Portal Packs - One Minute Maps - Tel'Dar Academy

by Mythic Portal Games

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Locklands famous Tel'Dar academy was founded with one simple mission. To train the cities wayward youth into the heroes of tomorrow. With advanced programs in warfare, magical studies, and scouting the students of the Tel'Dar Academy are educated in a wide variety of skills. Skills that one day will make them into some of the most skilled men and women in the world.

Tel'Dar Academy features 9 beautiful maps crafted from our popular Building Essentials Series assets. Perfect for the GM who needs to run a session, one off, or campaign within academy walls.

Additionally, we've included all the building essentials assets we used to make the maps so you can expand the academy grounds at your leisure.

As always this pack is fully compatible with all of our Building Essentials, One Minute Maps, and Token Essentials products.

Included Assets (153)

Arcane ItemsAlchemy, Arcane, Potion
Armchairbrownchair, furniture, decor
Armor Breastplate 4Armor, Breastplate, Plate
Armor Stand 2Display, Armor, Forge
Bar 1 2Bar, Tavern, Inn
Bay Window StoneWindow, Stone, Furnishings
Bear Rug 1Rug, furniture, decor
Bear Rug 2Rug, furniture, decor
Bench 1Bench, furniture, decor
Bench 3Bench, furniture, decor
Blue Bed Single MadeBed, Furniture, Decor
Blue Bed Single MessyBed, Furniture, Decor
Blue Carpet Design End ShadowBlue, Carpet, Decor
Blue Carpet Design Main ShadowBlue, Carpet, Decor
Blue PentagramPentagram, Magic, decor
Blue Rug 2Rug, furniture, decor
Bookcase Longbookcase, furniture, decor
Bookcase Round 2Bookcase, Round, Library
Bookcase Round 4Bookcase, Round, Library
Bookcase Smallbookcase, furniture, decor
Bush 2Bush, Shrub, Forest
Candles LitCandles, Furniture, Decor
Carpet Green ShadowCarpet, Tile, Green
Carpet Green Shadow 3Carpet, Tile, Green
Chest 2Chest, Storage, Treasure
City BackgroundCity, Pavement, Street
Cliff 1Cliff, Rise, Ambush
Cliff 3Cliff, Rise, Ambush
Cobble 2Cobblestone, Road, Wear
Crate 1Crate, Goods, Warehouse
Crate 6Crate, Goods, Warehouse
Cyan Carpet Design 1 End ShadowCyan, Carpet, Decor
Cyan Carpet Main 1 End ShadowCyan, Carpet, Decor
Dark Green BushBush, Summer, Shrubbery
Dark Green Bush 1Bush, Summer, Shrubbery (2)
Dark Green Bush 2Bush, Summer, Shrubbery
Dark Green Bush 3Bush, Summer, Shrubbery
Desk 2Desk, Work, Storage
DirtDirt, Road, Mud
Dirt Road 2Dirt, Road, Mud
Door Double BarredDoor, Barred, Furnishings
Door SingleDoor, Furnishings
Dwarven Statue 6Statue, Dwarf, Monument
Dwarven Statue 7Statue, Dwarf, Monument
Dwarven Statue 8Statue, Dwarf, Monument
EvergreenTree, Evergreen, Summer
Evergreen 2Tree, Evergreen, Summer
Familiar Cat 2Familiar, Cat, Wizard
Familiar OwlFamiliar, Owl, Wizard
Flag 1 3Flag, Seal, Heraldry
Flag 1 4Flag, Seal, Heraldry
Flag 8Flag, Seal, Heraldry
Fountain 3Fountain, Water, Decor
GrassForest, Grass, woods
Green Bed Single MadeBed, Furniture, Decor
Green Bed Single MessyBed, Furniture, Decor
Hero Academy Academic WingSchool, Academy, Map
Hero Academy ClassroomClassroom, Academy, Map
Hero Academy Dormitory HallwayCorridor, Academy, Map
Hero Academy Feast HallFeast, Academy, Map
Hero Academy Fighter DormitoryDormitory, Barracks, Map
Hero Academy LibraryLibrary, Academy, Map
Hero Academy Mage DormitoryDormitory, Academy, Map
