Portal Packs - One Minute Maps - The Tower of Eristraz

by Mythic Portal Games

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Welcome to the Tower of Eristraz!

Once the stronghold of the powerful and enigmatic Wizard Eristraz. With his passing his tower and its mysteries are open for adventurers and fools alike.

Perhaps most exciting feature of this map pack is that Tower of Eristraz includes many pieces intended for use as interactive puzzle pieces! Spinning dials, push blocks, reflecting mirrors, wall traps, switches and much more. All you need to do is place the items as tokens instead of map elements and give token access to a player in the group. Suddenly they can experiment with spinning the various dials, moving push blocks on to switches, etc.

To this end we have prepared 3 versions of most maps.

Built from the ground up for you using premium assets from our Building Essentials series. The Tower of Eristraz contains 8 fully furnished maps that make up the towers many floors. These maps contain all the puzzle pieces as static map items and cannot be adjusted. Great for the GM that has a minimum amount of time for preparation.

Additionally we have prepared several of the maps dressed with everything except the puzzle pieces. That way you can look at the furnished map and pull the individual puzzle / trap pieces onto the map. This will allow the puzzles to be interactive for your players when configured as tokens.

Lastly for the GM who just needs a place to start we have included 8 unfurnished maps as part of this set along with ALL of the pieces we used to construct our furnished maps.

Feel free to mix and match to your desire to make something entirely custom in half the time.

As always all of our packs are fully compatible with our Building Essentials AND One Minute Maps offerings.

Included Assets (281)

