Portal Packs - Building Essentials 10 - Underground Places

by Mythic Portal Games

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Mythic Portal is proud to present Underground Places. The 10th entry in our ongoing and popular Building Essentials series.

With just over 200 premium assets this pack contains everything you need to bring your players into the deep places of the world. Mines? Caves? Tunnels? Sewers? No problem.

Note: Due to the non-angular nature of caves and tunnels we highly recommend disabling the grid while placing your map layer. You can do this right from the map settings. This will allow you to maximize the capability of this product.

Included in Underground Places

  • Tunnels - (Dirt & Rock)
  • Larger Open Areas - (Dirt & Rock)
  • Tiles - (Earthen, Dirt, Rock)
  • Stalagmites
  • Mining Cars - (Full, Empty, Tipped)
  • Underground Collapse Rubble
  • Mining Tools
  • Rail Tracks - (For Mining or Trains)
  • Traves
  • Underground River
  • Underground Lakes / Ponds
  • Waterfalls
  • Deep Holes
  • Stone Sewer Tiles (Like & Dark)
  • Stone Stairs
  • Stone Walls
  • Sewer Doors
  • Sewer Columns
  • Sewage in multiple colors
  • Sewage Floaters
  • Waste Splatter
  • Rats
  • Sewer Pipes
  • Sewer Grates
  • Manhole Covers

As always Underground Places is fully compatible with all of our Building Essentials, One Minute Maps, and Token Essentials products.

Included Assets (201)

