Portal Packs - One Minute Maps - Kingdom of Estaria

by Mythic Portal Games

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High in the heavens the Kingdom Of Estaria casts a lonely shadow on the world it left behind.

Long ago, faced with the kingdoms total destruction the mages of ancient Estaria bound an elemental lord of air to their will. Chaining the primal's great power to the crystals located throughout the kingdom Estaria broke from the world below and rose to the heavens.

Today, trouble stirs in the isolated kingdom as the primal struggles against its bindings.

What mysteries await are up to you!

Kingdom of Estaria contains 8 fully furnished maps ready for use. Additionally, to reflect the beauty of this kingdom of the heavens we have included variants for most maps to reflect the city at dawn, day, dusk, and night.

All of our maps are carefully built with our popular Building Essentials assets and are fully compatible with all our other products. We've even included the ones we used to build these maps so you can add to the kingdom at your leisure.


Included Assets (84)

Boat 1Boat, Ship, Transport
BridgeBridge, Suspension, Crossing
Building 1House, Building, Village
Building 1 1House, Building, Village
Building 2House, Building, Village
Building 3House, Building, Village
Building 4House, Building, Village
Building 7House, Building, Village
Building ChurchCathedral, Church, City
Cliff 1Cliff, Rise, Ambush
Cliff 2Cliff, Rise, Ambush
Cliff 3Cliff, Rise, Ambush
Cliff 4Cliff, Rise, Ambush
Cobble 2Cobblestone, Road, Wear
Crystal 1Frozen, Crystal, Ice
Crystal 2Frozen, Crystal, Ice
Crystal 3Frozen, Crystal, Ice
Crystal 4Frozen, Crystal, Ice
Crystal 5Frozen, Crystal, Ice
Crystal 6Frozen, Crystal, Ice
Crystal AltarAltar, Crystal, Ice
Crystal HallwayHallway, Crystal, Ice
Crystal PedestalPedestal, Crystal, Ice
Crystal PillarPillar, Crystal, Ice
Crystal StatueStatue, Crystal, Ice
Crystal TileTile, Crystal, Ice
Crystal WallWall, Crystal, Ice
Crystal Wall 2Wall, Crystal, Ice
Crystal Wall 3Wall, Crystal, Ice
Dark Green BushBush, Summer, Shrubbery
Dark Green Bush 1Bush, Summer, Shrubbery (2)
Dark Green Bush 2Bush, Summer, Shrubbery
Dark Green Bush 3Bush, Summer, Shrubbery
DeerDeer, Animal, Wildlife
Docks Dark 1 4Dock, Pier, Port
Docks Dark 13Dock, Pier, Port
Elemental Prison AirPrison, Air, Elemental
Estaria ApproachSky, Island, Map
Estaria Approach DawnSky, Island, Map
Estaria Approach DuskSky, Island, Map
Estaria Approach NightSky, Island, Map
Estaria Crystal LakeLake, Crystal, Map
Estaria Lands EdgeTown, City, Map
Estaria Lands Edge DawnTown, City, Map
Estaria Lands Edge DuskTown, City, Map
Estaria Lands Edge NightTown, City, Map
Estaria SkydocksDocks, Port, Map
Estaria Skydocks DawnDocks, Port, Map
Estaria Skydocks DuskDocks, Port, Map
Estaria Skydocks NightDocks, Port, Map
Estaria Town SquareTown, City, Map
Estaria Windbinders PathShrine, Temple, Map
Estaria Windbinders Path DawnShrine, Temple, Map
Estaria Windbinders Path DuskShrine, Temple, Map
Estaria Windbinders Path NightShrine, Temple, Map
Estaria Windbinders ShrineShrine, Temple, Map
Estaria Winds HeartTornado, Cyclone, Map
Estaria Winds Heart DawnTornado, Cyclone, Map
Estaria Winds Heart DuskTornado, Cyclone, Map
Estaria Winds Heart NightTornado, Cyclone, Map
Grass TileGrass, Tile, Outdoors
Lake 6Water, Lake, Forest
Ledge 1 0Ledge, Cliff, Ridge
Ledge 8Ledge, Cliff, Ridge
Ledge 9Ledge, Cliff, Ridge
Merchant Stall 1Merchant, Market, Stall
Merchant Stall 2Merchant, Market, Stall
Merchant Stall 3Merchant, Market, Stall
Merchant Stall 4Merchant, Market, Stall
Merchant Stall 5Merchant, Market, Stall
Merchant Stall 6Merchant, Market, Stall
Ritual Stones 8Ritual, Stone, Rock
Sky Tile 1 0Sky, Weather, Clouds
Sky Tile 1 1Sky, Weather, Clouds
Sky Tile 1 2Sky, Weather, Clouds
Sky Tile 2Sky, Weather, Clouds
Stair ShadowStair, Shadow, Temple
Stone 1Stone, Rocks, Wilderness
Stone 1 0Stone, Rocks, Wilderness
Stone 1 5Stone, Rocks, Wilderness
Summoning Circle WhiteSummoning, Runes, Magic
Tree 3Tree, Trunk, Forest
Tree 4Tree, Trunk, Forest
Uncontrolled Portal WhitePortal, Whirlpool, Magic