Undead, Ghast, Boss
Ghast 2 V2Undead, Ghast, Boss
Ghast 2 V3Undead, Ghast, Boss
Ghast 2 V4Undead, Ghast, Boss
Ghast V1Undead, Ghast, Boss
Ghast V2Undead, Ghast, Boss
Ghast V3Undead, Ghast, Boss
Ghast V4Undead, Ghast, Boss
Ghost Warrior V1Undead, Ghost, Spirit
Ghost Warrior V2Undead, Ghost, Spirit
Ghost Warrior V3Undead, Ghost, Spirit
Ghost Warrior V4Undead, Ghost, Spirit
Ghoul 2 V1Undead, Ghoul, Boss
Ghoul 2 V2Undead, Ghoul, Boss
Ghoul 2 V3Undead, Ghoul, Boss
Ghoul 2 V4Undead, Ghoul, Boss
Ghoul V1Undead, Ghoul, Boss
Ghoul V2Undead, Ghoul, Boss
Ghoul V3Undead, Ghoul, Boss
Ghoul V4Undead, Ghoul, Boss
Lich V1Undead, Lich, Boss
Lich V2Undead, Lich, Boss
Lich V3Undead, Lich, Boss
Lich V4Undead, Lich, Boss
Pirate Ghost V1Undead, Ghost, Spirit
Pirate Ghost V2Undead, Ghost, Spirit
Pirate Ghost V3Undead, Ghost, Spirit
Pirate Ghost V4Undead, Ghost, Spirit
Skeleton 1 V1Undead, Skeleton, Monster
Skeleton 1 V2Undead, Skeleton, Monster
Skeleton 1 V3Undead, Skeleton, Monster
Skeleton 1 V4Undead, Skeleton, Monster
Skeleton 2 V1Undead, Skeleton, Monster
Skeleton 2 V2Undead, Skeleton, Monster
Skeleton 2 V3Undead, Skeleton, Monster
Skeleton 2 V4Undead, Skeleton, Monster
Skeleton 3 V1Undead, Skeleton, Monster
Skeleton 3 V2Undead, Skeleton, Monster
Skeleton 3 V3Undead, Skeleton, Monster
Skeleton 3 V4Undead, Skeleton, Monster
Skeleton 4 V1Undead, Skeleton, Monster
Skeleton 4 V2Undead, Skeleton, Monster
Skeleton 4 V3Undead, Skeleton, Monster
Skeleton 4 V4Undead, Skeleton, Monster
Vampire F V1Undead, Vampire, Boss
Vampire F V2Undead, Vampire, Boss
Vampire F V3Undead, Vampire, Boss
Vampire F V4Undead, Vampire, Boss
Vampire V1Undead, Vampire, Boss
Vampire V2Undead, Vampire, Boss
Vampire V3Undead, Vampire, Boss
Vampire V4Undead, Vampire, Boss
Wight V1Undead, Wight, Monster
Wight V2Undead, Wight, Monster
Wight V3Undead, Wight, Monster
Wight V4Undead, Wight, Monster
Wraith V1Undead, Wraith, Shade
Wraith V2Undead, Wraith, Shade
Wraith V3Undead, Wraith, Shade
Wraith V4Undead, Wraith, Shade
Zombie 1 V1Undead, Zombie, Monster
Zombie 1 V2Undead, Zombie, Monster
Zombie 1 V3Undead, Zombie, Monster
Zombie 1 V4Undead, Zombie, Monster
Zombie 2 V1Undead, Zombie, Monster
Zombie 2 V2Undead, Zombie, Monster
Zombie 2 V3Undead, Zombie, Monster
Zombie 2 V4Undead, Zombie, Monster
Zombie 3 V1Undead, Zombie, Monster
Zombie 3 V2Undead, Zombie, Monster
Zombie 3 V3Undead, Zombie, Monster
Zombie 3 V4Undead, Zombie, Monster
Zombie 4 V1Undead, Zombie, Monster
Zombie 4 V2Undead, Zombie, Monster
Zombie 4 V3Undead, Zombie, Monster
Zombie 4 V4Undead, Zombie, Monster
Zombie 5 V1Undead, Zombie, Monster
Zombie 5 V2Undead, Zombie, Monster
Zombie 5 V3Undead, Zombie, Monster
Zombie 5 V4Undead, Zombie, Monster
Zombie 6 V1Undead, Zombie, Monster
Zombie 6 V2Undead, Zombie, Monster
Zombie 6 V3Undead, Zombie, Monster
Zombie 6 V4Undead, Zombie, Monster