Portal Packs - Encounter Essentials - The Savage Hordes

by Mythic Portal Games

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We know that running a campaign can be challenging. Thankfully we make planning for encounters easy! That's why our monster tokens are grouped together by level range allowing you to purchase a set of tokens appropriate to your groups level. As your players progress check out our catalog for the next level band.

The Savage Horde contains tokens for common low level opponents including Goblins, Lizardmen, Kobolds. and Gnolls. This pack is most appropriate for GM's running games for players 1-3 (occasionally higher.)

Additionally, we know aesthetics are important. To that end we've included 6 tokens for each race each in two versions. Enjoy!

As always this pack is fully compatible with our Token Essentials, Building Essentials, and One Minute Maps products.

Included Assets (48)

Gnoll BruteGnoll, Brute, Spearman
Gnoll Brute PortraitGnoll, Monster, Encounter
Gnoll ElderGnoll, Elder, Crone
Gnoll Elder PortraitGnoll, Monster, Encounter
Gnoll FighterGnoll, Fighter, Barbarian
Gnoll Fighter PortraitGnoll, Monster, Encounter
Gnoll HuntressGnoll, Archer, Hunter
Gnoll Huntress PortraitGnoll, Monster, Encounter
Gnoll ShamanGnoll, Shaman, Wizard
Gnoll Shaman PortraitGnoll, Monster, Encounter
Gnoll WarriorGnoll, Warrior, Champion
Gnoll Warrior PortraitGnoll, Monster, Encounter
Goblin CrossbowmanGoblin, Crossbowman, Archer
Goblin Crossbowman PortraitGoblin, Monster, Encounter
Goblin KingGoblin, King, Lord
Goblin King PortraitGoblin, Monster, Encounter
Goblin MatronGoblin, Mother, Matron
Goblin Matron PortraitGoblin, Monster, Encounter
Goblin ShamanGoblin, Shaman, Wizard
Goblin Shaman PortraitGoblin, Monster, Encounter
Goblin SpearmanGoblin, Spearman, Warrior
Goblin Spearman PortraitGoblin, Monster, Encounter
Goblin WarriorGoblin, Grunt, Fighter
Goblin Warrior PortraitGoblin, Monster, Encounter
Kobold ArcherKobold, Archer, Rogue
Kobold Archer PortraitKoboldl, Monster, Encounter
Kobold ChampionKobold, Fighter, Champion
Kobold Champion PortraitKobold, Monster, Encounter
Kobold FlingerKobold, Grunt, Grunt
Kobold Flinger PortraitKobold, Monster, Encounter
Kobold ShamanKobold, Shaman, Wizard
Kobold Shaman PortraitKobold, Monster, Encounter
Kobold SorcererKobold, Sorcerer, Mage
Kobold Sorcerer PortraitKobold, Monster, Encounter
Kobold SpearmanKobold, Spearman, Warrior
Kobold Spearman PortraitKobold, Monster, Encounter
Lizardman BerserkerLizardman, Brute, Berserker
Lizardman Berserker PortraitLizardman, Monster, Encounter
Lizardman EggsLizardman, Eggs, Hatchling
Lizardman Eggs PortraitLizardman, Monster, Encounter
Lizardman FighterLizardman, Champion, Fighter
Lizardman Fighter PortraitLizardman, Monster, Encounter
Lizardman HunterLizardman, Archer, Hunter
Lizardman Hunter PortraitLizardman, Monster, Encounter
Lizardman ShamanLizardman, Shaman, Chieftan
Lizardman Shaman PortraitLizardman, Monster, Encounter
Lizardman SpearmanLizardman, Spearman, Warrior
Lizardman Spearman PortraitLizardman, Monster, Encounter