Portal Packs - One Minute Maps - Black Wolf Lair

by Mythic Portal Games

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Mythic Portal invites you to Black Wolf Lair. A series of 9 fully furnished maps perfect for any adventure that pits your heroes against an organized and powerful syndicate.

Hidden away in an abandoned mine our villains smuggle in goods through the secret underground Grotto. The mines rail system provide a quick and easy way to get goods to their hideout in the tunnels and then up into the city above.

Or, perhaps its a way instead for them to smuggle goods out of the city instead. Its totally up to you.

With all the Building Essentials Assets that we used to make the maps included you can use the maps as is, build your own versions of the map with our unfurnished versions, or expand upon them to make a truly epic adventure.

Black Wolf Lair Includes:

  • The now abandoned wilderness entrance to the mine
  • Entry Tunnels which can be explore and expand upon as desired
  • A Secret Underground Grotto for smuggling good in our out
  • The Tunnel entrance to Black Wolf Lair
  • Black Wolf Feast and Audience Hall
  • Black Wolf Member Area
  • Black Wolf Common Room
  • The Black Stag Bookstore (Front Business)
  • The City Street where the Black Stag Bookstore can be found

As always Black Wolf Lair is fully compatible with all of our Building Essentials, One Minute Maps, and Token Essentials Products.

Included Assets (161)