Hero Academy Ranger DormitoryDormitory, Tower, Map
Hero Academy Training RoomSparring, Arena, Map
Interior Wall 3 8Wall, Round, Decor
Lake 7Water, Lake, Forest
Loose Book 1Book, Library, Decor
Loose Book 2Book, Library, Decor
Loose Book 3Book, Library, Decor
Loose Book 4Book, Library, Decor
Loose Book 5Book, Library, Decor
Loose ParchmentEnvelope, Parchment, Decor
Loose Parchment 1 0Scroll, Parchment, Decor
Loose Parchment 2Envelope, Parchment, Decor
Loose Parchment 3Scroll, Parchment, Decor
Loose Parchment 4Envelope, Parchment, Decor
Loose Parchment 5Sheet, Parchment, Decor
Loose Parchment 6Sheet, Parchment, Decor
Loose Parchment 7Sheet, Parchment, Decor
Loose Parchment 8Sheet, Parchment, Decor
Loose Parchment 9Envelope, Parchment, Decor
Magical Energy Blue 2Magic, Energy, Arc
Magical Energy Purple 2Magic, Energy, Arc
Mushroom 4Mushroom, Fungus, Forest
Orb 1Ball, Orb, Arcane
Pillar Massive 2Pillar, Dwarven, Stone
Pony 4Pony, Ponies, Mule
Potion 2Potion, Alchemy, Alchemist
Potted Plant 1 0Pot, Plant, Decorative
PylonPylon, Ritual, Magic
Pylon BluePylon, Ritual, Magic
Pylon PurplePylon, Ritual, Magic
Red Bed Single MadeBed, Furniture, Decor
Red Bed Single MessyBed, Furniture, Decor
Red Carpet Design 1 End ShadowRed, Carpet, Decor
Red Carpet Design 1 Main ShadowRed, Carpet, Decor
Rounded Windows Bay 2 7Rounded, Windows, Bay
Rounded Windows Double 2Rounded, Windows, Double
Rug Blue Round 1Rug, Blue, Round
Rug Red Round 1Rug, Red, Round
ScarecrowScarecrow, Field, Farm
Scroll Case 4Sheet, Parchment, Decor
Shelves Straight 1Shelf, Straight, Storage
Shelves Straight 4Shelf, Straight, Storage
Shelves Straight 5Shelf, Straight, Storage
Spiral Wood Stone StaircaseStairs, Wood, Furnishings
Stable 1Stable, Building, Village
Stack Books 1Book, Library, Decor
Stack Books 2Book, Library, Decor
Stair ShadowStair, Shadow, Temple
Stone 1Stone, Rocks, Wilderness
Stone 1 2Stone, Rocks, Wilderness
Stone 1 3Stone, Rocks, Wilderness
Stone 1 4Stone, Rocks, Wilderness
Stone 1 5Stone, Rocks, Wilderness
Stone Bench 5Bench, Dwarven, Stone
Stone Hearth LitFireplace, Hearth, Furniture
Stone Light 1Sewer, Stone, Tile
Stone Light 2Sewer, Stone, Tile
Stone Light 3Sewer, Stone, Tile
Stone Light CornerSewer, Stone, Tile
Stone Light Wall 2Sewer, Stone, Tile
Stone Outer Piece 3Dial, Circles, Puzzle
Stone Table 4Table, Dwarven, Stone
Stone Throne 2Stone, Throne, Temple
Stone WallStone, Wall, Tile
Straight Window DoubleWindow, Furnishings
Straight Window SingleWindow, Furnishings
Summoning Circle BlueSummoning, Runes, Magic
TableTable, Furniture, Decor
Table 2Table, Furniture, Decor
Tower Doors 6Tower, Door, Single
Tower Doors 9Tower, Door, Double
Trapdoor 2Trapdoor, Secret, Passage
Tree 3Tree, Trunk, Forest
Tree 4Tree, Trunk, Forest
Uncontrolled Portal BluePortal, Whirlpool, Magic
Uncontrolled Portal PurplePortal, Whirlpool, Magic
WagonWagon, Uncovered, Carts
Weapon 1Weapon, Axe, Weapon
Weapon 1 4Weapon, Sword, Weapon
Weapon 1 7Weapon, Bow, Weapon
Weapon 4Weapon, Polearm, Weapon
Weapon 7Weapon, Dagger, Weapon
Weapon Rack 3Blacksmith, Smith, Forge
Weapon Rack 4Blacksmith, Smith, Forge
Weapon Rack 5Blacksmith, Smith, Forge
Weapon Rack 7Blacksmith, Smith, Forge
Wine RackWine, Rack, Full
armchair 2chair, furniture, decor
armchair 3chair, furniture, decor
keg 2Barrel, Keg, Decor