Isometric Dungeon Designer, Outdoor Edition

by GalefireRPG

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With the Isometric Dungeon Designer, Outdoor Edition, you can create giant grassy fields, a gnarled forest, dilapidated ruins, a creepy graveyard, or the outside of a giant cathedral; whatever your party or gaming group needs.

Includes 81 doodads for building your own Outdoor themed Isometric maps! Comes with 4 pre-made maps for you to use, or experiment with by placing new objects on the 'build-your-own' maps.

Maps - Crossroads - Dappled light day and rainy night Graveyard - Nighttime Cathedral - Twilight All also come in build-your-own variations

See the Dungeon Designer in action:

Included Assets (88)

angelicstatue 1statue, map, angel
angelicstatue 2map, statue, angel
Bigelevation Cornerdirt, ground, map
Bigelevation Leftdirt, ground, map
Bigelevation Rightground, dirt, map
brokencartmap, broken, cart
Brokenwall Leftmap, wall, stone
Brokenwall Rightmap, stone, wall
bunkerruinruin, stronghold, map
bush 1bush, map, foliage
bush 2map, foliage, bush
bush 3bush, foliage, map
cathederalmap, cathederal, church
cryptmap, crypt, tomb
dirtholemap, hole, dirt
Dirthole 1dirt, hole, map
Dirtpath Crossmap, path, dirt
Dirtpath Leftpath, dirt, map
Dirtpath Rightpath, dirt, map
dirtpiledirt, pile, map
elevationstairsstone, map, stairs
Fencepost Bigmap, fence, post
Fencepost Smallpost, map, fence
firefire, camp, firepit
flagstone 1flagstone, map, stone
flagstone 2stone, flagstone, map
flagstone 3flagstone, map, stone
floordeco 1post, orb, map
GalefireRPG Ruinsforestsplains Map1 Megacrossroaddungeon map, map, isometric map
GalefireRPG Ruinsforestsplains Map1 Megacrossroad Buildyourowndungeon map, isometric map, build your own map
GalefireRPG Ruinsforestsplains Map1 Megacrossroad Dappledlightisometric map, map, dungeon map
GalefireRPG Ruinsforestsplains Map2 Graveyarddungeon map, graveyard, isometric map
GalefireRPG Ruinsforestsplains Map2 Graveyard Buildyourowndungeon map, isometric map, build your own map
GalefireRPG Ruinsforestsplains Map3 Cathederalisometric map, dungeon map, map
GalefireRPG Ruinsforestsplains Map3 Cathederal Buildyourowndungeon map, isometric map, build your own map
gargoylestatue, map, gargoyle
Gate Leftdoor, map, gate
Gate Rightgate, map, door
gnarledtree 1gnarled, tree, map
gnarledtree 2tree, gnarled, map
gnarledtree 3tree, gnarled, map
gnarledtree 4tree, map, gnarled
gnarledtree 5map, gnarled, tree
Goldphoenix Standalonestatue, phoenix, map
Grass Backgroundgrass-background
Grasselevation Cornermap, ground, dirt
Grasselevation Leftdirt, map, ground
Grasselevation Rightmap, dirt, ground
headstone 1tomb, map, tombstone
headstone 2tombstone, tomb, map
headstone 3tomb, tombstone, map
headstone 4tomb, tombstone, map
headstone 5tomb, map, tombstone
headstone 6tombstone, tomb, map
Imperial Wall Leftmap, fence, wall
Imperial Wall Rightwall, fence, map
leafytree 1leaves, tree, map
leafytree 2map, tree, leaves
lightpostmap, lightpost, lamp
outhousemap, outhouse, shack
phoenixstatue, phoenix, map
pillarmap, pillar, empty
pondpond, water, map
rubble 2stone, rubble, map
rubblepilemap, stone, rubble
runesquareflagstone, stone, map
shackmap, leanto, shack
signpostsign, post, map
Smallbrokenwall Leftstone, wall, broken, map
Smallbrokenwall Rightbroken, wall, map, stone
smallcrypttomb, crypt, map
Smallwall Leftmap, wall, stone
Smallwall Postwall, stone, map
Smallwall Rightmap, wall, stone
statuepillarpillar, map, statue, empty
stonepath 1stone, map, path
stonepath 2path, stone, map
Stonepath Crossstone, path, map
Stonepath Leftmap, path, stone
Stonepath Rightpath, map, stone
stumptree, map, gnarled, stump
Tree Knotgnarled, map, tree
Wallpillar Leftmap, pillar, wall
Wallpillar Postwall, map, pillar
Wallpillar Rightwall, map, pillar
Woodenfence Leftmap, woodenfence, fence
Woodenfence Postfence, map, woodenfence
Woodenfence Rightmap, fence, woodenfence