Altar DarkSacrifice, Altar, Gods
armchair 2furniture, decor, chair
armchair 3chair, decor, furniture
Armchair 5furniture, decor, chair
Bear Rug 1Rug, decor, furniture
Bear Rug 2decor, Rug, furniture
Black Marble Tile 3Tile, Marble, Temple
Black Marble Tile Interior 2Marble, Tile, Temple
Blood 1Blood, Death, Gore
Blood 1Blood, Splatter, Gore
Blood 2Death, Gore, Blood
Blue Bed Single MadeBed, Furniture, Decor
Blue Carpet Design End ShadowBlue, Carpet, Decor
Blue Carpet Design Main ShadowDecor, Carpet, Blue
Blue PentagramPentagram, decor, Magic
Bookcase Longfurniture, decor, bookcase
Bookcase Round 1Library, Round, Bookcase
Bookcase Round 2Round, Library, Bookcase
Bookcase Round 3Round, Bookcase, Library
Brazier On 3Fire, Brazier, Coal
Carpet Blue ShadowBlue, Tile, Carpet
Carpet Blue Shadow 3Blue, Carpet, Tile
Carpet Blue Shining ShadowCarpet, Blue, Tile
Carpet Blue Shining Shadow 3Blue, Carpet, Tile
Carpet Dark Green ShadowCarpet, Tile, Green
Carpet Dark Green Shadow 3Carpet, Green, Tile
Chandelier LitCandles, Chandelier, Decor
Checkered Green Bed MadeDecor, Bed, Furniture
Chest 1Treasure, Chest, Storage
Column Runes 2Runes, Column, Magic
Crystal Switch Floor OffTrap, Switch, Puzzle
Crystal Switch Floor Off 2Switch, Puzzle, Trap
Crystal Switch Floor Off 3Switch, Trap, Puzzle
Crystal Switch Wall OnSwitch, Trap, Puzzle
Crystal Switch Wall On 2Switch, Trap, Puzzle
Crystal Switch Wall On 3Trap, Switch, Puzzle
Demon RuneTemple, Hand, Rune
Desk 2Work, Desk, Storage
Desk 5Desk, Storage, Work
DirtMud, Road, Dirt
Domainof Celestial BodiesFurnished, Map, Tower
Domainof Celestial BodiesHalf-Furnished, Tower, Map
Domainof Celestial BodiesMap, Tower, Unfurnished
Domainof DeathMap, Tower, Half-Furnished
Domainof DeathTower, Map, Unfurnished
Domainof DeathMap, Tower, Furnished
Domainof IceFurnished, Tower, Map
Domainof IceHalf-Furnished, Map, Tower
Domainof IceUnfurnished, Tower, Map
Domainof LightMap, Tower, Furnished
Domainof LightMap, Tower, Unfurnished
Domainof LightHalf-Furnished, Tower, Map
Domainof Seasons EndMap, Tower, Furnished
Domainof Seasons EndUnfurnished, Map, Tower
Domainof The HandMap, Tower, Furnished
Domainof The HandMap, Tower, Unfurnished
Domainof The TideFurnished, Tower, Map
Domainof The TideMap, Unfurnished, Tower
Door Single BarredFurnishings, Barred, Door
Dragon Fountain WhiteFountain, Decor, Temple
Elemental Prison IceIce, Elemental, Prison
Familiar 1Familiar, Sumoner, Mage
Familiar 2Sumoner, Mage, Familiar
Familiar 3Familiar, Mage, Sumoner
Familiar 4Mage, Sumoner, Familiar
Familiar CatFamiliar, Wizard, Cat
Familiar Cat 2Cat, Familiar, Wizard
Familiar LizardLizard, Wizard, Familiar
Familiar OwlWizard, Familiar, Owl
Glowing Hand Rune 1Hand, Puzzle, Rune
Gold Dial 1Circles, Dial, Puzzle
Grass TileGrass, Outdoors, Tile
Grayfencelong 1gray fence long 1
Green Bed Single MadeBed, Decor, Furniture
Hand RuneRune, Hand, Temple
Hay 1Bale, Hail, Stable
Horse BlackBlack, Horse, Stable
Horse GreyGrey, Stable, Horse
Horse Hitching RailDecor, Hitching, Horse
Horse PalominoPalomino, Stable, Horse
Lava Blue 2 1Lava, Blue, Volcano
Lava Blue 2 4Lava, Volcano, Blue
Letter Switch A MPuzzle, Letter, Switch
Letter Switch A Raised 1Puzzle, Letter, Switch
Letter Switch B Raised 1Puzzle, Letter, Switch
Letter Switch C Raised 1Puzzle, Letter, Switch
Letter Switch D Raised 1Switch, Puzzle, Letter
Letter Switch E Raised 1Puzzle, Letter, Switch
Letter Switch F Raised 1Letter, Switch, Puzzle
Letter Switch G Raised 1Letter, Puzzle, Switch
Letter Switch H Raised 1Letter, Switch, Puzzle
Letter Switch I Raised 1Switch, Puzzle, Letter
