Calcifer's Drift Airship Battle Map

by Domille's Wondrous Works

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This map pack includes 3 variations, and 3 ships separated on a transparent background + a lower deck overlay for the largest ship.

Included Assets (7)

Dww Airship Trapped Cloud Night Nogriddww-airship-trapped-cloud-night-nogrid
Dww Airship Trapped Cloud Nogriddww-airship-trapped-cloud-nogrid
Dww Airship Trapped Cloud Rain Nogriddww-airship-trapped-cloud-rain-nogrid
Dww Large Airship Lower Deck Nogrddww-large-airship-lower-deck-nogrd
Dww Large Airship Nogriddww-large-airship-nogrid
Dww Medium Airship Nogriddww-medium-airship-nogrid
Dww Small Airship Nogriddww-small-airship-nogrid