Portal Packs - One Minute Maps - Persephone 6

by Mythic Portal Games

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Orbiting a star not far from our own lies mankind's first and most beloved colony. Persephone 6. The colony is a testament to our ingenuity, perseverance and the power of our terraforming technology.

With a lush, temperate environment, Persephone is an idyllic paradise... or is it?

On the far side of the once hostile moon the ruins of an ancient alien civilization have been discovered. Certainly the remnants of a massive civilization wouldn't have been missed by the colony survey team. Yet, if that's the case why hasn't anyone heard of this?

Is the beauty of Persephone real or just a mask meant to hide a deadly secret that those in power would do anything to be kept secret?

You decide!

Mythic Portal Games is proud to present the Persephone 6!

Enter a place of otherworldly beauty! Persephone 6 contains eight maps custom built from our popular Building Essentials assets.

Persephone 6 is the perfect map pack for the GM looking for sci-fi environments that are ripe for storytelling but take only a few minutes to put together.

As always this product is fully compatible with our Building Essentials, Token Essentials, NPC Essentials, and Encounter Essentials products.


Note: Some of the individual map elements particularly walls and pipes are intended to be set with the grid disabled. For ease of use and best experience we highly recommend disabling this in the map settings area.

Included Assets (128)

Alien Building 1Sci-Fi, Alien, House
Alien Building 1Sci-Fi, Alien, House
Alien Building 10Sci-Fi, Alien, Tower
Alien Building 2Sci-Fi, Alien, House
Alien Building 3Sci-Fi, Alien, House
Alien Building 4Sci-Fi, Alien, House
Alien Flora 10Sci-Fi, Bush, Plants
Alien Flora 8Sci-Fi, Bush, Plants
Anti Air Turret BlueTurret, Artillery, Defenses
Auto Turret BlueTurret, Cannon, Artillery
Balcony 1Balcony, Building, House
Building 7House, Building, Village
Captains Chair Black 2Chair, Seat, Decor
CatwalkCatwalk, Hallway, Suspension
Cliff 1Cliff, Rise, Ambush
Cliff 2Cliff, Rise, Ambush
Cliff 3Cliff, Rise, Ambush
Cliff 4Cliff, Rise, Ambush
Colony Base 5Colony, Habitat, Outpost
Colony Base 8Colony, Habitat, Outpost
Colony Connector 2Colony, Hallway, Passage
Colony Connector Cover 1Colony, Hallway, Passage
Colony Dome 1Colony, Habitat, Outpost
Colony Dome 2Colony, Habitat, Outpost
Colony Dome 3Colony, Habitat, Outpost
Colony Joint 2Door, Hallway, Passage
Colony Module 9Colony, Module, Habitat
Command Console InactiveCommand, Console, Terminal
Dark Green BushBush, Summer, Shrubbery
Dark Green Bush 1Bush, Summer, Shrubbery (2)
Dark Green Bush 2Bush, Summer, Shrubbery
Dark Green Bush 3Bush, Summer, Shrubbery
Dirt Circle 2Dirt, Road, Mud
EvergreenTree, Evergreen, Summer
Evergreen 2Tree, Evergreen, Summer
Field EmptyField, Farm, Empty
Field Green 3Field, Farm, Green
Force Field Small Blue 3Force Field, Defense, Barrier
Futuristic Armor Helmet 1Sci-Fi, Armor, Helmet
Futuristic Door Maintenance BlueSci-Fi, Door, Gate
Futuristic Door Maintenance GreenSci-Fi, Door, Gate
Futuristic Door Maintenance RedSci-Fi, Door, Gate
