Portal Packs - One Minute Maps - Runetalon Castle

by Mythic Portal Games

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Runetalon Castle. Once, long ago it was the bastion of Talisin the Sorceress Queen. Though her fortress remains the sorceress herself has long since passed... or has she?

Servants at the castle report the long-dormant runes surrounding the castle statues have re-awakened. Each glowing with a mysterious blue glow. The guards report the unsettling feeling of being watched even when no one is present. Even the king himself claims strange happenings though he will only disclose his story to the heroes of the realm.

What power has awakened in the stone of Runetalon Castle?

You decide!

Mythic Portal Games is proud to present the Runetalon Castle!

Enter a place of forgotten secrets and lost arcana! Runetalon Castle contains ten maps custom built from our popular Building Essentials assets. We've also included all the pieces we used to make it. Uses the maps as is or add additional rooms and passages!

Runetalon Castle is the perfect map pack for the GM looking for regal environments that are ripe for storytelling but take only a few minutes to put together.

As always this product is fully compatible with our Building Essentials, Token Essentials, NPC Essentials, and Encounter Essentials products.


Included Assets (121)

Armor Stand 2Display, Armor, Forge
Armor Stand 3Display, Armor, Forge
Assorted Food 1Food, Dinner, Decor
Assorted Food 1 0Food, Dinner, Decor
Assorted Food 1 1Food, Dinner, Decor
Assorted Food 2Food, Dinner, Decor
Assorted Food 3Food, Dinner, Decor
Assorted Food 6Food, Dinner, Decor
Assorted Food 7Food, Dinner, Decor
Assorted Food 8Food, Dinner, Decor
Assorted Food 9Food, Dinner, Decor
Bar 1 1Bar, Tavern, Inn
Bay Window StoneWindow, Stone, Furnishings
Bear Rug 1Rug, furniture, decor
Blue Bed MadeBed, Furniture, Decor
Blue Carpet Design End ShadowBlue, Carpet, Decor
Blue Carpet Design Main ShadowBlue, Carpet, Decor
Blue Rug 2Rug, furniture, decor
Bookcase Smallbookcase, furniture, decor
Building 7House, Building, Village
Building ChurchCathedral, Church, City
Candles LitCandles, Furniture, Decor
Cobble 1Cobblestone, Road, Wear
Crate 1Crate, Goods, Warehouse
Crate 2Crate, Goods, Warehouse
Crate 6Crate, Goods, Warehouse
Dark Green BushBush, Summer, Shrubbery
Dark Green Bush 1Bush, Summer, Shrubbery (2)
Dark Green Bush 2Bush, Summer, Shrubbery
Dark Green Bush 3Bush, Summer, Shrubbery
Desk 2Desk, Work, Storage
DirtDirt, Road, Mud
Dirt Circle 2Dirt, Road, Mud
Dirt Road 2Dirt, Road, Mud
Docks Dark 13Dock, Pier, Port
Docks Pile 5Dock, Pier, Port
Door Double BarredDoor, Barred, Furnishings
Door Single BarredDoor, Barred, Furnishings
Dwarven Statue 6Statue, Dwarf, Monument
Dwarven Statue 7Statue, Dwarf, Monument
Dwarven Statue 8Statue, Dwarf, Monument
Elemental Prison FirePrison, Fire, Elemental
Evergreen 2Tree, Evergreen, Summer
Familiar CatFamiliar, Cat, Wizard
Flag 8Flag, Seal, Heraldry
Fortification Stone Gatehouse 2Fortification, Fortress, Gatehouse
Fortification Stone Tower 1Fortification, Fortress, Tower
Fortification Stone Wall 1Fortification, Fortress, Wall
Fountain 3Fountain, Water, Decor
Massive Tree 3Tree, Trunk, Forest
Massive Tree 4Tree, Trunk, Forest
Oblong Table 2Table, Furniture, Decor
Pillar Massive 1Pillar, Dwarven, Stone
Piping 2Pipe, Exhaust, Hose
Plates 7Plate, Tableset, Silberware
Plates 8Plate, Tableset, Silberware
Plates 9Plate, Tableset, Silberware
Pylon BluePylon, Ritual, Magic
Rectangle TableTable, Furniture, Decor
Ritual Stones 7Ritual, Stone, Rock
River 4River, Water, Stream
Rounded Stone 1 1Tile, Round, Stone
Rune Wheel 4Rune, Wheel, Symbols
Runetalon Castle ApproachRunetalon Castle Approach
Runetalon Castle ArmoryRunetalon Castle Armory
Runetalon Castle CrossroadsRunetalon Castle Crossroads
Runetalon Castle Feast HallRunetalon Castle Feast Hall
Runetalon Castle KitchensRunetalon Castle Kitchens
Runetalon Castle LarderRunetalon Castle Larder
Runetalon Castle Queens RoomRunetalon Castle Queens Room
Runetalon Castle Throne RoomRunetalon Castle Throne Room
Runetalon Castle West GateRunetalon Castle West Gate
Runetalon Castle West WingRunetalon Castle West Wing
Shelves Straight 1Shelf, Straight, Storage
Shelves Straight 1 0Shelf, Straight, Storage
Shelves Straight 2Shelf, Straight, Storage
Shelves Straight 4Shelf, Straight, Storage
Sky Tile 1 0Sky, Weather, Clouds
Spiral Stone StaircaseStairs, Stone, Furnishings
Stable 1Stable, Building, Village
Stack Books 1Book, Library, Decor
Stair ShadowStair, Shadow, Temple
Stone 1Stone, Rocks, Wilderness
Stone 1 5Stone, Rocks, Wilderness
Stone Bench 5Bench, Dwarven, Stone
Stone Bench 6Bench, Dwarven, Stone
Stone CornerStone, Wall, Tile
Stone Dias 1Stone, Dias, Temple
Stone Hearth LitFireplace, Hearth, Furniture
Stone Light HallSewer, Stone, Tile
Stone Seal 5Seal, Crest, Stone
Stone Tile CenterStone, Floor, Tile
Stone WallStone, Wall, Tile
StoveStove, Furniture, Decor
Stove 2Stove, Furniture, Decor
Straight Stone Single StaircaseStairs, Stone, Furnishings
Straight Window DoubleWindow, Furnishings
Table 2Table, Furniture, Decor
Tapestry 2 1Tapestry, Furniture, Decor
TavernTavern, Building, Village
Trapdoor 2Trapdoor, Secret, Passage
Treasure 1 0Treasure, Gold, Silver
Treasure 1 1Treasure, Gold, Silver
Treasure 2 4Treasure, Gold, Silver
Treasure 3Treasure, Gold, Silver
Treasure Chest 2Treasure, Chest, Gold
Tree 3Tree, Trunk, Forest
Tree 4Tree, Trunk, Forest
Tree DarkTree, Green, Summer
Wagon 1Wagon, Covered, Carts
Watering Trough FullTrough, Horse, Decor
Weapon Rack 4Blacksmith, Smith, Forge
Weapon Rack 5Blacksmith, Smith, Forge
Weapon Rack 6Blacksmith, Smith, Forge
Weapon Rack 7Blacksmith, Smith, Forge
White Throne 3Marble, Throne, Temple
Wine RackWine, Rack, Full
armchair 2chair, furniture, decor
armchair 3chair, furniture, decor
kegBarrel, Keg, Decor
keg 2Barrel, Keg, Decor