Portal Packs - One Minute Maps - Town of Wyndhaven

by Mythic Portal Games

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Nestled around the mystical tree Glynhillder the town of Wyndhaven has never known winter. Through the trees great magic the towns inhabitants enjoy perpetual spring, health, and great wealth. Needless to say over the years this has made the town a popular stop for travelers and a busy trading post.

Unfortunately all is not well in Wyndhaven. The tree's leaves have taken to autumn colors and the towns very first winter is starting to roll in.

What mysteries await is up to you!

Town of Wyndhaven contains 16 beautiful maps fully furnished and ready for use. 8 maps of iconic Wyndhaven under the influence of spring or winter.

Additionally we've included 2 maps that are just the spring / winter base for the town along with all the premium assets from our building essentials series we used to make the furnished maps. This will allow you to make something truly custom or add additional areas to the town!.

Town of Wyndhaven is a great pack for the GM who wants to be a be able to easily visually show the impact of their players actions in game OR for anyone who simply needs a quick town map for a random encounter.

As always this pack is fully compatible with all of our Building Essentials, One Minute Maps, and Token Essentials products.

Included Assets (126)

Bridge 1Bridge, Full, Crossing
Building 1House, Building, Village
Building 2House, Building, Village
Building 3House, Building, Village
Building 4House, Building, Village
Cliff 1Cliff, Rise, Ambush
Cliff 2Cliff, Rise, Ambush
Cliff 3Cliff, Rise, Ambush
Cliff 4Cliff, Rise, Ambush
Cobble 1Cobblestone, Road, Wear
Cobble 2Cobblestone, Road, Wear
Dark Green BushBush, Summer, Shrubbery
Dark Green Bush 1Bush, Summer, Shrubbery (2)
Dark Green Bush 2Bush, Summer, Shrubbery
Dark Green Bush 3Bush, Summer, Shrubbery
DirtDirt, Road, Mud
Dirt 4Dirt, Road, Mud
Dirt Circle 2Dirt, Road, Mud
Dirt Piece 2Dirt, Road, Mud
Dirt Road 2Dirt, Road, Mud
Dirt Road 4Dirt, Road, Mud
Elven Shrine 3Elven, Shrine, Temple
EvergreenTree, Evergreen, Summer
Evergreen 2Tree, Evergreen, Summer
Evergreen 3Tree, Evergreen, Winter
Evergreen 4Tree, Evergreen, Winter
Evergreen 5Tree, Evergreen, Winter
Field EmptyField, Farm, Empty
Field Green 2Field, Farm, Green
Field Green 3Field, Farm, Green
Fire Pit Used LogFirePit, Camp, Fire
GrassForest, Grass, woods
Hay 1Hail, Bale, Stable
Hay 2Hail, Bale, Stable
Hay 4Hail, Bale, Stable
Hay 5Hail, Bale, Stable
Hedge 2Hedge, Maze, Wall
Hedge 5Hedge, Maze, Wall
Horse BlackHorse, Black, Stable
Horse GreyHorse, Grey, Stable
Horse Hitching RailHorse, Hitching, Decor
Horse PalominoHorse, Palomino, Stable
IceIce, Winter, Water
Lake 6Water, Lake, Forest
Log 6Log, Woods, Planks
Massive Tree 2Tree, Trunk, Forest
Massive Tree 4Tree, Trunk, Forest
Massive Truck 2Tree, Trunk, Forest
Mushroom 4Mushroom, Fungus, Forest
PumpkinPumpkin, Gourd, Harvest
Pumpkin 2Pumpkin, Gourd, Harvest
Pumpkin 3Pumpkin, Gourd, Harvest
ScarecrowScarecrow, Field, Farm
SnowSnow, Winter, Frost
SnowWinter, Snow, Frost
Snow 2Snow, Winter, Frost
Snow 3Snow, Winter, Frost
Snow 4Snow, Winter, Frost
Snow 5Snow, Winter, Frost
Snow 7Snow, Winter, Frost
Snow 8Snow, Winter, Frost
Snow Iceice, Winter, Snow
Snow RoadDirt, Road, Snow
Snow Road 2Dirt, Road, Snow
Snow Road 3Dirt, Road, Snow
Snow Road 4Dirt, Road, Snow
Snow Road 5Dirt, Road, Snow
Stable 1Stable, Building, Village
Stable 2Stable, Building, Village
Stone 1Stone, Rocks, Wilderness
Stone 1 0Stone, Rocks, Wilderness
Stone 1 2Stone, Rocks, Wilderness
Stone 1 3Stone, Rocks, Wilderness
Stone 1 4Stone, Rocks, Wilderness
Stone 1 5Stone, Rocks, Wilderness
Stone 2Stone, Rocks, Wilderness
Stone 3Stone, Rocks, Wilderness
Stone 4Stone, Rocks, Wilderness
Stone 5Stone, Rocks, Wilderness
Stone 6Stone, Rocks, Wilderness
Stone 7Stone, Rocks, Wilderness
Stone 8Stone, Rocks, Wilderness
Stone 9Stone, Rocks, Wilderness
Stone CornerStone, Wall, NewEngland
Stone Wall 1Stone, Wall, NewEngland
Stone Wall GateStone, Wall, NewEngland
Stream 1River, Water, Stream
Stream 2River, Water, Stream
TavernTavern, Building, Village
Tent 1Tent, Camp, Outdoors
TreeTree, Green, Summer
Tree 2Tree, Green, Summer
Tree 3 ShadowTree, Green, Summer
Tree DarkTree, Green, Summer
Tree DeadTree, Dead, Winter
Tree Dead 2Tree, Dead, Winter
Tree Young 2Tree, Green, Summer
Tree Young ShadowTree, Green, Summer
Tree Young Shadow 2Tree, Green, Summer
WagonWagon, Uncovered, Carts
Wagon 1Wagon, Covered, Carts
Water FloraWater, Flower, Flora
Water Flora 4Water, Flower, Flora
Water Flora 6Water, Flower, Flora
Watering Trough FullTrough, Horse, Decor
Well Full Green BucketWell, Water, Decor
Woof Fence 1Wood, Fence, Stable
Woof Fence 2Wood, Fence, Stable
Woof Fence Corner 2Wood, Fence, Stable
Woof Fence GateWood, Fence, Stable
Wyndhaven ApproachHamlet, Town, Map
Wyndhaven Approach WinterHamlet, Winter, Map
Wyndhaven CrossingHamlet, Town, Map
Wyndhaven Crossing WinterHamlet, Winter, Map
Wyndhaven FieldsHamlet, Fields, Map
Wyndhaven Fields Winter Wyndhaven Approach WinterHamlet, Winter, Map
Wyndhaven LodgeHamlet, Town, Map
Wyndhaven Lodge WinterHamlet, Winter, Map
Wyndhaven Mayors HouseHamlet, Town, Map
Wyndhaven Mayors House WinterHamlet, Winter, Map
Wyndhaven OutlierHamlet, Town, Map
Wyndhaven Outlier WinterHamlet, Winter, Map
Wyndhaven SourceHamlet, Town, Map
Wyndhaven Source WinterHamlet, Winter, Map
Wyndhaven Town SquareHamlet, Town, Map
Wyndhaven Town Square WinterHamlet, Winter, Map