Portal Packs - One Minute Maps - The Sacred Grove

by Mythic Portal Games

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The Sacred Grove was once home to a benevolent being known only as the Lord of The Forest. Little is known about the Lord or the circumstance surrounding his death. What legends do remain say that centuries ago he gave up his life and essence to protect our world from a terrible darkness.

Today this sacred place is the charge of the Druids of the White Birch.

Yet not all is well in the grove. Corruption has begun to seep into the wood like a disease. Sickness spreads through every root and bough. The druids suspect this to be the work of a Warlock who has recently taken up residence in the forest seeking its greatest secret.

For hidden somewhere within the wood is an ancient temple. The resting place of the legendary Font of Rebirth. A vessel that once full will herald the return of the Lord of the Forest.

Yet, if the power of such a vessel could be turned to darkness it may well sound the worlds doom instead.

What secrets lay in the Grove and its sudden corruption is up to you!

Mythic Portal is proud to present 6 fully furnished maps ready for immediate play along with several variants to tailor the experience to your liking. Each map is built using our popular Building Essentials series products.

Additionally, to ensure you have everything you need to expand your campaign we've included every piece we used to make these maps AND 3 tokens from our Token Essentials Series that are thematically appropriate for the grove.

As always One Minute Maps is fully compatible with all of our Building Essentials, One Minute Maps, and Token Essentials Products!

Included Assets (109)

armchair 2chair, decor, furniture
Bear Rug 1Rug, furniture, decor
Blood 1Ring, Gore, Blood
Bookcase Round 2Bookcase, Library, Round
Branches 2Forest, Branch, Tree
Branches 4Branch, Forest, Tree
Branches 8Branch, Forest, Tree
Cauldron EmptyPotion, Witch, Cauldron
Cliff 3Ambush, Rise, Cliff
Dark Green BushBush, Shrubbery, Summer
Dark Green Bush 1Shrubbery (2), Summer, Bush
Dark Green Bush 2Summer, Shrubbery, Bush
Dark Green Bush 3Bush, Shrubbery, Summer
DirtDirt, Road, Mud
Dirt 2Dirt, Mud, Road
Dirt 4Road, Mud, Dirt
Dirt Circle 2Dirt, Road, Mud
Dirt Road 2Mud, Road, Dirt
Elven Shrine 3Temple, Shrine, Elven
F Human Druidv 4Warden, Druid, Beastmaster
GrassGrass, woods, Forest
Grass TileGrass, Outdoors, Tile
Grass Tile 3Outdoors, Grass, Tile
Green Bed Single MadeDecor, Furniture, Bed
keg 2Barrel, Keg, Decor
Ledge 1 0Ledge, Cliff, Ridge
Ledge 8Cliff, Ledge, Ridge
Ledge 9Ledge, Ridge, Cliff
Massive Tree 4Trunk, Tree, Forest
Massive Truck 2Forest, Trunk, Tree
M Dwarf Druidv 2Beastmaster, Ranger, Druid
MushroomMushroom, Forest, Fungus
Mushroom 1 2Fungus, Mushroom, Forest
Mushroom 1 3Forest, Fungus, Mushroom
Mushroom 1 7Fungus, Forest, Mushroom
Mushroom 1 8Mushroom, Forest, Fungus
Mushroom 1 9Forest, Mushroom, Fungus
Mushroom 2Forest, Fungus, Mushroom
Mushroom 2 0Forest, Mushroom, Fungus
Mushroom 2 1Mushroom, Forest, Fungus
Mushroom 2 3Fungus, Mushroom, Forest
Mushroom 4Forest, Fungus, Mushroom
Mushroom 5Fungus, Forest, Mushroom
Rectangle TableTable, Decor, Furniture
Red Pentagramdecor, Magic, Pentagram
Ritual StaffRitual, Staff, Elven
Ritual Stones 1Rock, Stone, Ritual
Ritual Stones 6Ritual, Rock, Stone
Ritual Stones 7Stone, Rock, Ritual
Rock Addon 1Tunnel, Mine, Cave
Rock Addon 2Mine, Tunnel, Cave
Rock Addon 3Mine, Tunnel, Cave
Rock Tunnel 1Mine, Cave, Tunnel
Rock Wall 1Cave, Mine, Tunnel
Rock Wall 2Mine, Cave, Tunnel
Rock Wall 3Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Rock Wall 4Cave, Mine, Tunnel
Ruins 1Ruins, Temple, Shatter
Ruins 2Temple, Ruins, Shatter
Ruins 3Temple, Shatter, Ruins
Ruins 4Ruins, Temple, Shatter
Rune 1Rune, Temple, Sigil
Rune 2Temple, Sigil, Rune
Rune 3Sigil, Rune, Temple
Rune 4Sigil, Rune, Temple
Rune 5Sigil, Rune, Temple
Rune 6Rune, Sigil, Temple
Rune 7Rune, Temple, Sigil
Rune 8Sigil, Temple, Rune
Sacred Grove Corruptions SourceCorruption, Grove, Map
Sacred Grove Corruptions Source FogCorruption, Map, Grove
Sacred Grove Corruptions Source RainGrove, Map, Corruption
Sacred Grove Druids CircleForest, Grove, Map
Sacred Grove Druids Circle FogGrove, Map, Forest
Sacred Grove Druids Circle RainGrove, Forest, Map
Sacred Grove Enclave Of The White BirchEnclave, Map, Forest
Sacred Grove Enclave Of The White Birch FogForest, Map, Enclave
Sacred Grove Fontof Rebirth DeathForest, Temple, Map
Sacred Grove Fontof Rebirth LifeForest, Map, Temple
Sacred Grove Heartofthe WoodsWood, Map, Forest
Sacred Grove Heartofthe Woods FogWood, Forest, Map
Sacred Grove Heartofthe Woods RainMap, Wood, Forest
Sacred Grove Path To The FontForest, Map, Wood
Sacred Grove Path To The Font FogMap, Wood, Forest
Sacred Grove Path To The Font RainWood, Forest, Map
Stair ShadowShadow, Temple, Stair
Stone 1Wilderness, Stone, Rocks
Stone 1 2Wilderness, Rocks, Stone
Stone 1 3Rocks, Stone, Wilderness
Stone 1 5Rocks, Stone, Wilderness
Stone Center Piece 6Dial, Puzzle, Circles
Stone Dial 1Dial, Puzzle, Circles
Stone Hearth LitFireplace, Furniture, Hearth
Stone Light HallTile, Sewer, Stone
Stone Mid Piece 4Dial, Circles, Puzzle
Stone Outer Piece 1Dial, Puzzle, Circles
Stone Outer Piece 3Dial, Circles, Puzzle
Stove 2Furniture, Decor, Stove
Tables Round 4Table, Storage, Round
Tree 1Trunk, Forest, Tree
Tree 2Forest, Tree, Trunk
Tree 3Tree, Trunk, Forest
Tree 4Trunk, Forest, Tree
Tree DarkSummer, Green, Tree
Uncontrolled Portal GreenPortal, Whirlpool, Magic
Uncontrolled Portal RedPortal, Whirlpool, Magic
Well Full Green BucketWell, Water, Decor
White Marble Tile InteriorTile, Marble, Temple
Wood Elf F A 1Elf, PC, NPC