Portal Packs - Token Essentials - Galactic Heroes

by Mythic Portal Games

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Mythic Portal is proud to bring you our sixth offering in our popular series of PC & NPC tokens.

Included are 29 tokens comprised of a variety of both traditional fantasy and alien races that are perfect for a sci-fi or cyberpunk setting. Each token is presented in four different border variants. No matter the adventure you have planned if you're traveling beyond the stars Mythic Portal Games has you covered.

As always our tokens are fully compatible with any of our Building Essentials, Token Essentials, Encounter Essentials, and One Minute Maps series assets

Included Assets (116)

Alien Agent V1Operative, Spy, Sci-Fi
Alien Agent V2Operative, Spy, Sci-Fi
Alien Agent V3Operative, Spy, Sci-Fi
Alien Agent V4Operative, Spy, Sci-Fi
Alien Duelist V1Soldier, Duelist, Sci-Fi
Alien Duelist V2Soldier, Duelist, Sci-Fi
Alien Duelist V3Soldier, Duelist, Sci-Fi
Alien Duelist V4Soldier, Duelist, Sci-Fi
Alien Medic V1Doctor, Medic, Sci-Fi
Alien Medic V2Doctor, Medic, Sci-Fi
Alien Medic V3Doctor, Medic, Sci-Fi
Alien Medic V4Doctor, Medic, Sci-Fi
Alien Mystic V1Mystic, Sorcerer, Sci-Fi
Alien Mystic V2Mystic, Sorcerer, Sci-Fi
Alien Mystic V3Mystic, Sorcerer, Sci-Fi
Alien Mystic V4Mystic, Sorcerer, Sci-Fi
Alien Soldier V1Soldier, Duelist, Sci-Fi
Alien Soldier V2Soldier, Duelist, Sci-Fi
Alien Soldier V3Soldier, Duelist, Sci-Fi
Alien Soldier V4Soldier, Duelist, Sci-Fi
Android Mechanic V1Mechanic, Engineer, Sci-Fi
Android Mechanic V2Mechanic, Engineer, Sci-Fi
Android Mechanic V3Mechanic, Engineer, Sci-Fi
Android Mechanic V4Mechanic, Engineer, Sci-Fi
Android Operative V1Operative, Agent, Sci-Fi
Android Operative V2Operative, Agent, Sci-Fi
Android Operative V3Operative, Agent, Sci-Fi
Android Operative V4Operative, Agent, Sci-Fi
Android Soldier V1Soldier, Bounty Hunter, Sci-Fi
Android Soldier V2Soldier, Bounty Hunter, Sci-Fi
Android Soldier V3Soldier, Bounty Hunter, Sci-Fi
Android Soldier V4Soldier, Bounty Hunter, Sci-Fi
Android Technomancer V1Technomancer, Mystic, Sci-Fi
Android Technomancer V2Technomancer, Mystic, Sci-Fi
Android Technomancer V3Technomancer, Mystic, Sci-Fi
Android Technomancer V4Technomancer, Mystic, Sci-Fi
Cyborg Soldier V1Soldier, Mechanic, Sci-Fi
Cyborg Soldier V2Soldier, Mechanic, Sci-Fi
Cyborg Soldier V3Soldier, Mechanic, Sci-Fi
Cyborg Soldier V4Soldier, Mechanic, Sci-Fi
Dwarven Envoy V1Diplomat, Ambassador, Sci-Fi
Dwarven Envoy V2Diplomat, Ambassador, Sci-Fi
Dwarven Envoy V3Diplomat, Ambassador, Sci-Fi
Dwarven Envoy V4Diplomat, Ambassador, Sci-Fi
Dwarven Mechanic V1Mechanic, Engineer, Sci-Fi
Dwarven Mechanic V2Mechanic, Engineer, Sci-Fi
Dwarven Mechanic V3Mechanic, Engineer, Sci-Fi
Dwarven Mechanic V4Mechanic, Engineer, Sci-Fi
Elven Mystic V1Mystic, Technomancer, Sci-Fi
Elven Mystic V2Mystic, Technomancer, Sci-Fi
Elven Mystic V3Mystic, Technomancer, Sci-Fi
Elven Mystic V4Mystic, Technomancer, Sci-Fi
