Portal Packs - One Minute Maps - Medusa Station

by Mythic Portal Games

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Located on the fringes of charted space The Medusa Station is our last light in the vast darkness. Less than 24 hours ago the station went silent and is no longer responding to hails. What trouble has befallen its crew is up to you!

Medusa Station contains 8 fully furnished maps carefully built with our popular Building Essentials Series assets. We've even included all the assets we used to make the map so you can expand of the station at your leisure.

This pack is ideal for any GM looking to take his or her party on a thrilling sci-fi or cyberpunk adventure. Be it for a one shot or an extended campaign.

As always Medusa Station is compatible with all our other Building Essentials, One Minute Maps, and Token Essentials Products!

Note: For best experience many of the individual pieces in this pack should be used and placed with the grid off. This is located in the map settings.

Included Assets (71)

Bed Military Cot 3Bed, Stretcher, Cot
Captains Chair Black 1Chair, Seat, Decor
Captains Chair Black 2Chair, Seat, Decor
CatwalkCatwalk, Hallway, Suspension
Command Console ActiveCommand, Console, Terminal
Crate CargoCrate, Cargo, Chest
Crate MedicalCrate, Medicine, Chest
Data Node 3Data, Server, Processor
Futuristic Armor Chest 1Sci-Fi, Armor, Chestpiece
Futuristic Armor Gauntlets 1Sci-Fi, Armor, Gauntlets
Futuristic Armor Helmet 1Sci-Fi, Armor, Helmet
Futuristic Door BlueSci-Fi, Door, Gate
Futuristic Door MaintenanceSci-Fi, Door, Gate
Futuristic Door Maintenance RedSci-Fi, Door, Gate
Futuristic Door Reinforced OpenSci-Fi, Door, Gate
Gas CanisterGrenade, Gas, Canister
Grenade 2Grenade, Explosives, Incendiary
Hallway 2Hallway, Corridor, Hall
Hull 13Hull, Wall, Plating
Hull 6Hull, Wall, Plating
Identity Verification BlueConsole, Terminal, Security
Identity Verification RedConsole, Terminal, Security
Interstellar Tileset 2Space, Stars, Interstellar
Ladder 1Ladder, Maintenance, Stairs
Laser Blue 1Laser, Security, Tripwire
Laser Blue 2Laser, Security, Tripwire
Laser Green 1Laser, Security, Tripwire
Laser Green 2Laser, Security, Tripwire
Launch Pad BlueLanding, Ship, Launch
Launch Pad GreenLanding, Ship, Launch
Launch Pad RedLanding, Ship, Launch
Locker Glass Weapons 1Locker, Cabinet, Cupboard
Locker Glass Weapons 2Locker, Cabinet, Cupboard
Locker Glass Weapons 3Locker, Cabinet, Cupboard
Locker Standard 2Locker, Cabinet, Cupboard
Medusa Station A I CoreMedusa Station - AI Core
Medusa Station ArmoryMedusa Station - Armory
Medusa Station BrigMedusa Station - Brig
Medusa Station Cargo BayMedusa Station - Cargo Bay
Medusa Station Command CenterMedusa Station - Command Center
Medusa Station Landing PadMedusa Station - Landing Pad
Medusa Station Main ReactorMedusa Station - Main Reactor
Medusa Station Medical BayMedusa Station - Medical Bay
P C Blue 2PC, Terminal, Console
P C GreenPC, Terminal, Console
PC RedPC, Terminal, Console
Piping 2Pipe, Exhaust, Hose
Piping 3Pipe, Exhaust, Hose
Radar Normal 2Rader, Command, Console
Safety RailRailing, Handle, Rail
Sci Fi PistolSci-Fi, Pistol, Weaponry
Sci Fi RifleSci-Fi, Rifle, Weaponry
Sci Fi Table 1Table, Counter, Decor
Security Gate BlueCell, Gate, Prison
Server 1Server, Processor, Computer
Server 2Server, Processor, Computer
Ship Lights BlueLight, Emergency, illumination
Ship Lights GreenLight, Emergency, illumination
Ship Lights RedLight, Emergency, illumination
Spaceship 3Spaceship, Ship, Transport
Stairs 3Stairs, Stairway, Rise
Starship Tileset 2 3Tile, Hull, Metal
Starship Tileset 2 4Tile, Hull, Metal
Starship Tileset 2 7Tile, Hull, Metal
Starship Tileset 4Tile, Hull, Metal
Starship Tileset 6Tile, Hull, Metal
Starship Tileset 7Tile, Hull, Metal
Teleportation Gate BlueTeleport, Transporter, Reactor
Terminal 2PC, Terminal, Console
Uncontrolled Portal BluePortal, Whirlpool, Magic
View Screen MainViewscreen, Screen, Display