Portal Packs - Building Essentials - Starships & Spacestations

by Mythic Portal Games

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Mythic Portal is proud to present Starships & Spacestations. The 13th entry in our ongoing and popular Building Essentials series.

With nearly 200 premium assets this pack contains everything you need to create interior Starship & Spacestation environments


  • New Tiles for metal flooring and paneling
  • Consoles
  • Terminals
  • PC's
  • Servers
  • Transporters
  • Lasers
  • Ladders
  • Exhaust Piping
  • Sci-Fi Doors
  • Reactor Core
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Sci-Fi Tables / Chairs
  • Cots / Beds
  • Crates
  • Futuristic Armor
  • Lockers - (Standard / Weapons)
  • Launch Pads
  • And Much More!

As always this pack is fully compatible with our other Building Essentials, One Minute Maps, and Token Essentials Products.

Note: For best experience many of the individual pieces in this pack should be used and placed with the grid off. This is located in the map settings.

Included Assets (193)

Bed Military CotCot, Bed, Barracks
Bed Military Cot 2Bed, Cot, Barracks
Bed Military Cot 3Cot, Bed, Stretcher
Bed Military MadeBarracks, Cot, Bed
Bed Military MessyBed, Barracks, Cot
Captains Chair Black 1Chair, Decor, Seat
Captains Chair Black 2Seat, Decor, Chair
Captains Chair Brown 1Chair, Decor, Seat
Captains Chair Brown 2Seat, Chair, Decor
Captains Chair Purple 1Chair, Decor, Seat
Captains Chair Purple 2Decor, Seat, Chair
CatwalkHallway, Catwalk, Suspension
Catwalk 2Suspension, Catwalk, Hallway
Command Console ActiveTerminal, Console, Command
Command Console AlertTerminal, Console, Command
Command Console InactiveTerminal, Command, Console
Crate CargoCrate, Chest, Cargo
Crate Cargo 2Cargo, Crate, Chest
Crate MedicalCrate, Chest, Medicine
Data Node 1Data, Processor, Server
Data Node 2Processor, Server, Data
Data Node 3Server, Processor, Data
Electrical Discharge 1Electrical, Sabatoge, Lightning
Electrical Discharge 2Electrical, Lightning, Sabatoge
Electrical Discharge 3Sabatoge, Lightning, Electrical
Futuristic Armor Chest 1Sci-Fi, Armor, Chestpiece
Futuristic Armor Chest 2Sci-Fi, Chestpiece, Armor
Futuristic Armor Chest 3Sci-Fi, Chestpiece, Armor
Futuristic Armor Gauntlets 1Sci-Fi, Armor, Gauntlets
Futuristic Armor Gauntlets 2Armor, Gauntlets, Sci-Fi
Futuristic Armor Helmet 1Sci-Fi, Helmet, Armor
Futuristic Armor Helmet 2Helmet, Sci-Fi, Armor
Futuristic Armor Helmet 3Sci-Fi, Armor, Helmet
Futuristic DoorGate, Sci-Fi, Door
Futuristic Door BlueDoor, Sci-Fi, Gate
Futuristic Door GreenDoor, Gate, Sci-Fi
Futuristic Door MaintenanceDoor, Sci-Fi, Gate
Futuristic Door Maintenance BlueSci-Fi, Gate, Door
Futuristic Door Maintenance GreenGate, Sci-Fi, Door
Futuristic Door Maintenance RedDoor, Sci-Fi, Gate
Futuristic Door RedDoor, Sci-Fi, Gate
Futuristic Door Reinforced ClosedGate, Sci-Fi, Door
Futuristic Door Reinforced OpenGate, Sci-Fi, Door
Futuristic Door Reinforced OpeningSci-Fi, Gate, Door
Gas CanisterGrenade, Canister, Gas
Gas Canister 2Grenade, Gas, Canister
GrenadeExplosives, Incendiary, Grenade
Grenade 2Grenade, Explosives, Incendiary
HallwayHallway, Hall, Corridor
Hallway 1Corridor, Hallway, Hall
Hallway 2Hallway, Corridor, Hall
Hull 1Hull, Wall, Plating
Hull 1 0Hull, Wall, Plating
Hull 1 1Plating, Wall, Hull
Hull 1 2Plating, Wall, Hull
Hull 13Hull, Plating, Wall
Hull 2Hull, Wall, Plating
Hull 3Plating, Hull, Wall
Hull 4Hull, Plating, Wall
Hull 5Wall, Hull, Plating
Hull 6Wall, Hull, Plating
Hull 7Wall, Plating, Hull
Hull 8Wall, Plating, Hull
Hull 9Plating, Hull, Wall
Hull Light 1Wall, Hull, Plating
Hull Light 1 0Wall, Hull, Plating
Hull Light 1 1Plating, Wall, Hull
Hull Light 1 2Wall, Plating, Hull
Hull Light 1 3Plating, Hull, Wall
Hull Light 1 4Hull, Wall, Plating
Hull Light 1 5Hull, Plating, Wall
Hull Light 1 6Plating, Wall, Hull
Hull Light 2Hull, Wall, Plating
Hull Light 3Hull, Wall, Plating
Hull Light 4Hull, Wall, Plating
Hull Light 5Wall, Plating, Hull
Hull Light 6Plating, Hull, Wall
Hull Light 7Wall, Hull, Plating
Hull Light 8Wall, Hull, Plating
Hull Light 9Hull, Plating, Wall
Identity Verification BlueSecurity, Console, Terminal
Identity Verification GreenTerminal, Security, Console
Identity Verification RedSecurity, Console, Terminal