Letter Switch J Raised 1Letter, Puzzle, Switch
Letter Switch K Raised 1Letter, Puzzle, Switch
Letter Switch L Raised 1Puzzle, Letter, Switch
Letter Switch N Raised 1Puzzle, Letter, Switch
Letter Switch O Raised 1Switch, Letter, Puzzle
Letter Switch P Raised 1Puzzle, Letter, Switch
Letter Switch Q Raised 1Letter, Puzzle, Switch
Letter Switch R Raised 1Letter, Switch, Puzzle
Letter Switch S Raised 1Puzzle, Switch, Letter
Letter Switch T Raised 1Switch, Puzzle, Letter
Letter Switch U Raised 1Puzzle, Letter, Switch
Letter Switch V Raised 1Puzzle, Letter, Switch
Letter Switch W Raised 1Switch, Letter, Puzzle
Letter Switch X Raised 1Switch, Letter, Puzzle
Letter Switch Y Raised 1Puzzle, Switch, Letter
Letter Switch Z Raised 1Letter, Switch, Puzzle
Loose Book 1Decor, Book, Library
Loose Book 2Library, Book, Decor
Loose Book 3Book, Library, Decor
Pillar Ice 5Temple, Ice, Pillar
Poison Trap On 4Poison, Trap, Puzzle
Potion 1Alchemist, Alchemy, Potion
Potion 1 0Alchemist, Alchemy, Potion
Potion 2Alchemist, Potion, Alchemy
Potion 3Alchemy, Alchemist, Potion
Potion 4Alchemy, Alchemist, Potion
Potion 5Alchemy, Alchemist, Potion
Potion 6Alchemist, Alchemy, Potion
Potion 7Alchemist, Potion, Alchemy
Potion 8Potion, Alchemy, Alchemist
Potion 9Potion, Alchemist, Alchemy
Prismatic BridgeBridge, Prismatic, Puzzle
Puzzle Block Hand 1Puzzle, Trap, Block
Puzzle Block Hand 2Trap, Puzzle, Block
Puzzle Block Hand 3Trap, Puzzle, Block
Puzzle Block Hand 4Trap, Puzzle, Block
Puzzle Gong 2Trap, Gong, Puzzle
Pylon BlueMagic, Pylon, Ritual
Reception HallUnfurnished, Map, Tower
Reception HallTower, Map, Furnished
Red Carpet Design 1 End ShadowRed, Carpet, Decor
Red Carpet Design 1 Main ShadowDecor, Carpet, Red
Red Marble Tile 2Temple, Tile, Marble
Red Pentagramdecor, Pentagram, Magic
Red Rug 1decor, Rug, furniture
Red Rug 2Rug, decor, furniture
Reflecting Light 1Light, Magic, Puzzle
Reflecting Light 6Light, Puzzle, Magic
Reflecting Mirror 1Mirror, Reflecting, Puzzle
Reflecting Mirror 1 0Puzzle, Mirror, Reflecting
Reflecting Mirror 1 1Reflecting, Puzzle, Mirror
Reflecting Mirror 1 2Reflecting, Mirror, Puzzle
Reflecting Mirror 1 3Puzzle, Reflecting, Mirror
Reflecting Mirror 2Mirror, Reflecting, Puzzle
Reflecting Mirror 3Puzzle, Reflecting, Mirror
Reflecting Mirror 4Puzzle, Mirror, Reflecting
Reflecting Mirror 5Mirror, Reflecting, Puzzle
Reflecting Mirror 6Puzzle, Mirror, Reflecting
Reflecting Mirror 7Mirror, Reflecting, Puzzle
Reflecting Mirror 8Reflecting, Mirror, Puzzle
Reflecting Mirror 9Mirror, Puzzle, Reflecting
Reflecting Mirror FloorPuzzle, Mirror, Reflecting
River 7Stream, River, Water
Rounded Black Marble 1 3Tile, Black, Round
Rounded Black Marble 1 4Round, Tile, Black
Rounded Black Marble 2 0Black, Tile, Round
Rounded Crypt 4Crypt, Round, Tile
Rounded Crypt 5Crypt, Tile, Round
Rounded Frozen Marble 5Frozen, Round, Tile
Rounded Frozen Marble 6Round, Tile, Frozen
Rounded Frozen Marble 8Tile, Round, Frozen
Rounded Stone 1 1Stone, Round, Tile
Rounded Stone 1 2Tile, Round, Stone
Rounded Stone 7Stone, Round, Tile
Rounded Stone 8Stone, Tile, Round
Rounded White Marble 1 6Tile, White, Round
Rounded White Marble 1 7White, Tile, Round
Rounded White Marble 2 1Tile, Round, White
Rounded White Marble 8Tile, Round, White
Rounded Windows Bay 1Rounded, Bay, Windows
Rounded Windows Bay 1 9Windows, Bay, Rounded
Rounded Windows Bay 3 9Rounded, Windows, Bay
Rounded Windows Bay 4 8Bay, Windows, Rounded
Rounded Windows Bay 5 0Windows, Bay, Rounded
Rounded Windows Double 2Windows, Double, Rounded
Rounded Wood 1 1Tile, Round, Wood
Rug Blue Round 1Blue, Round, Rug
Rug Red Round 1Round, Rug, Red
