Portal Packs - Token Essentials - Horde Mode - Set 1

by Mythic Portal Games

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We know that running a campaign can be challenging. Thankfully we make planning for encounters easy! That's why our monster tokens are grouped together by level range allowing you to purchase a set of tokens appropriate to your groups level. As your players progress check out our catalog for the next level band.

Horde Mode - Set 1 contains tokens for common low level opponents including Orcs, Kuo-Toa, Troglodytes, and Hobgoblins. This pack is most appropriate for GM's running games for players 1-3 (occasionally higher.)

Additionally, we know aesthetics are important. To that end we've included 6 tokens for each race each in two versions. Enjoy!

As always this pack is fully compatible with our Token Essentials, Building Essentials, and One Minute Maps products.

Included Assets (48)

Hobgoblin ArcherHobgoblin, Archer, Bowman
Hobgoblin Archer PortraitHobgoblin, Archer, Bowman
Hobgoblin FighterHobgoblin, Fighter, Warrior
Hobgoblin Fighter PortraitHobgoblin, Fighter, Warrior
Hobgoblin RogueHobgoblin, Fighter, Rogue
Hobgoblin Rogue PortraitHobgoblin, Fighter, Rogue
Hobgoblin ShamanHobgoblin, Shaman, Druid
Hobgoblin Shaman PortraitHobgoblin, Shaman, Druid
Hobgoblin SlavemasterHobgoblin, Slaver, Slavemaster
Hobgoblin Slavemaster PortraitHobgoblin, Slaver, Slavemaster
Hobgoblin SwordsmanHobgoblin, Fighter, Warrior
Hobgoblin Swordsman PortraitHobgoblin, Fighter, Warrior
Kuo Toa GuardKuo-Toa, Fighter, Warrior
Kuo Toa Guard PortraitKuo-Toa, Fighter, Warrior
Kuo Toa MageKuo-Toa, Mage, Wizard
Kuo Toa Mage PortraitKuo-Toa, Mage, Wizard
Kuo Toa RaiderKuo-Toa, Fighter, Raider
Kuo Toa Raider PortraitKuo-Toa, Fighter, Raider
Kuo Toa ShamanKuo-Toa, Shaman, Mage
Kuo Toa Shaman PortraitKuo-Toa, Shaman, Mage
Kuo Toa SpearmanKuo-Toa, Fighter, Spearman
Kuo Toa Spearman PortraitKuo-Toa, Fighter, Spearman
Kuo Toa WarriorKuo-Toa, Fighter, Warrior
Kuo Toa Warrior PortraitKuo-Toa, Fighter, Warrior
Orc AxemanOrc, Fighter, Warrior
Orc Axeman PortraitOrc, Fighter, Warrior
Orc BowmanOrc, Archer, Bowman
Orc Bowman PortraitOrc, Archer, Bowman
Orc MotherOrc, Mother, Children
Orc Mother PortraitOrc, Mother, Children
Orc ShamanOrc, Shaman, Elder
Orc Shaman PortraitOrc, Shaman, Elder
Orc SpearmanOrc, Fighter, Warrior
Orc Spearman PortraitOrc, Fighter, Warrior
Orc WardrummerOrc, Bard, Drummer
Orc Wardrummer PortraitOrc, Bard, Drummer
Troglodyte BowmanTroglodyte, Archer, Hunter
Troglodyte Bowman PortraitTroglodyte, Archer, Hunter
Troglodyte BruteTroglodyte, Fighter, Brute
Troglodyte Brute PortraitTroglodyte, Fighter, Brute
Troglodyte HunterTroglodyte, Hunter, Tracker
Troglodyte Hunter PortraitTroglodyte, Hunter, Tracker
Troglodyte ShamanTroglodyte, Shaman, Druid
Troglodyte Shaman PortraitTroglodyte, Shaman, Druid
Troglodyte SpearmanTroglodyte, Fighter, Warrior
Troglodyte Spearman PortraitTroglodyte, Fighter, Warrior
Troglodyte VillagerTroglodyte, Villager, Civilian
Troglodyte Villager PortraitTroglodyte, Villager, Civilian