Portal Packs - One Minute Maps - Order of the Scion

by Mythic Portal Games

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For our second offering of One Minute Maps we'll be bringing you far from the Temple of Serene Waters.

Welcome to the Order of the Scion!

Deep below the welcoming doors of the cities most popular inn lies a deadly secret. A massive underground temple awaits stalwart adventures. Gather your courage and delve into the depths of The Order of the Scion.

Can you destroy the cult before the coming of their Dark Messiah?

Built from the ground up for you using premium assets from our Building Essentials series. Order of the Scion contains 9 fully furnished maps that make up the rooms and corridors of a deadly and secretive cult.

Additionally for the GM who just needs a place to start we have included 9 unfurnished maps as part of this set along with ALL of the pieces we used to construct our furnished maps.

Feel free to mix and match to your desire to make something entirely custom in half the time.

As always all of our packs are fully compatible with our Building Essentials AND One Minute Maps offerings.

Included Assets (172)

Altar PrimativeSacrifice, Gods, Altar
armchair 2furniture, chair, decor
Armchairbrowndecor, chair, furniture
Bay Window WoodFurnishings, Wood, Window
Bear Rug 2decor, furniture, Rug
Bench 1furniture, Bench, decor
Bench 3decor, Bench, furniture
Black Marble Tile 1Temple, Marble, Tile
Black Marble Tile 2Tile, Temple, Marble
Black Marble Tile Interior 1Temple, Marble, Tile
Black Throne 4Temple, Marble, Throne
Black Tile Corner Exterior 1Temple, Tile, Marble
Black Tile Side Exterior 1Marble, Temple, Tile
Black WallBlack, Interior, Wall
Black Wall Corner 1Temple, Wall, Corner
Blood 1Splatter, Blood, Gore
Blood 1Blood, Gore, Ring
Blood 1Blood, Gore, Death
Blood 2Gore, Blood, Death
Blood Pool 1Blood, Pool, Ritual
Bloody HammerFurniture, Chamber, Torture
Blue PentagramPentagram, Magic, decor
BonesBones, Tomb, Catacombs
Bones 1 0Tomb, Bones, Catacombs
Bones 1 1Bones, Catacombs, Tomb
Bones 1 2Bones, Catacombs, Tomb
Bones 1 3Catacombs, Bones, Tomb
Bones 1 4Catacombs, Bones, Tomb
Bones 1 5Catacombs, Bones, Tomb
Bones 2Catacombs, Tomb, Bones
Bones 3Bones, Tomb, Catacombs
Bones 4Catacombs, Tomb, Bones
Bones 5Tomb, Bones, Catacombs
Bones 6Tomb, Bones, Catacombs
Bones 7Tomb, Bones, Catacombs
Bones 8Tomb, Bones, Catacombs
Bones 9Catacombs, Tomb, Bones
Bookcase Longfurniture, bookcase, decor
Bookcase Smallfurniture, decor, bookcase
Brazier On 2Fire, Brazier, Coal
Candles LitCandles, Decor, Furniture
Chandelier LitChandelier, Candles, Decor
Chest 1Chest, Treasure, Storage
Chest 2Storage, Chest, Treasure
Cobblestone TileFloor, Tile, Cobblestone
Counter Clockwise Wood StaircaseWood, Stairs, Furnishings
Crypt Corner Tile 3Tile, Crypt, Corner
Cryptofthe HonoredMap, Temple, Cult
Cryptofthe Honored UnfurnishedTemple, Map, Cult
Crypt WallCrypt, Wall, Straight
Crypt Wall 2Crypt, Wall, Straight
Crypt Wall 3Crypt, Wall, Straight
Crypt Wall CornerCorner, Wall, Crypt
Darker Wood CenterTile, Floor, Wood
Darker Wood Tile Stone CornerFloor, Tile, Wood
Darker Wood Tile Stone WallWood, Tile, Floor
Dark Pillar 5Temple, Pillar, Decor
Dark Pillar 6Pillar, Temple, Decor
Demon AltarTemple, Demon, Altar
Demon Altar FullAltar, Demon, Temple
Demon RuneTemple, Rune, Hand
Demon Wheel Hand 2Demon, Rune, Seal
Desk 2Storage, Work, Desk
Door Double BarredFurnishings, Barred, Door
Door Double OpenDoor, Open, Furnishings
Door SingleDoor, Furnishings
Grayfencelong 1gray fence long 1
Hallof The ScionTemple, Cult, Map
Hallof The Scion UnfurnishedCult, Temple, Map
HandcuffsTorture, Furniture, Chamber
