Roc Mount Battle Map

by Domille's Wondrous Works

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If you have aerial battles in your game, this map will come in handy. Give this roc mount as a reward to your players for a job well done, or have it attack their airship with an angry mob on its back. This map pack includes 4 variations of the map, 2 backgrounds (clouds, and stormy clouds), 3 roc assets, and a 6 person saddle asset.

Included Assets (10)

Dww Roc Green Assetdww-roc-green-asset
Dww Roc Mount Assetdww-roc-mount-asset
Dww Roc Mountless Assetdww-roc-mountless-asset
Dww Roc Seats Assetdww-roc-seats-asset
Dww Roc Ship Alternate Color Nogriddww-roc-ship-alternate-color-nogrid
Dww Roc Ship Night Nogriddww-roc-ship-night-nogrid
Dww Roc Ship Nogriddww-roc-ship-nogrid
Dww Roc Ship Storm Nogriddww-roc-ship-storm-nogrid
Dww Roc Sky Battlefield Assetdww-roc-sky-battlefield-asset
Dww Roc Stormy Sky Battlefield Assetdww-roc-stormy-sky-battlefield-asset