Portal Packs - One Minute Maps - Halls of the Underforge

by Mythic Portal Games

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Deep beneath the Northern Mountains lies the Underforge.

No one knows what happened to the once great Dwarven Kingdoms inhabitants. Some say it was the Goblin masses felled the kingdom. Others that the dwarves tapped an ancient powerful magic beyond their understanding and were punished for their hubris.

All that is known for sure is that magic, treasure, and mysteries await those who venture in the deep places. What rewards and dangers will your players find below?

Halls of the Underforge Features 9 Beautifully Maps crafted from our popular Building Essentials Series assets. Perfect for the GM who needs to run a session, one off, or campaign in a Dwarven Stronghold

As always this pack is fully compatible with all of our Building Essentials, One Minute Maps, and Token Essentials products.

PS - For internal walls we highly recommend placing them without the grid

Included Assets (140)

Anvil 2Anvil, Blacksmith, Forge
Arena 2Arena, Colosseum, Games
Armor Gauntlets 1Armor, Gauntlets, Plate
Armor Shield 1Armor, Shield, Plate
BellowsBellows, Blacksmith, Forge
Big HoleTunnel, Cave, Hole
Blacksmiths HammerHammer, Blacksmith, Forge
Blood 1Blood, Gore, Splatter
Blood 1Blood, Gore, Death
Blood 2Blood, Gore, Death
Blue Carpet Design Main ShadowBlue, Carpet, Decor
BonesTomb, Catacombs, Bones
Bones 1 0Tomb, Catacombs, Bones
Bones 1 1Tomb, Catacombs, Bones
Bones 1 4Tomb, Catacombs, Bones
Bones 2Tomb, Catacombs, Bones
Bones 3Tomb, Catacombs, Bones
Bones 4Tomb, Catacombs, Bones
Bones 5Tomb, Catacombs, Bones
Bones 6Tomb, Catacombs, Bones
Bones 7Tomb, Catacombs, Bones
Bones 8Tomb, Catacombs, Bones
Bones 9Tomb, Catacombs, Bones
Brazier On 2Brazier, Fire, Coal
Building Dwarven 1House, Building, Village
Building Dwarven 1 0House, Building, Village
Building Dwarven 2House, Building, Village
Building Dwarven 3House, Building, Village
Building Dwarven 4House, Building, Village
Building Dwarven 5House, Building, Village
Building Dwarven 6House, Building, Village
Building Dwarven 7Palace, Building, Village
Building Dwarven 9House, Building, Village
Carpet Dark Orange 2 No Shadow 4Carpet, Tile, Orange
Cart 1Tunnel, Cart, Mine
Cart 2Tunnel, Cart, Mine
Cliff 1Cliff, Rise, Ambush
Cliff 2Cliff, Rise, Ambush
Cliff 3Cliff, Rise, Ambush
Cliff 4Cliff, Rise, Ambush
Collapse 4Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Demon RuneHand, Rune, Temple
Dwarven Statue 1Statue, Dwarf, Monument
Dwarven Statue 2Statue, Dwarf, Monument
Dwarven Statue 7Statue, Dwarf, Monument
Dwarven Statue 9Statue, Dwarf, Monument
Elemental Prison FirePrison, Fire, Elemental
Fire Pit BurningFirePit, Camp, Fire
Flag 8Flag, Seal, Heraldry
Forge 6Anvil, Blacksmith, Forge
Fountain 2Fountain, Water, Decor
Fountain 3Fountain, Water, Decor
Goblin Shack 1Goblin, Shack, Hovel
Goblin Shack 2Goblin, Shack, Hovel
