Portal Packs - Encounter Essentials - Monstrous Challengers

by Mythic Portal Games

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We know that running a campaign can be challenging. Thankfully we make planning for encounters easy! That's why our monster tokens are grouped together by level range allowing you to purchase a set of tokens appropriate to your groups level. As your players progress check out our catalog for the next level band.

Monstrous Challengers contains tokens for players starting to grow in power including Ogres, Ettins, Trolls, Owlbears, and Ettercaps . As always this pack is fully compatible with our Token Essentials, Building Essentials, and One Minute Maps products.

Included Assets (52)

Bugbear AxemanBugbear, Warrior, Axeman
Bugbear Axeman PortraitHumanoid, Monster, Creature
Bugbear FighterBugbear, Fighter, Swordsman
Bugbear Fighter PortraitHumanoid, Monster, Creature
Bugbear SavageBugbear, Savage, Spearman
Bugbear Savage PortraitHumanoid, Monster, Creature
Bugbear ShamanBugbear, Shaman, Witch Doctor
Bugbear Shaman PortraitHumanoid, Monster, Creature
Ettercap 1Ettercap, Monster, Creature
Ettercap 1 PortraitEttercap, Monster, Creature
Ettercap 2Ettercap, Monster, Creature
Ettercap 2 PortraitEttercap, Monster, Creature
Ettercap 3Ettercap, Monster, Creature
Ettercap 3 PortraitEttercap, Monster, Creature
Ettercap 4Ettercap, Monster, Creature
Ettercap 4 PortraitEttercap, Monster, Creature
Ettin 1Ettin, Monster, Giant
Ettin 1 PortraitEttin, Monster, Giant
Ettin 2Ettin, Monster, Giant
Ettin 2 PortraitEttin, Monster, Giant
Ettin 3Ettin, Monster, Giant
Ettin 3 PortraitEttin, Monster, Giant
Ettin 4Ettin, Monster, Giant
Ettin 4 PortraitEttin, Monster, Giant
Ettin 5Ettin, Monster, Giant
Ettin 5 PortraitEttin, Monster, Giant
Ettin 6Ettin, Monster, Giant
Ettin 6 PortraitEttin, Monster, Giant
Ogre 1Humanoid, Monster, Giant
Ogre 1 PortraitHumanoid, Monster, Giant
Ogre 2Humanoid, Monster, Giant
Ogre 2 PortraitHumanoid, Monster, Giant
Ogre 3Humanoid, Monster, Giant
Ogre 3 PortraitHumanoid, Monster, Giant
Ogre 4Humanoid, Monster, Giant
Ogre 4 PortraitHumanoid, Monster, Giant
Owlbear 1Beast, Monster, Creature
Owlbear 1 PortraitBeast, Monster, Creature
Owlbear 2Beast, Monster, Creature
Owlbear 2 PortraitBeast, Monster, Creature
Owlbear 3Beast, Monster, Creature
Owlbear 3 PortraitBeast, Monster, Creature
Owlbear 4Beast, Monster, Creature
Owlbear 4 PortraitBeast, Monster, Creature
Troll 1Humanoid, Monster, Creature
Troll 1 PortraitHumanoid, Monster, Creature
Troll 2Humanoid, Monster, Creature
Troll 2 PortraitHumanoid, Monster, Creature
Troll 3Humanoid, Monster, Creature
Troll 3 PortraitHumanoid, Monster, Creature
Troll 4Humanoid, Monster, Creature
Troll 4 PortraitHumanoid, Monster, Creature