Portal Packs - One Minute Maps - Tephros 4 Mining Outpost

by Mythic Portal Games

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This facility has gone 0 days without an incident.

Your ship picks up a distress call. The signal weak, the message is distorted, unclear, but one thing is certain its coming from a nearby mining outpost on Tephros 4.

When you arrive to investigate there is no one to great you and the facility is running on backup power. When you access what's left of the outposts computer system you find the full communication you had received earlier.

Except it's not a distress call at all.

"We found something in the mines. We never meant for it to get loose. It's killed so many of us and we can't escape. If you are receiving this. Stay away. I repeat stay away."

That's when you hear it coming from down the hall...

Mythic Portal Games is proud to present the Tephros 4 Mining Outpost!

Enter a world of Sci-Fi horror! Tephros 4 contains eight maps custom built from our popular Building Essentials assets. Each map has two versions. A Pre-Incident version. Specifically made for Game Masters who want the horror to start while the players are present. We also included a set of maps where the carnage has already occurred and the players are piecing together the mystery as they attempt to survive.

Tephros 4 is the perfect map pack for the GM looking for environments that are ripe for storytelling but take only a few minutes to put together. As always this product is fully compatible with our Building Essentials, Token Essentials, NPC Essentials, and Encounter Essentials products.


Note: Some of the individual map elements particularly walls and pipes are intended to be set with the grid disabled. For ease of use and best experience we highly recommend disabling this using the unsnap from grid option right on the hotbar.

Included Assets (101)