Bar 1 3Bar, Tavern, Inn
Bar 1 4Bar, Tavern, Inn
Bar 5Bar, Tavern, Inn
BarsBars, Jail, Prison
Bench 3Bench, furniture, decor
Big HoleTunnel, Cave, Hole
Black Stag BookstoreMap, Store, Books
Black Stag Bookstore UnfurnishedUnfurnished, Map, Template
Black Throne 2Marble, Throne, Temple
Black Throne 4Marble, Throne, Temple
Black Wolf Common RoomThieves, Common, Hideout
Black Wolf Common Room UnfurnishedUnfurnished, Map, Template
Black Wolf Feast HallThieves, Hall, Feast
Black Wolf Feast Hall UnfurnishedUnfurnished, Map, Template
Black Wolf Front BusinessCity, Street, Store
Black Wolf GrottoThieves, Mine, Grotto
Black Wolf Grotto UnfurnishedUnfurnished, Map, Template
Black Wolf Lair EntranceGuild, Mine, Secret
Black Wolf Lair Entrance UnfurnishedUnfurnished, Map, Template
Black Wolf Members QuartersGuild, Thieves, Dormitory
Black Wolf Members Quarters UnfurnishedUnfurnished, Map, Template
Black Wolf Smuggling Tunnels UnfurnishedUnfurnished, Map, Template
Blackwolf Smuggling TunnelsSmuggler, Mine, Cave
Blood 1Blood, Gore, Death
Blood 2Blood, Gore, Death
BonesTomb, Catacombs, Bones
Bones 4Tomb, Catacombs, Bones
Bookcase Longbookcase, furniture, decor
Bookcase Smallbookcase, furniture, decor
Brazier On 3Brazier, Fire, Coal
Building 2House, Building, Village
Building 3House, Building, Village
Cart 3Tunnel, Cart, Mine
Chest 1Chest, Storage, Treasure
Cliff 2Cliff, Rise, Ambush
Cliff 4Cliff, Rise, Ambush
Collapse 5Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Counter Clockwise Wood StaircaseStairs, Wood, Furnishings
Crate 1Crate, Goods, Warehouse
Crate 5Crate, Goods, Warehouse
Crate 6Crate, Goods, Warehouse
Dark Door 1Door, Metal, Sewer
Dark Green BushBush, Summer, Shrubbery
Dark Green Bush 1Bush, Summer, Shrubbery (2)
Dark Green Bush 2Bush, Summer, Shrubbery
Dark Green Bush 3Bush, Summer, Shrubbery
Dirt 4Dirt, Road, Mud
Dirt Road 2Dirt, Road, Mud
Dirt Road 4Dirt, Road, Mud
Door DoubleDoor, Furnishings
Door Single 2Door, Furnishings
Elven Shrine 3Elven, Shrine, Temple
Entrance Mine 3Cave, Mine, Cavern
EvergreenTree, Evergreen, Summer
Flag 1Elven, Flag, Nation
GrassForest, Grass, woods
Hay 1Hail, Bale, Stable
Iron Maiden 1Torture, Chamber, Furniture
Iron Maiden 2Torture, Chamber, Furniture
LadderLadder, Furniture, Decor
Loose Book 1Book, Library, Decor
Loose Book 2Book, Library, Decor
Loose Book 3Book, Library, Decor
Loose Book 4Book, Library, Decor
Loose Book 5Book, Library, Decor
Loose ParchmentEnvelope, Parchment, Decor
Loose Parchment 1 0Scroll, Parchment, Decor
Loose Parchment 2Envelope, Parchment, Decor
Loose Parchment 3Scroll, Parchment, Decor
Loose Parchment 4Envelope, Parchment, Decor
Loose Parchment 5Sheet, Parchment, Decor
Loose Parchment 6Sheet, Parchment, Decor
Loose Parchment 7Sheet, Parchment, Decor
Loose Parchment 8Sheet, Parchment, Decor
Loose Parchment 9Envelope, Parchment, Decor
Massive Tree 3Tree, Trunk, Forest
Massive Tree 4Tree, Trunk, Forest
Mushroom 5Mushroom, Fungus, Forest
Mushroom 7Mushroom, Fungus, Forest
Oblong Table 2Table, Furniture, Decor
PickaxePickaxe, Mine, Tools
Plank Tile Small 2Tile, Wood, Planks
Rails 1 0Train, Mine, Tracks
Rails 1 1Train, Mine, Tracks
Rails 1 4Train, Mine, Tracks
Rails 1 5Train, Mine, Tracks
Rails 8Train, Mine, Tracks
Rails 9Train, Mine, Tracks
Rat 1Rat, Critter, Sewer
Rat 2Rat, Critter, Sewer
Rectangle TableTable, Furniture, Decor
Red Bed Single MadeBed, Furniture, Decor
Red Bed Single MessyBed, Furniture, Decor
Red Carpet Design 1 End ShadowRed, Carpet, Decor
Red Carpet Design 1 Main ShadowRed, Carpet, Decor
Red Rug 2Rug, furniture, decor
Ritual Stones 8Ritual, Stone, Rock
Rock Background 2Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Rock Room 1Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Rock Room 2Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Rock Room 3Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Rock Tunnel 1Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Rock Tunnel 2Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Rock Tunnel 3Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Rock Tunnel 7Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Rock Tunnel 9Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Rock Wall 2Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Rock Wall 4Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Round TableTable, Furniture, Decor
Rug Red Round 1Rug, Red, Round
Shelves Straight 4Shelf, Straight, Storage
Shelves Straight 5Shelf, Straight, Storage
Silverlode Mine EntranceMine, Forest, Outpost
Slate Hearth LitFireplace, Hearth, Furniture
Stack Books 1Book, Library, Decor
Stack Books 2Book, Library, Decor
Stalagmites 1Tunnel, Cave, Stalagmite
Stalagmites 2Tunnel, Cave, Stalagmite
Stalagmites 3Tunnel, Cave, Stalagmite
Statue FaeFae, Statue, Temple
Stone 1Stone, Rocks, Wilderness
Stone 1 4Stone, Rocks, Wilderness
Stone 1 5Stone, Rocks, Wilderness
Stone Hearth LitFireplace, Hearth, Furniture
Stone Light 2Sewer, Stone, Tile
Stove 2Stove, Furniture, Decor
Tapestry 2 6Tapestry, Furniture, Decor
TavernTavern, Building, Village
Torture TableTorture, Chamber, Furniture
TraveTunnel, Mine, Underground
Treasure 1Treasure, Gold, Silver
Treasure 1 0Treasure, Gold, Silver
Treasure 1 1Treasure, Gold, Silver
Treasure 1 3Treasure, Gold, Silver
Treasure 1 4Treasure, Gold, Silver
Treasure 1 5Treasure, Gold, Silver
Treasure 1 7Treasure, Gold, Silver
Treasure 1 8Treasure, Gold, Silver
Treasure 1 9Treasure, Gold, Silver
Treasure 2Treasure, Gold, Silver
Treasure 2 0Treasure, Gold, Silver
Treasure 2 1Treasure, Gold, Silver
Treasure 3Treasure, Gold, Silver
Treasure 4Treasure, Gold, Silver
Treasure 5Treasure, Gold, Silver
Treasure 6Treasure, Gold, Silver
Treasure 7Treasure, Gold, Silver
Treasure 8Treasure, Gold, Silver
Treasure 9Treasure, Gold, Silver
Tree 3Tree, Trunk, Forest
Tree 4Tree, Trunk, Forest
Tree DarkTree, Green, Summer
Tree YoungTree, Green, Summer - Copy
Tree Young 2Tree, Green, Summer
Underground Background{ Mine, Cave, Cavern]UndergroundBackground{Mine, Cave, Cavern
Waste 4Sewer, Sewage, Waste
Wood CornerWood, Wall, Tile
Wood Dias 1Wood, Dias, Temple
Wood WallWood, Wall, Tile
armchair 2chair, furniture, decor
keg 2Barrel, Keg, Decor