Skull Island and Eye Cavern Battle Map

by Domille's Wondrous Works

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This battle map includes 2 layers: the top layers, a skull island (40x40), and a cavern layer (45x33) that opens up into the right eye of the skull island. Each layer also has 3 variations: Skull Island during day, night, and rain. Cavern during day, night, and with a shipwreck inside of it.

Included Assets (6)

Dww Cavern Bones Shipwreck Vttdww_cavern_bones_shipwreck_vtt
Dww Cavern Night Vttdww_cavern_night_vtt
Dww Cavern Vttdww_cavern_vtt
Dww Skull Island Night Vttdww_skull_island_night_vtt
Dww Skull Island Rain Vttdww_skull_island_rain_vtt
Dww Skull Island Vttdww_skull_island_vtt