Alien Building 1Sci-Fi, Alien, House
Alien Building 2Sci-Fi, Alien, House
Alien Flora 2Sci-Fi, Bush, Plants
Bed Military MadeBed, Barracks, Cot
Blood 1Blood, Gore, Splatter
Blood 1Blood, Gore, Death
Blood 2Blood, Gore, Death
Captains Chair Black 1Chair, Seat, Decor
Captains Chair Black 2Chair, Seat, Decor
CatwalkCatwalk, Hallway, Suspension
Command Console ActiveCommand, Console, Terminal
Command Console AlertCommand, Console, Terminal
Crate CargoCrate, Cargo, Chest
Crate MedicalCrate, Medicine, Chest
Data Node 3Data, Server, Processor
Earthen Background 1Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Electrical Discharge 3Sabatoge, Electrical, Lightning
Futuristic Armor Chest 1Sci-Fi, Armor, Chestpiece
Futuristic Armor Gauntlets 1Sci-Fi, Armor, Gauntlets
Futuristic Armor Helmet 1Sci-Fi, Armor, Helmet
Futuristic Door MaintenanceSci-Fi, Door, Gate
Futuristic Door Reinforced ClosedSci-Fi, Door, Gate
Futuristic Door Reinforced OpenSci-Fi, Door, Gate
Futuristic Door Reinforced OpeningSci-Fi, Door, Gate
GeneratorGenerator, Power, Machinery
Glass Pipe 1Glass, Pipe, Tunnel
Glass Pipe 2Glass, Pipe, Tunnel
HallwayHallway, Corridor, Hall
Hull 13Hull, Wall, Plating
Identity Verification BlueConsole, Terminal, Security
Identity Verification RedConsole, Terminal, Security
Ladder 1Ladder, Maintenance, Stairs
Ladder 2Ladder, Maintenance, Stairs
Laser Blue 2Laser, Security, Tripwire
Laser Red 2Laser, Security, Tripwire
Launch Pad BlueLanding, Ship, Launch
Launch Pad GreenLanding, Ship, Launch
Launch Pad RedLanding, Ship, Launch
Locker Glass EmptyLocker, Cabinet, Cupboard
Locker Glass Weapons 1Locker, Cabinet, Cupboard
Locker Glass Weapons 2Locker, Cabinet, Cupboard
Locker Glass Weapons 3Locker, Cabinet, Cupboard
Locker Standard 2Locker, Cabinet, Cupboard
PC BluePC, Terminal, Console
PC RedPC, Terminal, Console
Piping 1Pipe, Exhaust, Hose
Planetary Terrain Crater 7Space, Planet, Crater
Planetary Terrain Rocks 1Space, Planet, Rock
Planetary Terrain Rocks 2Space, Planet, Rock
Planetary Terrain Scar 7Space, Planet, Scar
Planetary Terrain Scar 8Space, Planet, Scar
Planetary Terrain Scar 9Space, Planet, Scar
Planetary Tileset 3Space, Planet, Interstellar
Radar MalfunctionRader, Command, Console
Radar NormalRader, Command, Console
Rock Background 1Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Rock Tunnel 2Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Ruins 1Ruins, Shatter, Temple
Ruins 2Ruins, Shatter, Temple
Ruins 3Ruins, Shatter, Temple
Ruins 4Ruins, Shatter, Temple
Safety RailRailing, Handle, Rail
Sci Fi Chair 1Chair, Seat, Decor
Sci Fi PistolSci-Fi, Pistol, Weaponry
Sci Fi Structure 1House, Colony, Building
Sci Fi Table 1Table, Counter, Decor
Sci Fi Vehicle 4Sci-Fi, Vehicle, Rover
Sci Fi Vehicle 5Sci-Fi, Vehicle, Rover
Sci Fi Vehicle 6Sci-Fi, Vehicle, Rover
Security Gate BlueCell, Gate, Prison
Security Gate RedCell, Gate, Prison
Server 2Server, Processor, Computer
Server DamagedServer, Processor, Computer
Ship Lights BlueLight, Emergency, illumination
Ship Lights RedLight, Emergency, illumination
Solar PanelsSolar, Panels, Energy
Solar StationSolar, Panels, Energy
Starship Tileset 22Tile, Hull, Metal
Starship Tileset 8Tile, Hull, Metal
Teleportation Gate BlueTeleport, Transporter, Reactor
Teleportation Gate InactiveTeleport, Transporter, Reactor
Teleportation Gate RedTeleport, Transporter, Reactor
Tephros Mining Outpost Alien OriginTephros Mining Outpost - Alien Origin
Tephros Mining Outpost Alien Origin Pre IncidentTephros Mining Outpost - Alien Origin - Pre-Incident
Tephros Mining Outpost Containment FailureTephros Mining Outpost - Containment Failure
Tephros Mining Outpost Containment Failure Pre IncidentTephros Mining Outpost - Containment Failure - Pre-Incident
Tephros Mining Outpost GarageTephros Mining Outpost - Garage
Tephros Mining Outpost Garage Pre IncidentTephros Mining Outpost - Garage - Pre-Incident
Tephros Mining Outpost Garage EntranceTephros Mining Outpost - Garage Entrance
Tephros Mining Outpost Garage Entrance Pre IncidentTephros Mining Outpost - Garage Entrance - Pre-Incident
Tephros Mining Outpost Mine ShaftTephros Mining Outpost - Mine Shaft
Tephros Mining Outpost Mine Shaft BottomTephros Mining Outpost - Mine Shaft Bottom
Tephros Mining Outpost Mine Shaft Bottom Pre IncidentTephros Mining Outpost - Mine Shaft Bottom - Pre-Incident
Tephros Mining Outpost Mine Shaft Top Pre IncidentTephros Mining Outpost - Mine Shaft Top - Pre-Incident
Tephros Mining Outpost Operations CenterTephros Mining Outpost - Operations Center
Tephros Mining Outpost Operations Center Pre IncidentTephros Mining Outpost - Operations Center - Pre-Incident
Tephros Mining Outpost Staff AreaTephros Mining Outpost - Staff Area
Tephros Mining Outpost Staff Area Pre IncidentTephros Mining Outpost - Staff Area - Pre-Incident
Vehicle Tracks 1Vehicle, Tracks, Trail
Vein Metal 2Ore, Mithral, Metal
View Screen GlassView, Screen, Space