Futuristic Door Reinforced ClosedSci-Fi, Door, Gate
Grass TileGrass, Tile, Outdoors
Hanging Plants 2Plants, Moss, Overgrowth
Hanging Plants 3Plants, Moss, Overgrowth
Hull 13Hull, Wall, Plating
Hull 7Hull, Wall, Plating
Identity Verification BlueConsole, Terminal, Security
Identity Verification GreenConsole, Terminal, Security
Identity Verification RedConsole, Terminal, Security
Ladder 1Ladder, Maintenance, Stairs
Laser Blue 2Laser, Security, Tripwire
Laser Green 2Laser, Security, Tripwire
Laser Red 2Laser, Security, Tripwire
Launch Pad BlueLanding, Ship, Launch
Ledge 9Ledge, Cliff, Ridge
Massive Tree 3Tree, Trunk, Forest
Massive Tree 4Tree, Trunk, Forest
Persephone 6 Aviation ControlMap, Aviation, Airport
Persephone 6 Aviation Control InteriorMap, Aviation, Airport
Persephone 6 CityMap, City, Sci-Fi
Persephone 6 City CenterMap, City, Sci-Fi
Persephone 6 Coastal PropertyMap, City, Coast
Persephone 6 FieldsMap, Farmland, Farm
Persephone 6 Hidden RuinsMap, Alien, City
Persephone 6 Outer DefensesMap, Military, Base
PlowPlow, Farming, Tilling
PoolPool, Recreation, Swimming
Potted Plant 6Pot, Plant, Decorative
Radar NormalRader, Command, Console
Ritual Stones 7Ritual, Stone, Rock
River 4River, Water, Stream
River 5River, Water, Stream
Rocks In Water 1Rocks, Hazard, Coast
Rocks In Water 12Rocks, Hazard, Coast
Rocks In Water 13Rocks, Hazard, Coast
Rocks In Water 4Rocks, Hazard, Coast
Rocks In Water 5Rocks, Hazard, Coast
Rocks In Water 9Rocks, Hazard, Coast
Rubble 8Rubble, Stone, Wreckage
Safety RailRailing, Handle, Rail
Sand 1Sand, Beach, Shore
Sand 2Sand, Beach, Shore
Satellite Dish 1Satellite, Dish, Communications
Satellite Dish 2Satellite, Dish, Communications
Sci Fi Chair 1Chair, Seat, Decor
Sci Fi Road 1Road, Walway, Path
Sci Fi Road 2Road, Walway, Path
Sci Fi Road 3Road, Walway, Path
Sci Fi Table 1Table, Counter, Decor
Sci Fi Table 2Table, Counter, Decor
Sci Fi Tank 3Tank, Artillery, Military
Sci Fi Vehicle 1Sci-Fi, Vehicle, Car
Sci Fi Vehicle 2Sci-Fi, Vehicle, Car
Sci Fi Vehicle 3Sci-Fi, Vehicle, Car
Sci Fi Vehicle 5Sci-Fi, Vehicle, Rover
Server 1Server, Processor, Computer
ShellShells, Beach, Shore
ShellsShells, Beach, Shore
Ship Lights BlueLight, Emergency, illumination
Ship Lights GreenLight, Emergency, illumination
Ship Lights RedLight, Emergency, illumination
Shore Beach 1Shore, Beach, Coast
Shore Beach 2Shore, Beach, Coast
Shore Beach 3Shore, Beach, Coast
Skyscraper 1Skyscraper, Building, House
Skyscraper 2Skyscraper, Building, House
Skyscraper 3Skyscraper, Building, House
Skyscraper 4Skyscraper, Building, House
Skyscraper 5Skyscraper, Building, House
Skyscraper 6Skyscraper, Building, House
Solar Panels 5Energy, Solar, Panel
Spaceship 1Spaceship, Ship, Transport
Spaceship 2Spaceship, Ship, Transport
Spaceship 3Spaceship, Ship, Transport
Stone 1Stone, Rocks, Wilderness
Stone 1 2Stone, Rocks, Wilderness
Stone 1 5Stone, Rocks, Wilderness
Traffic Paint CautionTraffic, Paint, Construction
Traffic Paint Caution ArrowTraffic, Paint, Construction
Tree 3Tree, Trunk, Forest
Tree 4Tree, Trunk, Forest
Tree DarkTree, Green, Summer
Vehicle Tracks 1Vehicle, Tracks, Trail
Water ChoppyWater, River, Lake
Water TankWater, Tank, Storage
Waterfall 4Waterfall, Falls, Water