Goblin Shack 3Goblin, Shack, Hovel
Goblin Shack 4Goblin, Shack, Hovel
Goblin Shack 5Goblin, Shack, Hovel
Goblin Totem 1Goblin, Totem, Warning
Goblin Totem 2Goblin, Totem, Warning
Goblin Totem 3Goblin, Totem, Warning
Goblin Totem 4Goblin, Totem, Warning
Goblin Totem 5Goblin, Totem, Warning
Goblin Totem 6Goblin, Totem, Warning
Lava 1Lava, Magma, Molten
Lava 2Lava, Magma, Molten
Lava 3Lava, Magma, Molten
Lava 5Lava, Magma, Molten
Lava 7Lava, Magma, Molten
Lava TileLava, Magma, Tile
Metal Bar 3Ore, Metal, Silver
Metal Bars 3Ore, Metal, Silver
Moss 1Moss, Plant, Forest
Moss 2Moss, Plant, Forest
Moss 3Moss, Plant, Forest
Moss 4Moss, Plant, Forest
Moss 5Moss, Plant, Forest
Ornate Stone Wall 1Wall, Stone, Rock
Ornate Stone Wall 3Wall, Stone, Rock
PickaxePickaxe, Mine, Tools
Pillar Broken 1Pillar, Dwarven, Stone
Pillar Massive 1Pillar, Dwarven, Stone
Rails 1 0Train, Mine, Tracks
Rails 5Train, Mine, Tracks
Rails 6Train, Mine, Tracks
Rails 7Train, Mine, Tracks
Rails 8Train, Mine, Tracks
Rails 9Train, Mine, Tracks
Red Carpet Design 1 Main ShadowRed, Carpet, Decor
Rock Room 2Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Rock Tunnel 6Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Rock Tunnel 7Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Rocks In Water 12Rocks, Hazard, Coast
Rocks In Water 4Rocks, Hazard, Coast
Rough Stone Wall 9Wall, Stone, Rock
Rubble 1Rubble, Stone, Wreckage
Rubble 1 1Rubble, Stone, Wreckage
Rubble 3Rubble, Stone, Wreckage
Rubble 5Rubble, Stone, Wreckage
Rubble 7Rubble, Stone, Wreckage
Rubble 9Rubble, Stone, Wreckage
Rug Blue Round 1Rug, Blue, Round
Rune 1Sigil, Rune, Temple
Rune 2Sigil, Rune, Temple
Rune 3Sigil, Rune, Temple
Rune 4Sigil, Rune, Temple
Rune 5Sigil, Rune, Temple
Rune 6Sigil, Rune, Temple
Rune 7Sigil, Rune, Temple
Rune 8Sigil, Rune, Temple
Sacrificial PitBlood, Sacrifice, Pit
Stalagmites 1Tunnel, Cave, Stalagmite
Stalagmites 2Tunnel, Cave, Stalagmite
Stalagmites 3Tunnel, Cave, Stalagmite
Stone Seal 1Seal, Dial, Stone
Stone Seal 5Seal, Crest, Stone
Stone Table 5Table, Dwarven, Stone
Stone Tile 1Stone, Floor, Tile
Stone Tile 2Stone, Floor, Tile
Summoning Circle BlackSummoning, Runes, Magic
Tent 1Tent, Camp, Outdoors
Tent 3Tent, Camp, Outdoors
Treasure Chest 2Treasure, Chest, Gold
Underforge ArenaArena, Colosseum, Map
Underforge Goblin WarrenGoblin, Warren, Map
Underforge Golden Touch MinesMine, Gold, Map
Underforge Hallof HeroesMonument, Memorial, Map
Underforge Pathof KingsGate, Path, Map
Underforge Seatof The High KingPalace, Lord, Map
Underforge The Fallen GateRuin, Bridge, Map
Underforge The UnderforgeForge, Blacksmith, Map
Underforge Town RuinsTown, Ruin, Mao
Vein Gold 1Ore, Gold, Metal
Vein Gold 2Ore, Gold, Metal
Vein Gold 3Ore, Gold, Metal
Vein Metal 2Ore, Mithral, Metal
Water CalmWater, River, Lake
Weapon 1Weapon, Axe, Weapon
Weapon 1 4Weapon, Sword, Weapon
Weapon 5Weapon, Polearm, Weapon
Weapon Rack 3Blacksmith, Smith, Forge