Portal Packs - Building Essentials 3 - Magic & Mysticism

by Mythic Portal Games

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Taking your adventurers to a lair of magic and sorcery? Look no further. Inside you'll find everything you need to get the right feel for any wizards tower, academy of magic, or enchanted dungeon. This pack includes over 80 premium items fit for any magical complex and is also fully compatible with any of Mythic Portals - Building Essentials packs.

Furnishings and flourishes include:

  • Alchemy Labs
  • Altars - (Dark & Light)
  • Blood Pools
  • Braziers
  • Cauldrons
  • Elemental Prisons
  • Fine Tables
  • Gargoyles
  • Magical Portals
  • Magical Energy
  • Orbs
  • Pylons
  • Runes
  • Summoning Circles
  • Sacrificial Pits
  • Scrying Pools

As always this offering is also fully compatible with any of Mythic Portals - Building Essentials, One Minute Maps, and Token Essentials products.

Included Assets (82)

Alchemy TableAlchemy, Table, Potion
Alchemy Table 2Alchemy, Table, Potion
Altar DarkAltar, Gods, Sacrifice
Altar LightAltar, Gods, Sacrifice
Altar PrimativeAltar, Gods, Sacrifice
Arcane ItemsAlchemy, Arcane, Potion
Blood 1Blood, Gore, Splatter
Blood 1Blood, Gore, Ring
Blood 1Blood, Gore, Death
Blood 2Blood, Gore, Death
Blood Pool 1Blood, Pool, Ritual
Blood Pool 2Blood, Pool, Ritual
Blood Pool 3Blood, Pool, Ritual
Blood Pool 4Blood, Pool, Ritual
Brazier Off 1Brazier, Fire, Coal
Brazier Off 2Brazier, Fire, Coal
Brazier Off 3Brazier, Fire, Coal
Brazier Off 4Brazier, Fire, Coal
Brazier On 1Brazier, Fire, Coal
Brazier On 2Brazier, Fire, Coal
Brazier On 3Brazier, Fire, Coal
Brazier On 4Brazier, Fire, Coal
Cauldron EmptyCauldron, Witch, Potion
Cauldron FullCauldron, Witch, Potion
Column Glowing RunesColumn, Runes, Magic
Column No Runes 2Column, Runes, Magic
Column Runes 2Column, Runes, Magic
Columns No RunesColumn, Runes, Magic
Columns RunesColumn, Runes, Magic
Controlled Portal BluePortal, Whirlpool, Magic
Controlled Portal EmptyPortal, Whirlpool, Magic
Controlled Portal GreenPortal, Whirlpool, Magic
Controlled Portal PurplePortal, Whirlpool, Magic
Controlled Portal RedPortal, Whirlpool, Magic
Controlled Portal WhitePortal, Whirlpool, Magic
Elemental Prison AirPrison, Air, Elemental
Elemental Prison EarthPrison, Earth, Elemental
Elemental Prison FirePrison, Fire, Elemental
Elemental Prison IcePrison, Ice, Elemental
Gargoyle 1Gargoyle, Statue, Guardian
Gargoyle 2Gargoyle, Statue, Guardian
Gargoyle 3Gargoyle, Statue, Guardian
Magical Energy Blue 1Magic, Energy, Explosion
Magical Energy Blue 2Magic, Energy, Arc
Magical Energy Blue 3Magic, Energy, Beam
Magical Energy Blue 4Magic, Energy, Beam
Magical Energy Green 1Magic, Energy, Explosion
Magical Energy Green 2Magic, Energy, Arc
Magical Energy Green 3Magic, Energy, Beam
Magical Energy Green 4Magic, Energy, Beam
Magical Energy Purple 1Magic, Energy, Explosion
Magical Energy Purple 2Magic, Energy, Arc
Magical Energy Purple 3Magic, Energy, Beam
Magical Energy Purple 4Magic, Energy, Beam
Orb 1Ball, Orb, Arcane
Orb 2Ball, Orb, Arcane
Orb 3Ball, Orb, Arcane
PylonPylon, Ritual, Magic
Pylon BluePylon, Ritual, Magic
Pylon GreenPylon, Ritual, Magic
Pylon PurplePylon, Ritual, Magic
Runes BlueRunes, Ritual, Magic
Runes PurpleRunes, Ritual, Magic
Runes RedRunes, Ritual, Magic
Sacrificial PitBlood, Sacrifice, Pit
Sacrificial Pit SquareBlood, Sacrifice, Pit
Scrying Pool 1Scrying, Pool, Magic
Scrying Pool 2Scrying, Pool, Magic
Scrying Pool 3Scrying, Pool, Magic
Summoning Circle BlackSummoning, Runes, Magic
Summoning Circle BlueSummoning, Runes, Magic
Summoning Circle PurpleSummoning, Runes, Magic
Summoning Circle RedSummoning, Runes, Magic
Summoning Circle WhiteSummoning, Runes, Magic
Summoning Circle YellowSummoning, Runes, Magic
TableTable, Furniture, Decor
Table 2Table, Furniture, Decor
Uncontrolled Portal BluePortal, Whirlpool, Magic
Uncontrolled Portal GreenPortal, Whirlpool, Magic
Uncontrolled Portal PurplePortal, Whirlpool, Magic
Uncontrolled Portal RedPortal, Whirlpool, Magic
Uncontrolled Portal WhitePortal, Whirlpool, Magic