Big HoleTunnel, Cave, Hole
Cart 1Tunnel, Cart, Mine
Cart 2Tunnel, Cart, Mine
Cart 3Tunnel, Cart, Mine
Collapse 1Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Collapse 2Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Collapse 3Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Collapse 4Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Collapse 5Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Collapse 6Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Collapse 7Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Collapse 8Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Dark Door 1Door, Metal, Sewer
Dark Door 2Door, Metal, Sewer
Dirt Addon 1Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Dirt Addon 2Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Dirt Addon 3Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Dirt Addon 4Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Dirt Addon 5Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Dirt Addon 6Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Dirt Addon 7Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Dirt Background 1Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Dirt Background 2Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Dirt Background 3Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Dirt Background 4Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Dirt Background 5Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Dirt Room 1Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Dirt T Room 2Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Dirt T Room 3Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Dirt Tunnel 1Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Dirt Tunnel 1 0Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Dirt Tunnel 2Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Dirt Tunnel 3Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Dirt Tunnel 4Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Dirt Tunnel 5Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Dirt Tunnel 6Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Dirt Tunnel 7Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Dirt Tunnel 8Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Dirt Tunnel 9Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Earthen Background 1Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Earthen Background 2Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Earthen Background 3Tunnel, Cave, Mine
HandleSewer, Manhole, Handle
Lake 1Water, Lake, Forest
Lake 2Water, Lake, Forest
Lake 3Water, Lake, Forest
Lake 4Water, Lake, Forest
Lake 5Water, Lake, Forest
Lake 6Water, Lake, Forest
Lake 7Water, Lake, Forest
Light Door 1Door, Metal, Sewer
Light Door 2Door, Metal, Sewer
Manhole 1Sewer, Manhole, Underground
Manhole 2Sewer, Manhole, Underground
Manhole 3Sewer, Manhole, Underground
Manhole 4Sewer, Manhole, Underground
Manhole 5Sewer, Manhole, Underground
Manhole 6Sewer, Manhole, Underground
Manhole 7Sewer, Manhole, Underground
Manhole 8Sewer, Manhole, Underground
Mini HoleTunnel, Cave, Hole
PickaxePickaxe, Mine, Tools
Pond 1River, Water, Pond
Pond 2River, Water, Pond
Rails 1Train, Mine, Tracks
Rails 1 0Train, Mine, Tracks
Rails 1 1Train, Mine, Tracks
Rails 1 2Train, Mine, Tracks
Rails 1 3Train, Mine, Tracks
Rails 1 4Train, Mine, Tracks
Rails 1 5Train, Mine, Tracks
Rails 1 6Train, Mine, Tracks
Rails 1 7Train, Mine, Tracks
Rails 1 8Train, Mine, Tracks
Rails 2Train, Mine, Tracks
Rails 3Train, Mine, Tracks
Rails 4Train, Mine, Tracks
Rails 5Train, Mine, Tracks
Rails 6Train, Mine, Tracks
Rails 7Train, Mine, Tracks
Rails 8Train, Mine, Tracks
Rails 9Train, Mine, Tracks
Rat 1Rat, Critter, Sewer
Rat 2Rat, Critter, Sewer
River 1River, Water, Stream
River 2River, Water, Stream
River 3River, Water, Stream
River 4River, Water, Stream
River 5River, Water, Stream
River 6River, Water, Stream
River 7River, Water, Stream
Rock Addon 1Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Rock Addon 2Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Rock Addon 3Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Rock Background 1Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Rock Background 2Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Rock Background 3Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Rock Background 4Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Rock Background 5Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Rock Background 6Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Rock Background 7Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Rock Background 8Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Rock Room 1Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Rock Room 2Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Rock Room 3Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Rock Tunnel 1Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Rock Tunnel 1 0Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Rock Tunnel 2Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Rock Tunnel 3Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Rock Tunnel 4Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Rock Tunnel 5Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Rock Tunnel 6Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Rock Tunnel 7Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Rock Tunnel 8Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Rock Tunnel 9Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Rock Wall 1Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Rock Wall 2Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Rock Wall 3Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Rock Wall 4Tunnel, Cave, Mine
Sewage 1Sewer, Sewage, Waste
Sewage 1 0Sewer, Sewage, Waste
Sewage 2Sewer, Sewage, Waste
Sewage 3Sewer, Sewage, Waste
Sewage 4Sewer, Sewage, Waste
Sewage 5Sewer, Sewage, Waste
Sewage 6Sewer, Sewage, Waste
Sewage 7Sewer, Sewage, Waste
Sewage 8Sewer, Sewage, Waste
Sewage 9Sewer, Sewage, Waste
Sewage Addon 1Sewer, Sewage, Waste
Sewage Addon 2Sewer, Sewage, Waste
Sewage Addon 3Sewer, Sewage, Waste
Sewage Addon 4Sewer, Sewage, Waste
Sewage Addon 5Sewer, Sewage, Waste
Sewage Addon 6Sewer, Sewage, Waste
Sewer Column 1Sewer, Column, Waste
Sewer Column 2Sewer, Column, Waste
Sewer Grate 1Sewer, Manhole, Gtrate
Sewer Grate 1 0Sewer, Manhole, Gtrate
Sewer Grate 1 1Sewer, Manhole, Gtrate
Sewer Grate 1 2Sewer, Manhole, Gtrate
Sewer Grate 1 3Sewer, Manhole, Gtrate
Sewer Grate 1 4Sewer, Manhole, Gtrate
Sewer Grate 2Sewer, Manhole, Gtrate
Sewer Grate 3Sewer, Manhole, Gtrate
Sewer Grate 4Sewer, Manhole, Gtrate
Sewer Grate 5Sewer, Manhole, Gtrate
Sewer Grate 6Sewer, Manhole, Gtrate
Sewer Grate 7Sewer, Manhole, Gtrate
Sewer Grate 8Sewer, Manhole, Gtrate
Sewer Grate 9Sewer, Manhole, Gtrate
Sewer Pipe 1Sewer, Pipe, Waste
Sewer Pipe 2Sewer, Pipe, Waste
Sewer Pipe 3Sewer, Pipe, Waste
Sewer Pipe 4Sewer, Pipe, Waste
Sewer Pipe 5Sewer, Pipe, Waste
Sewer Pipe 6Sewer, Pipe, Waste
ShovelShovel, Mine, Tools
Stairs 1Sewer, Stone, Stairs
Stairs 2Sewer, Stone, Stairs
Stalagmites 1Tunnel, Cave, Stalagmite
Stalagmites 2Tunnel, Cave, Stalagmite
Stalagmites 3Tunnel, Cave, Stalagmite
Stone Dark 1Sewer, Stone, Tile
Stone Dark 2Sewer, Stone, Tile
Stone Dark 3Sewer, Stone, Tile
Stone Dark 4Sewer, Stone, Tile
Stone Dark Channel 1Sewer, Stone, Tile
Stone Dark Channel 2Sewer, Stone, Tile
Stone Dark CornerSewer, Stone, Tile
Stone Dark CrossSewer, Stone, Tile
Stone Dark HallSewer, Stone, Tile
Stone Light 1Sewer, Stone, Tile
Stone Light 2Sewer, Stone, Tile
Stone Light 3Sewer, Stone, Tile
Stone Light 4Steet, Stone, Tile
Stone Light Channel 2Street, Stone, Tile
Stone Light CornerSewer, Stone, Tile
Stone Light CrossStreet, Stone, Tile
Stone Light HallSewer, Stone, Tile
Stone Light Wall 1street, Stone, Tile
Stone Light Wall 2Sewer, Stone, Tile
Stone Light Wall 3Street, Stone, Tile
Stone Light Wall 4Street, Stone, Tile
Stone Street ChannelSewer, Stone, Tile
Stream 1River, Water, Stream
Stream 2River, Water, Stream
Stream 3River, Water, Stream
TraveTunnel, Mine, Underground
Waste 1Sewer, Sewage, Waste
Waste 2Sewer, Sewage, Waste
Waste 3Sewer, Sewage, Waste
Waste 4Sewer, Sewage, Waste
Waste 5Sewer, Sewage, Waste
Waste 6Sewer, Sewage, Waste
Waste 7Sewer, Sewage, Waste
Waste 8Sewer, Sewage, Waste
WaterfallWaterfall, Falls, Water
Waterfall 2Waterfall, Falls, Water
Waterfall 3Waterfall, Falls, Water
Waterfall 4Waterfall, Falls, Water