Portal Packs - One Minute Maps - Temple of Serene Waters

by Mythic Portal Games

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While Mythic Portal is known for our premier modular asset packs we know that sometimes a GM just needs something quick and easy. Enter our "One Minute Maps" series.

Thus we are proud to present the Temple of Serene Waters!

Temple of Serene Waters contains 10 gorgeous maps that make of up a fully lived in temple dedicated to the Goddess of the River. Built from the ground up using our Building Essential Series assets you are guaranteed not only beautiful environments but full compatibility with the rest of our Building Essentials Products.

Additionally for the GM who just needs a place to start we have included 10 unfurnished maps as part of this set along with ALL of the pieces we used to construct our furnished maps.

Feel free to mix and match to your desire to make something entirely custom in half the time.

Included Assets (152)

Altar ClothAltar, Water, Temple
Armchairchair, furniture, decor
BarsBars, Jail, Prison
Bay Window StoneWindow, Stone, Furnishings
Bench 1Bench, furniture, decor
Bench 2Bench, furniture, decor
Blue Bed Single MadeBed, Furniture, Decor
Blue Rug 1Rug, furniture, decor
Blue Rug 2Rug, furniture, decor
Bookcase Longbookcase, furniture, decor
Bookcase Smallbookcase, furniture, decor
Brass Candles Lit 2Candles, Furniture, Decor
Brazier On 2Brazier, Fire, Coal
Bridge 1Bridge, Full, Crossing
Building 4House, Building, Village
CandlesCandles, Furniture, Decor
Candles LitCandles, Furniture, Decor
Cliff 1Cliff, Rise, Ambush
Cobble 2Cobblestone, Road, Wear
Cyan Carpet Basic End ShadowCyan, Carpet, Decor
Cyan Carpet Basic Main Shadowcyan, Carpet, Decor
Cyan Carpet Design 1 End ShadowCyan, Carpet, Decor
Cyan Carpet Design 2 End ShadowCyan, Carpet, Decor
Cyan Carpet Design 2 Main ShadowCyan, Carpet, Decor
Cyan Carpet Design 2 Stair ShadowCyan, Carpet, Stairs
Cyan Carpet Main 1 End ShadowCyan, Carpet, Decor
Dark Green BushBush, Summer, Shrubbery
Dark Green Bush 1Bush, Summer, Shrubbery (2)
Dark Green Bush 2Bush, Summer, Shrubbery
Dark Green Bush 3Bush, Summer, Shrubbery
Dining AreaDining, Temple, Map
Dining Area UnfurnishedDining, Temple, Map
Dirt Road 2Dirt, Road, Mud
Door DoubleDoor, Furnishings
Door Double BarredDoor, Barred, Furnishings
Door Double OpenDoor, Open, Furnishings
Door SingleDoor, Furnishings
Dragon Fountain WhiteFountain, Temple, Decor
Fountain WhiteFountain, Temple, Decor
GardenGarden, Temple, Map
Garden UnfurnishedGarden, Temple, Map
Gold Chandelier LitChandelier, Candles, Decor
Hidden ShrineShrine, Temple, Map
Hidden Shrine UnfurnishedShrine, Temple, Map
Horse BlackHorse, Black, Stable
Horse Hitching RailHorse, Hitching, Decor
Keg 3Barrel, Keg, Decor
LadderLadder, Furniture, Decor
Ladder 2Ladder, Furniture, Decor
Library AreaLibrary, Temple, Map
Library Area UnfurnishedLibrary, Temple, Map
Library Second FloorLibrary, Temple, Map
Library Second Floor UnfurnishedLibrary, Temple, Map
Light Aura 1Light, Holy, Aura
Main HallHall, Temple, Map
Main Hall UnfurnishedHall, Temple, Map
Oblong TableTable, Furniture, Decor
PenitentiaryPenitentiary, Temple, Map
Penitentiary UnfurnishedPenitentiary, Temple, Map
Pew DarkPew, Seating, Temple
