Skytower Helipad

by FragMaps

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Constructed in the year 2040, Biotech Labs sky tower is a corporate highrise building that rests at a dizzying height of 1052 metres above Cyber City. The building features a helipad situated near the top floor (about 1030 metres high). Two gated walkways lead outside to the landing area. The helipad itself is constructed with steel and a mix of titanium alloys, making it incredibly durable and stable, but light.

The Sky Tower Helipad battle map set contains grid and grid-less versions and features day, night, and helicopter variants. A separate helicopter asset file (.PNG) is also contained in the map pack. The map is also part of a corporate building theme (to be released soon)

Included Assets (7)

Helicopter Asset
Skytower Helipad Am
Skytower Helipad Am Grid
Skytower Helipad Chopper01
Skytower Helipad Chopper Grid01
Skytower Helipad Pm 01
Skytower Helipad Pm 01 Grid