Interstellar Tileset 1Interstellar, Stars, Space
Interstellar Tileset 2Space, Stars, Interstellar
Ladder 1Ladder, Maintenance, Stairs
Ladder 2Stairs, Ladder, Maintenance
Laser Blue 1Tripwire, Laser, Security
Laser Blue 2Tripwire, Laser, Security
Laser Blue 3Laser, Security, Tripwire
Laser Green 1Laser, Tripwire, Security
Laser Green 2Security, Tripwire, Laser
Laser Green 3Security, Laser, Tripwire
Laser Red 1Tripwire, Laser, Security
Laser Red 2Tripwire, Laser, Security
Laser Red 3Security, Tripwire, Laser
Launch PadLanding, Ship, Launch
Launch Pad BlueLanding, Launch, Ship
Launch Pad GreenLaunch, Ship, Landing
Launch Pad RedShip, Landing, Launch
Locker Glass EmptyCabinet, Cupboard, Locker
Locker Glass Weapons 1Cupboard, Cabinet, Locker
Locker Glass Weapons 2Locker, Cabinet, Cupboard
Locker Glass Weapons 2Cupboard, Cabinet, Locker
Locker Glass Weapons 3Cupboard, Cabinet, Locker
Locker StandardCupboard, Locker, Cabinet
Locker Standard 2Locker, Cupboard, Cabinet
PC BlueConsole, PC, Terminal
P C Blue 2PC, Console, Terminal
P C GreenPC, Console, Terminal
PC RedTerminal, Console, PC
P C StandardTerminal, PC, Console
Piping 1Hose, Exhaust, Pipe
Piping 2Hose, Pipe, Exhaust
Piping 3Hose, Exhaust, Pipe
Piping 4Pipe, Hose, Exhaust
Piping 5Pipe, Exhaust, Hose
Planetary Terrain Crater 2Planet, Space, Crater
Planetary Terrain Crater 3Crater, Planet, Space
Planetary Tileset 1Interstellar, Space, Planet
Planetary Tileset 2Interstellar, Space, Planet
Radar MalfunctionCommand, Rader, Console
Radar NormalCommand, Console, Rader
Radar Normal 2Console, Rader, Command
Reactor RodsRod, Reactor, Core
Safety RailRailing, Rail, Handle
Satellite Dish 1Communications, Satellite, Dish
Satellite Dish 2Communications, Satellite, Dish
Satellite Dish 3Dish, Satellite, Communications
Satellite Dish 4Communications, Satellite, Dish
Sci Fi Chair 1Decor, Chair, Seat
Sci Fi Chair 2Decor, Chair, Seat
Sci Fi PistolSci-Fi, Pistol, Weaponry
Sci Fi RifleSci-Fi, Weaponry, Rifle
Sci Fi Table 1Table, Counter, Decor
Sci Fi Table 2Counter, Decor, Table
ScrewMaintenance, Rivet, Screw
Security Gate BlueGate, Cell, Prison
Security Gate Blue 2Prison, Gate, Cell
Security Gate GreenPrison, Cell, Gate
Security Gate Green 2Cell, Gate, Prison
Security Gate RedCell, Prison, Gate
Security Gate Red 2Gate, Cell, Prison
Server 1Processor, Server, Computer
Server 2Processor, Server, Computer
Server DamagedComputer, Processor, Server
Server DestroyedProcessor, Server, Computer
Server InactiveServer, Computer, Processor
Ship Lights Blueillumination, Light, Emergency
Ship Lights Greenillumination, Emergency, Light
Ship Lights Redillumination, Light, Emergency
Spaceship 1Spaceship, Transport, Ship
Spaceship 2Spaceship, Transport, Ship
Spaceship 3Spaceship, Transport, Ship
Stairs 1Rise, Stairs, Stairway
Stairs 2Rise, Stairway, Stairs
Stairs 3Rise, Stairs, Stairway
Stairs 4Stairway, Rise, Stairs
Starship Tileset 1Hull, Tile, Metal
Starship Tileset 1 0Tile, Hull, Metal
Starship Tileset 1 1Tile, Hull, Metal
Starship Tileset 1 2Hull, Metal, Tile
Starship Tileset 1 3Hull, Tile, Metal
Starship Tileset 1 4Tile, Hull, Metal
Starship Tileset 1 5Hull, Metal, Tile
Starship Tileset 1 6Metal, Tile, Hull
Starship Tileset 2Tile, Hull, Metal
Starship Tileset 2 0Hull, Tile, Metal
Starship Tileset 2 1Tile, Metal, Hull
Starship Tileset 22Tile, Hull, Metal
Starship Tileset 2 3Metal, Hull, Tile
Starship Tileset 2 4Tile, Hull, Metal
Starship Tileset 2 5Metal, Tile, Hull
Starship Tileset 2 6Tile, Hull, Metal
Starship Tileset 2 7Tile, Hull, Metal
Starship Tileset 2 8Metal, Tile, Hull
Starship Tileset 2 9Hull, Metal, Tile
Starship Tileset 3Hull, Metal, Tile
Starship Tileset 4Metal, Hull, Tile
Starship Tileset 5Tile, Metal, Hull
Starship Tileset 6Hull, Metal, Tile
Starship Tileset 7Tile, Hull, Metal
Starship Tileset 8Tile, Hull, Metal
Starship Tileset 9Tile, Metal, Hull
Teleportation Gate BlueReactor, Teleport, Transporter
Teleportation Gate GreenTeleport, Reactor, Transporter
Teleportation Gate InactiveTeleport, Reactor, Transporter
Teleportation Gate RedTeleport, Transporter, Reactor
Terminal 1Terminal, PC, Console
Terminal 2PC, Terminal, Console
View Screen GlassSpace, Screen, View
View Screen MainDisplay, Screen, Viewscreen
View Screen SpaceSpace, Screen, View