Essential Monsters

by Graemation

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Maybe you saw them in a Sinbad movie, or you read about them while deciphering an ancient Greek poem from one of you Granddad’s old scrolls. Well now you can reign havoc down on your players with 68 Terrifying and Essential Monsters.

Done in the comic book styling of Graemation, these little beauties come, like all Graemation Token packs with some map elements as well, so you can throw down some action right from the get go.


  • 65 Monster Tokens (PNG Transparent Backgrounds)
  • 7 Heroes turned to Stone (PNG Transparent Backgrounds)
  • 3 20x20 connecting Maps (JPG being 100’x100’ in game)
  • 1 20x60 Map of the combined Map (JPG being 100’x300’ in game)

Included Assets (78)

Centaurmonster, 1x3
Chimera Blackmonster, 2x3
Chimera Bluemonster, 2x3
Chimera Greenmonster, 2x3
Chimera Redmonster, 2x3
Chimera Whitemonster, 2x3
Clay Golemmonster, contruct, 2x2
Cthulhumonster, horror
Cyclops 01monster, giant, 2x2
Cyclops 02monster, giant, 2x2
Dopplegangermonster, horror
Dragon Redmonster, dragon, 4x6
Dridermonster, Arachne, 2x2
Dryadmonster, female, woman
Eyeball Horrormonster, horror, 2x2
Fire Giantmonster, giant, 2x2
Flesh Golemmonster, construct, 2x2
Frost Giantmonster, giant, 2x2
Gargoyle Awakemonster
Gargoyle Sleepmonster
Gelatenous Cubemonster, ooze, 3x3
Geniemonster, djinni, 2x2
Gnollmonster, hyena
Goblin 01monster, goblinoid
Goblin 02monster, goblinoid
Gorgonmonster, construct, bull, 1x2
Grickmonster, subterranean, 1x2
Grimlockmonster, subterranean, humanoid, man, male
Hag 01monster, female, woman, witch
Hag 02monster, female, woman, witch
Harpymonster, female, woman, bird
Hell Houndmonster, hound, 1x2
Hill Giantmonster, giant, 2x2
Hippogriffmonster, 2x3
Hobgoblinmonster, goblinoid
Hulking Insectmonster, 2x2
Impmonster, demon, infernal
Iron Golemmonster, construct, 2x2
Koboldmonster, goblinoid
Lizardmanmonster, lizard
Medusamonster, female, woman
Mermaidmonster, 1x2
Minotaurmonster, 2x2
Nymphmonster, female, woman
Ogremonster, 2x2
Ooze01 Activemonster, ooze
Ooze01 Stillmonster, ooze
Ooze02 Activemonster, ooze, 2x2
Ooze02 Stillmonster, ooze, 2x2
Ooze03 Activemonster, ooze, 2x2
Ooze03 Stillmonster, ooze, 2x2
Orc 0 1monster, goblinoid
Orc 0 2monster, goblinoid
Owlbearmonster, 2x2
Pegasusmonster, horse, 2x3
Rust Monstermonster, 1x2
Sahuaginmonster, amphibian
Salamandermonster, 1x2
Satyr 01monster, pan
Satyr 02monster, pan
Shambling Moundmonster, plant, 2x2
Statue 01hero, stone
Statue 02hero, stone
Statue 03hero, stone
Statue 04hero, stone
Statue 05hero, stone
Statue 06hero, stone
Statue 07hero, stone
Succubusmonster, demon, infernal
Temple Beachmap, outside, 20x20
Temple Cavemap, inside, 20x20
Temple Mapmap, outside, inside, 20x60
Temple Shrinemap, outside, 20x20
Treantmonster, plant, 3x3
Troglodytemonster, giant, lizard
Trollmonster, 2x2
Unicornmonster, horse, 1x3
Werewolfmonster, lycanthrope, horror