Sci-fi reconnaissance unit

by Historical Battlefields

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This token set wil help you with representing a diverse, heavilly armed sci-fi recon unit on your VTT.

All figures have randomised gear and weapons so there is a plenty of variety to choose from.

Happy rolling!

Included Assets (25)

Aimingsoldier, military, token, Sci-fi
At Attentionmilitary, token, soldier, Sci-fi
Big Gunmilitary, soldier, Sci-fi, token
CaptainSci-fi, token, military, soldier
Dashing ForwardSci-fi, military, token, soldier
FlamerSci-fi, military, token, soldier
Gun Loweredsoldier, military, token, Sci-fi
Launchersoldier, military, token, Sci-fi
Meleetoken, military, soldier, Sci-fi
Melee 2military, soldier, Sci-fi, token
Melee 3Sci-fi, soldier, military, token
Melee 4military, soldier, Sci-fi, token
PointingSci-fi, soldier, military, token
SargeSci-fi, token, military, soldier
ShotgunSci-fi, token, military, soldier
Shotgun 2military, token, Sci-fi, soldier
Shotgun 3military, Sci-fi, soldier, token
Snipermilitary, soldier, Sci-fi, token
Sniper 2military, token, soldier, Sci-fi
Specialsoldier, token, military, Sci-fi
Special 2military, soldier, Sci-fi, token
Special 3Sci-fi, military, token, soldier
Speedersoldier, military, token, Sci-fi
Speeder MannedSci-fi, military, token, soldier