Hand RuneTemple, Hand, Rune
Hay 1Stable, Bale, Hail
Hay 2Stable, Hail, Bale
Horse Hitching RailHitching, Horse, Decor
Horse PalominoPalomino, Horse, Stable
Iron Maiden 1Torture, Chamber, Furniture
Iron Maiden 2Torture, Chamber, Furniture
keg 2Barrel, Keg, Decor
LadderLadder, Decor, Furniture
Lava Red 2 0Volcano, Red, Lava
Lava Red 2 1Red, Lava, Volcano
Lava Red 2 3Red, Volcano, Lava
Lava Red 2 4Volcano, Lava, Red
Lava Red 8Lava, Volcano, Red
Magical Energy Blue 2Arc, Energy, Magic
Magical Energy Green 2Arc, Magic, Energy
Magical Energy Purple 2Energy, Magic, Arc
Magical Energy Purple 4Magic, Beam, Energy
Pathof The ChosenMap, Cult, Temple
Pathof The Chosen UnfurnishedMap, Cult, Temple
Pathof The SacrificeCult, Map, Temple
Pink PentagramMagic, Pentagram, decor
Prison BarsTorture, Chamber, Prison
Prison Bars 1Chamber, Torture, Prison
Prison Bars 2Torture, Prison, Chamber
Pylon BlueRitual, Magic, Pylon
Pylon GreenPylon, Magic, Ritual
Pylon PurpleMagic, Pylon, Ritual
Rectangle TableFurniture, Decor, Table
Red Bed MadeBed, Furniture, Decor
Red Bed Single MadeFurniture, Bed, Decor
Red Carpet Design 1 Main ShadowCarpet, Red, Decor
Red Carpet Design 1 Stair ShadowRed, Stairs, Carpet
Red PentagramMagic, Pentagram, decor
Red Rug 1Rug, decor, furniture
Red Rug 2Rug, decor, furniture
Ritual RoomCult, Temple, Map
Rounded Black Marble 2 0Round, Black, Tile
Round TableDecor, Table, Furniture
Rune 2Temple, Rune, Sigil
Rune 4Sigil, Temple, Rune
Runes RedMagic, Ritual, Runes
Rune Wheel BloodRune, Blood, Seal
Rune Wheel UnholyRune, Seal, Unholy
Rusty ClampsTorture, Chamber, Furniture
Sacrificial PitPit, Sacrifice, Blood
Secret EntranceMap, Temple, Cult
Secret Entrance UnfurnishedTemple, Map, Cult
Shelf 1 0furniture, Shelf, Storage
Shelf 4furniture, Shelf, Storage
Shelf 7Shelf, furniture, Storage
Shelf 8furniture, Storage, Shelf
Shelf 9Storage, furniture, Shelf
Shelves Straight 1Straight, Shelf, Storage
Shelves Straight 1 0Storage, Shelf, Straight
Shelves Straight 2Storage, Straight, Shelf
Shelves Straight 4Storage, Shelf, Straight
Shelves Straight 5Storage, Shelf, Straight
Slate Hearth LitHearth, Furniture, Fireplace
Spider StatueDecor, Statue, Spider
Statue Demon 3Temple, Demon, Statue
Statue SuccubusStatue, Demon, Temple
StoolStool, Decor, Furniture
StoveFurniture, Stove, Decor
Straight Stone Double StaircaseStairs, Stone, Furnishings
Straight Stone Single StaircaseStone, Stairs, Furnishings
Straight Window DoubleFurnishings, Window
Straight Window SingleWindow, Furnishings
Summoning Circle BlueMagic, Summoning, Runes
Summoning Circle PurpleSummoning, Magic, Runes
Summoning Circle RedMagic, Summoning, Runes
Summoning Circle YellowMagic, Summoning, Runes
TableDecor, Table, Furniture
Table 2Furniture, Decor, Table
Tapestry 2 6Tapestry, Decor, Furniture
Tapestry 2 7Decor, Furniture, Tapestry
The Crimson StagCult, Map, Inn
The Crimson Stag UnfurnishedCult, Map, Inn
The Crimson Stag UpstairsInn, Map, Cult
The Crimson Stag Upstairs UnfurnishedCult, Map, Inn
TombTomb, Dead, Catacombs
Tomb 2Tomb, Catacombs, Dead
Tomb 3Dead, Catacombs, Tomb
Tomb 4Dead, Catacombs, Tomb
Tomb 5Tomb, Dead, Catacombs
Tomb 6Dead, Tomb, Catacombs
Tomb Cover 1Dead, Catacombs, Tomb
Tomb OpenCatacombs, Tomb, Dead
Tomb Open 2Tomb, Dead, Catacombs
Tomb Open 3Catacombs, Dead, Tomb
Torture ChamberCult, Map, Temple
Torture Chamber UnfurnishedTemple, Cult, Map
Torture TableFurniture, Torture, Chamber
Trapdoor 3Passage, Trapdoor, Secret
Watering Trough FullTrough, Decor, Horse
WebsWeb, Catacombs, Tomb
Webs 2Tomb, Web, Catacombs
Webs 3Catacombs, Web, Tomb
Wood CornerTile, Wood, Wall
Wood PlatformWood, Decor, Platform
Wood PlatformTile, Wood, Platform
Wood WallWood, Tile, Wall