Rune 1Sigil, Temple, Rune
Rune 2Rune, Temple, Sigil
Rune 3Sigil, Rune, Temple
Rune 4Temple, Sigil, Rune
Rune 5Sigil, Temple, Rune
Rune 6Rune, Sigil, Temple
Rune 7Rune, Temple, Sigil
Rune 8Sigil, Temple, Rune
Rune FlowerFlower, Rune, Wpring
Rune Leaf 2Leaf, Rune, Autumn
Rune SnowflakeWinter, Snowflake, Rune
Rune VaseVase, Summer, Rune
Rune Wheel Sun 2Sun, Seal, Rune
Scrying Pool 1Magic, Scrying, Pool
Shelves Round 1Round, shelf, Storage
Sky Tile 1Sky, Clouds, Weather
Sky Tile 1 0Sky, Weather, Clouds
Sky Tile 1 1Weather, Clouds, Sky
Sky Tile 1 2Clouds, Sky, Weather
Sky Tile 2Sky, Clouds, Weather
Sky Tile 3Weather, Sky, Clouds
Sky Tile 4Clouds, Sky, Weather
Sky Tile 5Clouds, Weather, Sky
Sky Tile 6Clouds, Weather, Sky
Sky Tile 7Sky, Weather, Clouds
Sky Tile 8Weather, Clouds, Sky
Sky Tile 9Weather, Sky, Clouds
Stable 1Village, Stable, Building
Stack Books 1Library, Decor, Book
Stack Books 2Decor, Book, Library
Statue Demon 3Temple, Demon, Statue
Statue GuardianStatue, Guardian, Temple
Stone Center Piece 6Dial, Circles, Puzzle
Stone Dial 2Dial, Circles, Puzzle
Stone Hearth LitHearth, Fireplace, Furniture
Stone Mid Piece 3Dial, Circles, Puzzle
Stone Outer Piece 3Dial, Puzzle, Circles
Summoning Circle BlueSummoning, Magic, Runes
Sun RuneSun, Temple, Rune
Swinging Blade Trap 1Puzzle, Trap, Blade
Swinging Blade Trap 2Trap, Blade, Puzzle
Swinging Blade Trap 3Blade, Trap, Puzzle
Swinging Blade Trap 4Blade, Puzzle, Trap
Swinging Blade Trap 5Trap, Blade, Puzzle
Swinging Blade Trap 6Blade, Puzzle, Trap
TableFurniture, Table, Decor
Table 2Decor, Table, Furniture
Tapestry 1 5Tapestry, Furniture, Decor
Tapestry 1 6Tapestry, Furniture, Decor
Tapestry 2 1Decor, Furniture, Tapestry
Tapestry 2 6Furniture, Tapestry, Decor
Tapestry 7Furniture, Tapestry, Decor
Teleporter Cyan 1Teleporter, Puzzle, Magic
Teleporter Cyan 2Teleporter, Puzzle, Magic
Teleporter GoldMagic, Puzzle, Teleporter
Teleporter Magenta 1Teleporter, Puzzle, Magic
Teleporter Magenta 2Teleporter, Puzzle, Magic
Teleporter SilverPuzzle, Teleporter, Magic
Teleporter Yellow 1Puzzle, Magic, Teleporter
Teleporter Yellow 2Magic, Teleporter, Puzzle
Tower Doors 1 4Tower, Double, Door
Treasure 1Treasure, Gold, Silver
Treasure 1 0Silver, Treasure, Gold
Treasure 1 1Silver, Gold, Treasure
Treasure 1 3Treasure, Gold, Silver
Treasure 1 4Gold, Silver, Treasure
Treasure 1 5Gold, Silver, Treasure
Treasure 1 7Treasure, Gold, Silver
Treasure 1 8Silver, Gold, Treasure
Treasure 1 9Silver, Gold, Treasure
Treasure 2Treasure, Gold, Silver
Treasure 2 0Silver, Gold, Treasure
Treasure 2 1Gold, Treasure, Silver
Treasure 2 2Treasure, Gold, Silver
Treasure 2 3Treasure, Silver, Gold
Treasure 2 4Treasure, Gold, Silver
Treasure 2 5Treasure, Gold, Silver
Treasure 2 6Silver, Gold, Treasure
Treasure 3Treasure, Gold, Silver
Treasure 4Silver, Treasure, Gold
Treasure 5Silver, Treasure, Gold
Treasure 6Treasure, Silver, Gold
Treasure 7Gold, Silver, Treasure
Treasure 8Silver, Gold, Treasure
Treasure 9Silver, Treasure, Gold
Treasure HordeTreasure Horde
Treasure Horde UnfurnishedTreasure Horde Unfurnished
Tree DarkTree, Green, Summer
Uncontrolled Portal RedPortal, Magic, Whirlpool
Uncontrolled Portal WhiteMagic, Whirlpool, Portal
Wagon 1Carts, Wagon, Covered
Wall Trap 1Puzzle, Wall, Trap
Wall Trap 2Puzzle, Wall, Trap
Watering Trough FullTrough, Horse, Decor
Well Full Green BucketWater, Decor, Well
White Carpet Design End ShadowWhite, Decor, Carpet
White Carpet Design Main ShadowWhite, Decor, Carpet
White Marble Tile 2Temple, Marble, Tile
White Switch DepressedColor, Switch, Puzzle
White Switch RaisedPuzzle, Switch, Color
Wine RackRack, Full, Wine