Elven Technomancer V1Mystic, Technomancer, Sci-Fi
Elven Technomancer V2Mystic, Technomancer, Sci-Fi
Elven Technomancer V3Mystic, Technomancer, Sci-Fi
Elven Technomancer V4Mystic, Technomancer, Sci-Fi
Human Bounty Hunter V1Agent, Operative, Sci-Fi
Human Bounty Hunter V2Agent, Operative, Sci-Fi
Human Bounty Hunter V3Agent, Operative, Sci-Fi
Human Bounty Hunter V4Agent, Operative, Sci-Fi
Human Entertainer V1Entertainer, Dancer, Sci-Fi
Human Entertainer V2Entertainer, Dancer, Sci-Fi
Human Entertainer V3Entertainer, Dancer, Sci-Fi
Human Entertainer V4Entertainer, Dancer, Sci-Fi
Human Medic V1Doctor, Medic, Sci-Fi
Human Medic V2Doctor, Medic, Sci-Fi
Human Medic V3Doctor, Medic, Sci-Fi
Human Medic V4Doctor, Medic, Sci-Fi
Human Soldier V1Soldier, Cyborg, Sci-Fi
Human Soldier V2Soldier, Cyborg, Sci-Fi
Human Soldier V3Soldier, Cyborg, Sci-Fi
Human Soldier V4Soldier, Cyborg, Sci-Fi
Insectoid Bounty Hunter V1Operative, Bounty Hunter, Sci-Fi
Insectoid Bounty Hunter V2Operative, Bounty Hunter, Sci-Fi
Insectoid Bounty Hunter V3Operative, Bounty Hunter, Sci-Fi
Insectoid Bounty Hunter V4Operative, Bounty Hunter, Sci-Fi
Insectoid Mechanic V1Mechanic, Engineer, Sci-Fi
Insectoid Mechanic V2Mechanic, Engineer, Sci-Fi
Insectoid Mechanic V3Mechanic, Engineer, Sci-Fi
Insectoid Mechanic V4Mechanic, Engineer, Sci-Fi
Insectoid Soldier V1Soldier, Envoy, Sci-Fi
Insectoid Soldier V2Soldier, Envoy, Sci-Fi
Insectoid Soldier V3Soldier, Envoy, Sci-Fi
Insectoid Soldier V4Soldier, Envoy, Sci-Fi
Reptilian Bounty Hunter V1Bounty Hunter, Operative, Sci-Fi
Reptilian Bounty Hunter V2Bounty Hunter, Operative, Sci-Fi
Reptilian Bounty Hunter V3Bounty Hunter, Operative, Sci-Fi
Reptilian Bounty Hunter V4Bounty Hunter, Operative, Sci-Fi
Reptilian Duelist V1Soldier;Fighter, Sci-Fi
Reptilian Duelist V2Soldier;Fighter, Sci-Fi
Reptilian Duelist V3Soldier;Fighter, Sci-Fi
Reptilian Duelist V4Soldier;Fighter, Sci-Fi
Reptilian Mechanic V1Mechanic, Engineer, Sci-Fi
Reptilian Mechanic V2Mechanic, Engineer, Sci-Fi
Reptilian Mechanic V3Mechanic, Engineer, Sci-Fi
Reptilian Mechanic V4Mechanic, Engineer, Sci-Fi
Reptilian Mystic V1Mystic, Mage, Sci-Fi
Reptilian Mystic V2Mystic, Mage, Sci-Fi
Reptilian Mystic V3Mystic, Mage, Sci-Fi
Reptilian Mystic V4Mystic, Mage, Sci-Fi
Rodent Bounty Hunter V1Gunner, Smuggler, Sci-Fi
Rodent Bounty Hunter V2Gunner, Smuggler, Sci-Fi
Rodent Bounty Hunter V3Gunner, Smuggler, Sci-Fi
Rodent Bounty Hunter V4Gunner, Smuggler, Sci-Fi
Rodent Mechanic V1Engineer, Technician, Sci-Fi
Rodent Mechanic V2Engineer, Technician, Sci-Fi
Rodent Mechanic V3Engineer, Technician, Sci-Fi
Rodent Mechanic V4Engineer, Technician, Sci-Fi
Rodent Mystic V1Sorcerer, Wizard, Sci-Fi
Rodent Mystic V2Sorcerer, Wizard, Sci-Fi
Rodent Mystic V3Sorcerer, Wizard, Sci-Fi
Rodent Mystic V4Sorcerer, Wizard, Sci-Fi
Rodent Smuggler V1Gunner, Smuggler, Sci-Fi
Rodent Smuggler V2Gunner, Smuggler, Sci-Fi
Rodent Smuggler V3Gunner, Smuggler, Sci-Fi
Rodent Smuggler V4Gunner, Smuggler, Sci-Fi