Pond 1River, Water, Pond
Pond 2River, Water, Pond
PortcullisPortcullis, Furnishings
Pot 2pot2
Priests QuartersPriests, Temple, Map
Priests Quarters UnfurnishedPriests, Temple, Map
Pylon BluePylon, Ritual, Magic
Rectangle TableTable, Furniture, Decor
Round TableTable, Furniture, Decor
Rune CircleSeal, Goddess, Seal
Rune VaseRune, Vase, Summer
Rune Wheel HolyHoly, Seal, Rune
Scrying Pool 1Scrying, Pool, Magic
Scrying Pool 3Scrying, Pool, Magic
Serene AltarAltar, Water, Temple
Serene No SealSeal, Goddess, Water
Serene No Seal 2Seal, Goddess, Water
Serene No Seal 3Seal, Goddess, Water
Serene No Seal 4Seal, Goddess, Water
Serene RingSeal, Goddess, Water
Serene Ring 2Seal, Goddess, Water
Serene Ring 3Seal, Goddess, Water
Serene Ring 4Seal, Goddess, Water
Serene SealSeal, Goddess, Water
Serene Seal 2Seal, Goddess, Water
Serene Seal 3Seal, Goddess, Water
Serene Seal 4Seal, Goddess, Water
Serene Seal 5Seal, Goddess, Water
Small ChapelChapel, Temple, Map
Small Chapel UnfurnishedChapel, Temple, Map
Sparring RoomArena, Temple, Map
Sparring Room UnfurnishedArena, Temple, Map
Spiral Stone Wood StaircaseStairs, Stone, Furnishings
Stair ShadowStair, Shadow, Temple
Statue GoddessGoddess, Statue, Temple
Statue Goddess 2Goddess, Statue, Temple
Statue Goddess 3Goddess, Statue, Temple
Statue Goddess 4Goddess, Statue, Temple
Statue Goddess 5Goddess, Statue, Temple
Statue Goddess 6Goddess, Statue, Temple
Statue Goddess 7Goddess, Statue, Temple
Statue Goddess 8Goddess, Statue, Temple
Statue GuardianGuardian, Statue, Temple
Statue Guardian 2Guardian, Statue, Temple
Stone 1Stone, Rocks, Wilderness
Stone 1 5Stone, Rocks, Wilderness
Stone CornerStone, Wall, NewEngland
Stone Dias 1Stone, Dias, Temple
Stone Dias 2Stone, Dias, Temple
Stone Hearth LitFireplace, Hearth, Furniture
Stone Wall 1Stone, Wall, NewEngland
Stone Wall 2Stone, Wall, NewEngland
Stone Wall 3Stone, Wall, NewEngland
StoolStool, Furniture, Decor
StoveStove, Furniture, Decor
Stove 2Stove, Furniture, Decor
Stove 3Stove, Furniture, Decor
Straight Stone Single StaircaseStairs, Stone, Furnishings
Straight Window DoubleWindow, Furnishings
Straight Window SingleWindow, Furnishings
Stream 2River, Water, Stream
Summoning Circle WhiteSummoning, Runes, Magic
TableTable, Furniture, Decor
Tapestry 1Tapestry, Furniture, Decor
Tapestry 2Tapestry, Furniture, Decor
Tapestry 3Tapestry, Furniture, Decor
Tapestry 4Tapestry, Furniture, Decor
Tapestry 5Tapestry, Furniture, Decor
Tapestry 6Tapestry, Furniture, Decor
Tapestry 7Tapestry, Furniture, Decor
TrapdoorTrapdoor, Secret, Passage
Trapdoor 3Trapdoor, Secret, Passage
TreeTree, Green, Summer
Tree 2Tree, Green, Summer
Tree 3 ShadowTree, Green, Summer
Tree DarkTree, Green, Summer
Wagon 1Wagon, Covered, Carts
Watering Trough FullTrough, Horse, Decor
Well Full Green BucketWell, Water, Decor
White Marble Tile 1Marble, Tile, Temple
White Marble Tile 2Marble, Tile, Temple
White Marble Tile InteriorMarble, Tile, Temple
White Pillar 4Pillar, Temple, Decor
White Tile Corner Exterior 1Marble, Tile, Temple
White Tile Side Exterior 1Marble, Tile, Temple
White WallWhite, Wall, Interior
White Wall Corner 2Wall, Corner, Temple
Whitethrone 2whitethrone2
armchair 3chair, furniture, decor
kegBarrel, Keg, Decor
keg 2Barrel, Keg, Decor